Building A Warp Drive Engine

On June 11th 2014, there was an online article published on the Inquisitr site, entitled, “NASA Is Working On A Warp Drive Ship And the Pictures are Amazing” (see photos immediately below).  The article was focused on the work of theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre’s Drive concept drive, that requires the acquisition or creation of some very unique and exotic matter that might remain totally unobtainable at any time in the foreseeable future.  Yet, back in 2010, Dr. Harold “Sunny” White revealed that he, along with a team of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, were hard at work on developing a functional warp drive. Is it just me, or does there appear to be something really wrong with this disclosure?NASA WArp Drive huktzitxzojen9b5nvoiNASA warp-ship-670 





What’s so very odd about this article, is that it appears that good, old, ineffective, NASA is totally unaware as to what’s really been going on behind closed doors in very black, Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAP’s) within certain factions of our military that have virtually unlimited budgets without any congressional oversight access program.   And that such programs working with one of the largest and most successful aerospace defense contractors, successfully reverse-engineered a UFO to discover how its propulsion technology operates.   Why is it that right the hand doesn’t know what the left hand is really doing?  This is what we call disinformation, my friends.

What better way to distract and deflect our attention from the real programs involved here than by NASA making such extraordinary claims based on only partially correct and unprovable theories that eventually fail to produce any tangible results?   What you’re going to read below is far more accurate in every respect than what was discussed in the aforementioned article.

We’ve all seen Star Trek to the point where it’s now an American icon, with most of its sci-fi technology such as the communicators (flip cell phones), small, high-density, information storage mediums (DVD’s, CD’s, SIMMs), phasers (petawatt class, high-energy lasers) and very small, terabyte data storage computers with flat screen and tablet computers, forecasting and eventually becoming real world items in early 21st century America.

But wait, aren’t we missing a couple of things here?

Damn right.

What about Warp Drive propulsion system and transporters.

For the moment, let’s forget about the transporters and focus only on Warp Drive.  Besides, it’s where I live?  (Okay, bad pun?)

Is it purely science fiction at this point in our technological evolution, or can it really be built and work as shown in Star Trek?

The answer is YES and NO.  There’s good deal of evidence that such technology is within our reach within less than fifty years if enough research and development effort is put forth.

Will it be expensive?


How expensive?

Probably hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars (that’s assuming that it’s done by a government national lab like Sandia, Los Alamos or Lawrence Livermore), where a hammer could cost up to $15,000, if used in a deep black project that has no congressional oversight.  Hey, these companies have to make as much money as they can before the bottom drops out, right?

Are there any major obstacles preventing the development of Warp Drive propulsion system?

YES and NO

The second biggest problem is that of money, but the primary reason is one of raw power.  This technology would allow us to tap into something called the Zero Point Energy field (ZPE), an endothermic form of energy that probably lies at the root of most paranormal, ufological, as well as electro-gravitic propulsion.

If harnessed, this form of energy dwarfs any other type currently known, including fusion and even anti-matter.  Thus, it could readily replace all forms of power production on earth; coal, oil, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and nuclear, without the environmentally deleterious effects each of those have, except of course for solar. which is still inefficient.

How anxious do you think the powers that be would be if ZPE was offered to displace and obsolete everything we currently employ to run the planet?  But that’s not the worst part of the problem.

The ZPE field could be easily weaponized to a level far exceeding that of any known nuclear device, especially as there isn’t the hazardous radiation commonly associated with nuclear materials like plutonium and enriched uranium.  This type of power in the wrong hands could be incredibly lethal.  Does anyone with even half a brain think this wouldn’t be a problem?

Has there been any work done along these lines previously?

YES, but allegedly, only to a point.

During the last several years of World War II, the Nazi SS under the guidance of General Hans Kammler, were experimenting with new types of energy and propulsion in order to develop new wonder weapons to defeat the allies that were bombing them out-of-existence.

The Nazis did achieve what appears to be significant breakthroughs by using rotating mercury-like plasmas at high speed and pressure.  The result, was something called “The Bell”, which according to historical records, was able to decouple from gravity as well as induce lift and vector thrusting (pitch, yaw and roll) without the use of any dynamic control surfaces and the movement of air.  What’s being described here is anti-gravity technology and propulsion.

However, given the relatively crude technology available in the early to mid-1940’s, this result was very difficult to achieve as it required the application of very high amplitude power which was, and still somewhat is, very difficult to control (like the prevention of high-voltage arcing).  For more details on this particular aspect such as the relevant books and cable television programs, please refer back to another of my posts entitled “How To Build A Real Time Machine”.   It’s very likely that such WWII Nazi technology was delivered to at least one of our national labs shortly after the war.

