Implicate Order By Design

Have you ever given any thought as to how extrasensory perception/remote viewing (ESP, psychic ability) works?

There is growing scientific evidence that space itself can store information.  Some scientists call this the “Zero Point Field” or the “Implicate Order”.  Lynn McTaggart calls it “The Field“.  She says, “Walter Schempp’s  explosive discovery about quantum memory set off the most outrageous idea of all: short and long-term memory doesn’t reside in our brain at all, but instead, is stored in the Zero Point Field.  After Karl Pribram’s discoveries, a number of scientists, including systems theorist Ervin Laszlo, would go on to argue that the brain is simply the retrieval and read-out mechanism of the ultimate storage medium–The Field.  Pribram’s associates from Japan would hypothesize that what we think of as memory is simply a coherent emission of signals from the Zero Point Field, and that longer memories are a structured grouping of this wave information.  If this were true, it would explain why tiny association often triggers a riot of sights, sounds and smells.  It would also explain why, with long-term memory in particular, recall is instantaneous and doesn’t require any scanning mechanism to sift through years and years of memory.

After more than a century of dedicated psychical research (now parapsychology), there are no viable theories or models to scientifically explain how any paranormal phenomena operate, which is why it is not reliably reproducible and mainstream science and academia ignore it.  Until now, that is.

This is also why the glut of paranormal reality shows on television are able to continue spewing their moronic, idiotic, fraudulent nonsense, what I now refer to as “Entertainment For the Ignorant Masses” (EFIM).  To grasp the full meaning of this acronym, say it like a real word, but using a soft “E”, and get my drift here.  Pretty obvious, wouldn’t you say?

Another reason that mainstream science and academia ignore the paranormal is that it cannot generate huge sums of money (unless you’re producing really fraudulent and tawdry, yet successful reality shows), control people’s behavior (other than making them watch the stupid paranormal reality shows) or efficiently kill people (what happens to the brains of most people when they watch such insipid shows).

So in today’s world, does this mean that the paranormal is useless unless it functions the same way everything else does?

Some might say; “Who cares what it really is and how it really works if it cannot be put to use in a very pragmatic way?”

Excuse me; I forgot to mention the fact that both the US and former Soviet Union’s military/intelligence apparatus successfully utilized remote viewing for securing non-local information for some time.

The fact that our military/intelligence community chose to pretty much ignore such valuable data, only goes to demonstrate their knee-jerk denial of such uniquely acquired information and its incredible potential.

Due to their inherent skepticism about anything, combined with religious dogma, ignorance and the fear inherently attached to the subject matter, coupled with the fact that no one really understood how it worked, they all too often failed to, or reluctantly used remote viewing, caused the powers that to simply ignore the matter.

Just because one can demonstrate a psychic ability does not automatically mean that they understand how and why it works.

We all drive cars, yet very few people understand how an internal combustion engine, transmission and differential works.

Ask someone how his or her brain works and watch him or her stare into empty space trying to answer that question.  Ask someone what the primary gas in our atmosphere is that they breathe every second of their life, and the odds are that they’ll say oxygen, which is incorrect.  It’s nitrogen.

Back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, there were discussions within parapsychology circles (although mostly Soviet) regarding the possibility that some people (psychics) were biological radio transceivers who operated in the ultra-low frequency (ULF) or extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic spectrum.

However, the physical parameters involved with such super-long wavelengths and extremely low power levels combined with very low data transmission rates, very low signal-to-noise ratios in conjunction with high attenuation, quickly rendered such theories moot.

While ULF/ELF electromagnetic fields can affect behavior and health, there’s no experimental evidence clearly demonstrating that such is the carrier mechanism for ESP or any other paranormal process, at least not as we currently understand it.

Although electromagnetic fields (EMF) are certainly involved with paranormal events, it might be more of a case where we’re observing how the localized environment contributes toward and responds to the paranormal event itself.

In other words, the paranormal event is creating a wake in the EMF of the area it occurs in, just as a boat produces a wake in the water it’s in, except we can see the boat.

However, we cannot see the cause of the paranormal event, meaning that we’re essentially investigating the effect of any unknown cause for the most part.

It’s interesting to note that at about the same time this biological radio theory was making the rounds, the US Navy was developing an ELF communication system (Sanguin) for their deep-diving nuclear missile and fast attack subs using ELF radio waves.  However, the antenna required in order for this to function is miles long, and there is no equivalent within the human body.  Or is there?

