Blue Planet Project, Part 7: Alien Technology



  • Alien Crafts with Dimensional Factors and/or Dimensional Origin

  • The U.S. Government and Alien Technology

  • The Implant or S.B.M.C.D.

  • Aliens and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

  • Alien Artifacts used at Mutilators

    • The Biological Scanner

    • The Spray Applicator

    • The Field Reader Tube

    • Surgical Scalpels

    • Skin-Grafting Lasers

    • Blood Attracting Device


To understand this concept you have to realize we live in a Universe made of ten (10) Dimensions; nine (9) Spatial and one (1) Temporal. On Earth though, we just use four (4) Dimensions; three (3) Spatial and one (1) Temporal, because on Earth six (6) dimensions are compacted at one Abstract Dimension.

Following the theories of two physicists Dr. John Schwartz, (USA) and Dr. Michael Green, (England) the Particles of our Atomic Structure have the consistency of ten (10) dimensions. For the system to be established, after the BIG BANG, the dimensions collapsed and created the compacted effect of the six (6) other dimensions into one dimension.

The Aliens used this knowledge, which they call the NORDWAG FACTOR, which increases one large field of acceleration or particles and recreates a new dimensional spaces. This means that the inside of the Alien craft is much bigger than the outside size to the Alien craft is in size and dimension.

Some similar aspect affect over 3rd Dimension (Space) and 4th Dimension (Time) to the six (6) other dimensions: MULTIVERSE (MULTI-UNIVERSE Theory) and not a single UNIVERSE Theory.

Universe is a single part of the total of the MULTIVERSE.


Of course they (Aliens) have given high technology to the Government but how do scientists, (like myself) know the difference between a toy or a real sophisticated device if they never have seen one before? They give us primitive concepts in computer systems (micro-chips and integrated circuits) and we improve much more faster than they expect we can.

After this, Aliens have been much more careful about what “Toy” they give us because we have demonstrated that we can turn a “Toy” into High Technology in short order.

The Main interests of the U.S. Government is to collect all possible Alien information in,

  • science (especially new sources of energy)

  • technology (specially beam weaponry and tactical Aircraft)

  • medical (extend the life expectancy of Humans and total elimination of deadly infirmities, i.e for elimination of the weak” people from our society)

  • Intelligence (especially in mind control)

All of these objectives are still ongoing.

The S.B.M.C.D. or Implant

The Spherical Biological Monitoring and Control Device (SBMCD) is a techno-organic enhanced synapitid processor powered by a micro-positron flow that controls or mimics the functions of the human nervous system with micro-relay’s duplicating the operations of brain engrain patterns.

Normally the Greys during an abduction make an insertion of a 3mm device (SBMCD) through the nasal cavity into more dose proximity to the brain of the abductee and after implementing subliminal post hypnotic suggestions that could compel the abductee to perform some specific act within the next two (2) to five (5) years.

Normally the SBMCD only can be removed when the abductee dies, trying to remove it while the abductee is alive means certain death.

Aliens and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

After reading this document, there should be no question at all in your mind, that there are intelligences that can manipulate or materialize any kind of object into our dimension. Let’s take a look for a second, at the electro-magnetic spectrum. As you know, our visual spectrum only makes up a small portion of the whole.

Look at what spectrums are involved with UFOs:

  • Ultraviolet Spectrum

  • Blue Spectrum (UFO entry Field)

  • Cyan Spectrum

  • Green Spectrum (UFO is Visible)

  • Yellow Spectrum (UFO is in a Vulnerable Status)

  • Red Spectrum

  • Magenta Spectrum

  • Infra-Red Spectrum (UFO is Departing)

  • Heat Spectrum (UFO Field)

  • Radio Spectrum

If you will relate this to cases that you are familiar with, as far as appearance, Spectrum Shift when in flight, etc. you will see the applicability of the above diagram.

Alien Artifacts Used at Mutilations

The Biological Scanner

This biological scanner is used for field determination of general medical condition of life forms by sensing body emanations in emission groups of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Kirlian, Tetha and X Rays.

OBS – refer to files of Majic medicine, advanced diagnoses practices, report for scale calibration and current interpretations of readings.