In the latter portion of this report you’ll encounter some intriguing evidence that the Lockheed-Martin Advanced Development Corporation (Skunk Works) has either developed or acquired a totally unique form of propulsion system that can be utilized for real-time, interstellar travel that’s entirely consistent with what you’re about to read below.   This material bares a striking resemblance to what some science fiction writers have imagined for decades.   Is this a coincidence?   I think not.

However, there’s some compelling evidence that the military is already using what’s referred to as a magneto-plasma toroidal propulsion system in a highly classified, delta-shaped stealth aircraft known as the TR3-B  from Lockheed Martin.

USAF/Lockheed-Martin’s TR-3B Magneto-Plasma Propulsion System?

These types of technology development programs almost assuredly fall under the heading of Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAP), with absolutely no congressional oversight and with virtually unlimited budgets.

This propulsion system reduces the TR-3B’s mass and inertia to a very small fraction of what it would be otherwise, thereby allowing small amounts of thrust to achieve very high rates of acceleration without g-loading the airframe or pilots.   This is the essence of what warp drive is based on…and it’s all too real.

To make a long story very short here, warp drive has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with conventional movement through space by any means currently employed and officially acknowledged.   There are no chemically propelled rockets involved here, where one needs to spend months or years in space dealing with zero-g and deadly cosmic radiation.

The definition of a vehicle so propelled is known as “field propulsion”, wherein everything in and on said vehicle, as well as the vehicle itself, is uniformly moved by the field surrounding it as compared to an asymmetric propulsion method we’re familiar with related to propellers, jets and rockets.

Therefore, there would be absolutely no sensation of acceleration upon movement, that is, no g-loading whatsoever.

You could make a sudden 90-degree, right hand turn at hypersonic speeds with field propulsion and your body would not continue moving in its original direction and be crushed against the inside of the ship.

Who needs g-suits or restraints to prevent from being slammed into the ship’s interior?  Remember in the 2009 Star Trek movie where the trip to Vulcan happened in minutes?

This is far more accurate portrayal of what such light-year travel might be like, not the days or weeks as depicted in the original series (that was little more than a convenient way to draw the story arcs out on board the ship).   This is the only way to fly.  But wait a minute, this type of propulsion is not really flying at all, is it?

But the most important to grasp at this point is that with warp drive, you actually move space itself as opposed to the ship!  Once again, this is as shown in that last Star Trek (2009) movie,  the scene where the aged Spock shows a very young Scotty the formula for successfully transporting matter while the ship is at warp speed?  Do you remember the line that Scotty speaks when he is shown his own future formula regarding this?   Scotty basically says, “Imagine that, it never would have occurred to me to think of space as the thing that was moving”.

How incredibly eloquent, that from a script of a sci-fi film comes the most accurate description yet of what is really going on when your moving a spacecraft at superluminal speeds via warp drive.   While it’s literally impossible to accelerate a particle with mass, let alone a million-ton starship, to light speed due the infinite amounts of energy required to drive an infinite amount of mass (which increased dramatically when accelerating toward c).   Moreover, there are no laws that we yet know of that prohibit us from warping space in such a way as to it propel a starship at superluminal speeds.   There’s always more than one way to skin a cat as the saying goes.  Good, now we’ve got that out of the way.

Image Credit: Gabriel Koener at deviantART

Let’s start with the starship Enterprise as depicted so beautifully in the series and movies.  There are four primary sections to the ship.

There is the saucer-configured, main hull, where the bridge, crew quarters and labs are.

Then there’s the engineering hull that houses the elements for generating the warp drive plasma and shuttle landing bay.

And finally, there are the two warp drive engines, which contain and magnetically spin the drive plasmas.

USS Enterprise ship schematics

Each of these warp drive engines would electromagnetically contain, suspend, and drive (rotate) a superfluid (superconducting) mercury plasma.

These mercury plasmas would need to contain niobium particulates to prevent them from freezing at their required operating temperature of -450 degrees Fahrenheit/5.3722 Kelvin.

The mercury superfluids would be pressurized to a minimum of 250,000 atmospheres (that’s 3,675,000 pounds per square inch for those who are counting) and electromagnetically spun (driven) at a minimum speed of at least 70,000 rpm.

This will produce very intense torsion fields with concomitant frame dragging effects, that artificially generate a warping of space and time.

Once this zero point torsion field couples with the surrounding space-time, the output in terms of sheer power could easily exceed all the energy currently generated on earth from every known source.