Wait, I know what you’re thinking here and it’s not telepathic.

You’re probably thinking that if you unraveled our entire nervous system, it would be miles long?  While that may be true, our body lacks the sheer power in the ULF or ELF range for such a long-wavelength signal to propagate more than a few feet at best, let alone thousands of miles away.  And how would EMF account for precognition except through what’s called a retarded wave potential which is propagated backwards in time from an event via an EMF.

However, as many academicians within parapsychology tried to prove the theory that psi functions through the use of EMF’s, even though the evidence at the time, and even today, indicates otherwise, they have steadfastly refused to let it go.   Why?

Perhaps they figured that it’s better to have any theory based on what science already knows, electromagnetism, rather than to have no theory at all, even if such cannot be scientifically validated?

Perhaps they felt that by trying to conform to the way the rest of science works is better than doing absolutely nothing?

This type of exercise in futility is very common in all of science.

Back in the mid-1970’s, at UCLA’s former parapsychology lab, one of my colleagues, (now, Kenneth P. Stoller, M.D.) and I, experimented with and tested the first, and perhaps only, ULF/ELF system for remotely monitoring human physiological functions such as ECG, EEG, EOG, EMG and respiration.

Our remote sensing system uses a super-cooled (with liquid helium) niobium antenna that accurately detects and measures many physiological parameters from up to twelve (12) feet away from the subject/patient without the use of any contact body electrodes.   And no, our sensors are not, in any way whatsoever, related to ESP and its theoretical operant mechanism.

We called the device a Cryogenic Remote Sensing Physiograph (CRESP), and the best way of describing how it works is to remember the remote sensing (not viewing) system in the sickbay of the original Star Trek television series that Dr. Leonard McCoy (“Bones”) used.

Remember all the times Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, etc., were laying upon the black leather-lined bed in sick-bay while a screen on the wall behind them read out their vital signs detected by a glowing sensor that stuck out just above and behind their head?  Recall that there were never any electrodes touching their bodies?  This is remote sensing in its purist form.

When we filed our patent application on the CRESP, we initially had some rather odd resistance and objections to its approval from the Department of Defense (DOD), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of all places.

It seems that they were so very concerned and somewhat paranoid our device tapping into their secure ELF submarine communication system in time of war, therein compromising national security.

Responding to their concerns was simple.

The US Navy’s system is a far-field technology for communicating over many thousands of miles.  Our system was/is a near-field system, to operate within only twelve feet of the patient.  Their system’s antenna was miles long.  Ours, was only three feet across.

And finally, if their primary concern was that we could illegally hack into their ELF grid during wartime, it was absurd, as we would then be dying at the wholesale level from thermonuclear detonations.

In the end, they conceded our patent did not represent a national security threat.

Our remote sensing system, whose patent was granted, uses a super-cooled (with liquid helium) niobium antenna that accurately detects and measures many physiological parameters from up to twelve (12) feet away from the subject/patient without the use of any body contact electrodes.

And no, the CRESP is not, in any way whatsoever, related to ESP and its theoretical operant mechanism, whatever it is.

Trying to fully develop and commercialize this technology has been like trying to sell a car to a caveman.  Given its complexity and necessity for a superconducting antenna, has dramatically impacted our ability to get this medical device into mainstream medicine.

When Dr. Stoller and I were pitching this technology along with several other electro-medical devices we’ve patented to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (CSMC) here in Los Angeles some years ago, we ran across the primary reason why medicine moves at a snails pace.

At a board meeting of CSMC, we discussed our CRESP and several other devices.   The only device that seemed to really interest them was the CRESP, given its broad applications for long-term patient monitoring.  Their question to us was a simple one.

Will the CRESP be more or less expensive than what they’re currently using to monitor patients in the hospital with?

Without a second’s hesitation I replied to the physicians with “Is your new BMW or Mercedes more or less expensive that than one you replaced it with?”

They all looked at me somewhat puzzled and finally replied “More expensive, of course”.

My comeback was a simple one, “Well then, you got your answer don’t you?”

It goes without saying that we never did business with CSMC.

Maybe by the time Star Trek becomes a reality, funding might be available for advanced electromedical technology?

Anyway, back to the main story.

Given that ESP (remote viewing, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition, psychometry, etc.) and paranormal phenomena in general does not appear to function through the use of electromagnetic [waves, particles or fields] the way we currently understand them, strong or weak nuclear forces or gravitation, what does it use?