  • Overall Length  –                            6.05cm

  • Maximum Diameter  –                    3,5 cm

  • Weight  –                                      230 gr

  • Sensitivity (EmV AU2) to 0.0001  –  All

  • Reading Groups (Alpha, Beta, Gamma Kirlian, Tetha, and XI Rays)

    • A = Computer (circuits) housing

    • B = Activating Control Switch

    • C = Scanner Housing (#48 Mesh Screen)

    • D = Rotating Scanner

    • E = Reading Dial (increase from bottom to top)

    • F = Life Form Type, Select Scale

    • G = Ground Plane Screen (#48 Mesh Screen)

    • H = Select Range Scale for Different Kinds of Life Forms

The Biological scanner Type 1 consists of two (2) parts:

  1. Part number one is the scanner head, which you use to active the device by rotating the scanner head, which is enclosed in a microchip mesh sensor network. This will activate the unit.

  2. Part number two is the main body, that interprets signals received and converts them into an audio readout, which is programmable by twisting the scanner head to the desired position.

The scanner functions much as does a mini-diagnostic center, by sensing the physical emanations of an individual or an organic being, which is in close proximity.

The audio signals indicate either through its period or tone one of ten vital readings:

  • Body Temperature

  • Blood Pressure

  • Pulse Rate

  • Respiration Rate

  • Basal Meta-Bolic Rate

  • Cell Rate

  • Lung Capacity

  • Heart Activity

  • Brain Activity

  • Homeostatic Deviation

The scanner is intended for use with a single species, although it has limited diagnostic use on physiologically similar life forms. For visual readout, the scanner can transmit signals to a bio-computer, the lights on the computer serve the same functions as the oscillating tones, and can be enhanced for a more detailed appraisal of the being if desired.

NOTE: A regular physician must undergo extensive training before being able to “Read” precise information out of the sounds emitted by the scanner, and there is no simple method allowing the layman to do the same.

The Spray Applicator

The spray applicator is a small cylindrical dispenser of epidermal drugs employed by depressing the major axis of the unit between thumb and forefinger. Although it is capable of dispensing a variety of liquids, foams and gels, it is normally pressurized for field use with an organically based flesh-colored compound that acts as a coagulant to stop the flow of blood, as well as, an antibiotic to protect against infections.

A mild local anesthetic deadens pain in the affected area The applicator contains about five (5) to ten (10) doses, depending on the amount needed in field operations.

The Field Reader Tube

The reader tube is used when the low powered scan is not effective to diagnose a patient’s condition, like a species that may possess a thick epidermis. It transmits life readings from a sensor head to four (4) independently, activated lights, which indicate through their intensity or period the following:

  • Green      Heart Rate

  • Red         Pulse Rate

  • Blue        Body Temperature

  • Yellow     Blood Pressure

The pointed sensor end of the tube must be placed into direct contact with the patient’s exposed skin. Due to the narrow reading range provided by the reader tube, it is suitable for any Life Form.

Surgical Scalpels

Six (6) scalpels are contained within the Surgical Kit, Class: ABR-5, with cutting widths varying from one (1) to five (5) angstrom units. Activated by gripping the cylindrical base, they employ converging Laser beams for a very precise subcutaneous incision.

Skin-Grafting Lasers

  1. The type one (1) low power Laser is used to quickly and painlessly heal external wounds by closing severed blood vessels and nerve endings, while stimulating the victim’s anabolism, (constructive metabolism, i.e. regeneration of tissue).

  2. The type two (2) laser can also be used to graft skin, (removed by scalpel from less sensitive parts of the body) onto areas where tissue has been damaged or completely destroyed. This procedure should be followed, as it is really necessary. The Laser is activated by depressing the dorsal bar increasing the pressure, causes and increase in intensity.

The Blood Attracting Device

This device is an emitter of a force-field, like some kind of Tractor-Beam emitter that can focus a wave or particle beam. The device is set for locate hemoglobin cells and attract them through the skin, using the principle of Gravitational Electromagnetic Focus Contention. This device can also be used for repelling, or mutual repelling and attracting mode to seize and hold stationary, repel, or attract even large objects.

The device can operate at a full 180/360 degrees, allowing it to function at almost any angle. Because the beam has its limits the wave particles are short-lived and will disintegrate into by-products at longer range, i.e. in excess of 100 meters.

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By Dr. Barry Taff

Dr. Barry Taff, who holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering, worked as a research associate at UCLAs former parapsychology laboratory from 1969 through 1978. During his 41-year career, Dr. Taff has investigated more than 4,000 cases of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and he has conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition which led to the development of the original protocols and methodologies for what was later coined remote-viewing. He is the author of Aliens Above, Ghosts Below.

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