Each engine would need to be in perfect phase (balance, like what didn’t occur when the starship Enterpise tried to use it’s warp drive in the first act of Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979) with the other, as they collectively create a warp field bubble that extends beyond the boundary of the ship generating a torsion field to initiate frame dragging effects, that is, a finely controlled worm or white hole.

As one of the engine’s rotating mass reaches the critical top-dead-center point in that engine, the other engine’s field would interface with it and constructively interfere to reinforce and expand the warp field bubble to effectively surround the entire vessel.

The generated warp field bubble would warp or compress (shorten) space in front of the ship and expand it behind (see accompanying diagram).  Thus, the warp field would move the space surrounding the ship in a manner that would far exceed light speed in terms of the amount of space that is moved past the vehicle.  The faster you spin or pulsed the fields, the higher warp speed you would attain.  But remember, the ship really isn’t really moving, space is.  When it comes to interstellar flight, this is the only way to travel.

Another way of looking at this process is to envision the Enterprise riding a warp field wave within the warp bubble.  Like surfing at the crest of a wave where the ship is being motivated by the difference between the bow and

Warp Bubble

stern of the ship from crest to the trough of the formed wave.  The best explanation for this actually appears in the last Star Trek film in 2009, and is discussed in the time machine blog on my site.

There’s also several other additional, much desired benefits from driving a starship via this method.  You are also able to artificially generate your own 1-g gravity field so you won’t float around the ship with your body rapidly atrophying at every level with all your bodily fluids congealing in your head.  In essence, your ship becomes your own center of gravity.

Additionally, their are other peripheral benefits of this propulsion mechanism, such as an effective deflector screen to prevent any form of high-energy sub-atomic particle (cosmic rays, solar flares, etc.), or micro-meteoroids from hitting or penetrating the ship, which would be catastrophic in nature at any speed, let alone superluminal ones.

Okay, you may now be asking, where does to power come from the create and drive the plasma from, right?  Well, in a rather odd way of thinking, it comes from from us human passengers or occupants aboard the starship.

Aside from the material out of which the Enterprise is built, what is the most abundant material aboard the ship?

How about carbon dioxide, the gas all humans exhale every second they’re alive?

Well, in nuclear powered submarines, the carbon dioxide is scrubbed out of the air by special filters and the oxygen is revitalized and recycled along with fresh oxygen broken down from intake seawater via electrolysis.  This is what allows submarine crews to breath for very lengthy underwater missions without surfacing.  They are only limited by the amount of food they can carry to feed the crew.

Aboard the Enterprise, a similar method is employed to help generate power.  The CO2 is scrubbed out as in submarines, but instead of being scrubbed and discarded, it is recycled and revitalized and turned into antimatter, that is, anti-carbon, the first substance humans turned into antimatter.

So as long as you breath, you’ve essentially got an inexhaustible (excuse the pun again) amount of power to run everything from the engines to environmental control, matter replicators (more on that in another blog) and, of course, weapons (phasers and photon torpedoes).

Simple, straightforward and possibly doable in our lifetime.  And yes, at this early stage of development, there is the necessity for several, very small (large beach ball-sized), multi-gigawatt-class nuclear reactors to initiate all the various power systems, although once the anti-matter power system and the ZPE warp drive plasma starts its cycling, it’s self-sustaining.

So now you have the capability to travel through interstellar space at velocities dramatically exceeding light speed, but in reality, you’re not even moving as we currently understand it.

Another question you might ask is what happens to time for those aboard such a warp driven starship compared to us regular folks down on planet earth?  Is there time dilation with the use of warp drive as Einstein predicted for near, light speed travel or not?  Good question, and only time will provide us with the answer to this question (if you’ll excuse the pun).

Given that we cannot afford to send astronauts back to the moon or even attempt a manned mission to Mars in the foreseeable future due to our nation being bankrupt and bordering on the second great depression, this type and magnitude of endeavor will not likely occur for a very long time, if ever.  Perhaps after the depression and the third world war (just like in Star Trek) it might happen.

In support of that idea, the following information strongly suggests that perhaps the story of something called a reverse- engineered, Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV) or “Flux Liner”, first brought to our attention by Mark McCandlish in the 1988, does in fact exist and is based on a mercury plasma based, Zero Point Energy field propulsion technology that can, in fact, generate a warp field or bubble as previously discussed. 

In 1993 Ben Rich, the then current president of Lockheed-Martin Advanced Development Corporation, “Skunkworks” in Palmdale, California presented a lecture at the UCLA’s School of Engineering Alumnus (MS, 1950) . He was recognized as one of the best aircraft engineers in the world and led the development of the F-117 stealth fighter and the SR-91 “Aurora” hypersonic replacement for the SR-71 Blackbird.

During the UCLA Alumni association lecture, Rich stated that Lockheed-Martin then had the technology to travel to the stars—using an entirely new technology not dependent on rockets and chemical propellants.

He stated that, “It would not take years to travel tot he stars, and some UFOs are theirs and the some of them are ours”.

Ben showed slides and went through the history of the Skunk Works, the U2 and SR-71 and drones that no one had seen before.  He also showed a black disc headed for space stating “We now have the technology to take ET home”.

During the Q&A, he stated “It was now possible to travel to the stars.  There was an error in the equations which were corrected.”

Shutttle Hanger Bay

The time of travel is extremely fast, but he didn’t say how fast.

Ben continued in saying that he believed that security was far too oppressive and that the time had come to develop this technology in the commercial world now that the cold war has ended.

Before Rich passed from cancer he made a formal disclosure regarding the fact that UFOs are real and that we have successfully reverse engineered an interstellar propulsion technology equivalent to Star Trek’s warp drive, what referred to above as the ARV and Flux Liner.  He died shortly thereafter.

How coincidental?

These types of technology development programs almost assuredly fall under the heading of Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP) with absolutely no congressional oversight and with virtually unlimited budgets.

I strongly suggest that everyone with any interest in what I’m talking about here watch and carefully listen to the 1.45/hr. presentation (on You Tube) Richard M. Dolan gave at an Amsterdam Conference in 2011 where he addressed the details of the U.S. secret space program that’s being run by a faction of our own military which very likely incorporates real-world warp drive technology that NASA is allegedly unaware of.  You will be utterly shocked and amazed

What if the story about NASA’s warp drive that begins this article is nothing more than a planted, disinformational story in order to make the general public believe that this has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with reverse-engineered, crash-retrieved UFOs? 

How likely is it that warp drive field propulsion will see the light of day at any time in the near future?

Don’t count on it.


Everything discussed here is written about in far greater detail within my book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown.

NOTE:  I want to acknowledge the help I received from my dear friend Scott Weiss, without whose assistance, the Enterprise model you see before you here in the last five photos, would not be in my possession, nor would it be in dry dock under repair and re-fitment from it’s year-long battle with the harsh environmental elements.   Thank you Scott.

I also wish to thank John Eblan of The FX Company, from which this incredibly detailed and illuminated, 34-inch long, 17-inch wide Enterprise model comes, and Quantum Mechanix who are servicing it.








By Dr. Barry Taff

Dr. Barry Taff, who holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering, worked as a research associate at UCLAs former parapsychology laboratory from 1969 through 1978. During his 41-year career, Dr. Taff has investigated more than 4,000 cases of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and he has conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition which led to the development of the original protocols and methodologies for what was later coined remote-viewing. He is the author of Aliens Above, Ghosts Below.

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This is about as heavy as it gets. But what’s even heavier is the amount of money that’s required to develop and build this technology to replace our antiquated NASA rocket-based engines. I’d estimate that hundreds of billions of dollars would be required to bring this level of propulsion into the mainstream. However, as stated herein, there’s a good deal of evidence strongly suggesting that our own military is already using this type of propulsion that was reverse engineered from recovered/crashed UFOs. If this is true, then we already know how to do this and the many billions of dollars are not required. Will such advanced technology ever be disclosed to the public? Highly unlikely.

A large, shielded laboratory. Around $1.5 billion just to start, and the ability to order items like ultra diodes and capacitors. If you try and purchase these specific types of items without working with/for a major government contractor, there’s a very strong possibility that you’d be arrested. At the moment, the only applications for these types of electronic components is in directed energy weapons and nuclear weapons. Therefore, attempting to purchase these items would make you appear like someone who’s building a weapon of mass destruction. There’s substantial evidence that our military in conjunction with Lockheed Martin Skunk Works has already built such a warp driven starship and has been using it for some time.

Ok…one more question then: what would be the needed material to learn/ understand the physics of this thing? Also, Is it possible to make these parts smaller/ more efficient or even make one yourself: ( using a 3d printer ) + Molding + etc ?

You’ll need to learn a great deal regarding plasma physics, torsion field physics and unified field theory. A very strong background in electronics and mechanical engineering is also a requirement here. While it may be possible to reduce the size of many of the components, that in itself will pose even a greater problems due to electrical arcing and heat dissipation. However you approach this, it’s going to be very expensive and extremely dangerous. Uncontrolled, this type of endothermic energy could be far more potentially destructive that thermonuclear weapons. However, regardless of the size, you’re going to require a well shielded lab to work in. If not, such development would play literal havoc with generated 60 Hz. power generation and transmission.

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