As far as the science of parapsychology acknowledges, there is no known signal that goes from point A to point B, as with TV, radio or cell phone communication.

Distance doesn’t appear to affect it, nor does time, and it cannot be shielded through the use of a Faraday Cage or lead.

Obviously, neither gravity nor ULF/ELF EMFs can be shielded with anything currently known to science and the latter does curve around the earth unlike normal, line-of-sight EM radiation. But humanly generated ULF/ELF signals cannot propagate any considerable distance due to their incredibly low amplitude (signal strength).

As a potential demonstration point here, it even worked when Dr. Edgar Mitchell conducted an ESP experiment during the Apollo 14 mission during the early 1970’s, some 240,000 miles away.  Now that’s real distance for you, ten times the circumference of the Earth.

Is there any other type of energy/data transmission mechanism that can even begin to encompass the vast array of extraordinary events experienced by many people during their lifetime?

What if it was demonstrated that the way we recover our own memories every second of our lives is the same essential process that’s at work when we have paranormal perception?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to discover that the way we’re designed to function as human beings with both short and long term memory, is the same way we access paranormal information?

Some very intriguing neurophysiological research data has surfaced recently strongly suggesting that our long-term memories are NOT stored in our brains, but in some form of external, zero point energy field.

This means that the way we remember and recall information from our own past is by remotely accessing this exo-biological mechanism.  Moreover, this is the normal way in which we function, not the paranormal.

If this is true, then ESP is not paranormal or extrasensory at all, it’s just another form of informational retrieval our brain uses to orient itself throughout life.

Assuming that this is correct, why then do most people have such a difficult time perceiving this type of information information?

Perhaps this is because our normal sensory channels; vision, hearing, olfactory (smell), touch and taste and emotion totally overwhelm this more subtle form of information?

However, if you think about it for more than a moment, our normal senses are not as direct as they seem.

When we see an object, we perceive light that’s either emitted by or reflected by an object, not the object directly.

When we smell, molecules have entered our nose and affected our olfactory lobes to provide a scent signal to our brain.

When we hear, all we perceive is a compression wave in the atmosphere in the atmosphere that affects our outer and inner ear that then sends signals to our brain.  When we feel, tactile nerves in our skin send signals to our brain that alerts us to being touched.

These are all indirect processes and methods of perception.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to discover that our only direct connection to reality is via a mechanism we now call paranormal, as the information appears to circumvent our five normal senses, although sometimes very well mimicking them.

If there is no linear type of signal being propagated with ESP as there is with our normal senses, as well as with everything electronic, and time and space do not seem to affect it, then what is it?

Well if it’s NOT going from one point to the next, then the information must already be there to begin with in order for us to perceive it, right?

What if all the information that makes up both time and space, is already in existence within some other type of dimensional manifold where it’s equally distributed, an implicate order by any other name?

Essentially, this then suggests that some, if not all, of our mental actions are instantly translated and holonomically distributed throughout all of space and time, does it not?

When you cut an 8” by 10” photograph in half, quarters, or eights, that’s all you get.  If you cut a hologram into smaller pieces, each piece of the original can recreate the whole image of what it was originally cut from, although as the aperture grows smaller in size, the image grows weaker.

There considerable evidence that our brain works via such a holonomic mechanism, as does consciousness and perhaps even space-time itself.  For a more detailed account of this, read my book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown and the published works of Dr. Karl Pribram concerning his research into holographic brain processes and functioning and Dr. David Bohm’s theoretical physics hypotheses.

What I’m getting at here is that space-time is essentially holographic or holonomic in nature, wherein the information that makes up past space-time still exists and the information that makes up future space-time, already exists.

What we call various types of ESP is determined by where in space-time it appears to come from relative to where we are when we perceive it.

If it comes from the future, we call that precognition.  If it comes from the past, we call that retrocognition. If it comes from another living person in real-time, it’s called telepathy, and if it comes from a non-localized spatial source in real-time, it’s referred to as clairvoyance.

In the end, it’s all nothing but information coming from a common source which is all non-local to us in both space and time, but we’ve provided nomenclature to differentiate one spatio-temporal location from another in order to initially classify such experiences in order for us to make sense of it all.

While this theory does conform to what the data strongly suggests, it also presents a very nagging question, doesn’t it?

If this theory is correct, then free will may be nothing more than an illusion we’ve adapted to in order to survive in an entropy-based, carbon-cycled, three-dimensional body and reality?  What if our belief in cause and effect is illusory as well?

What if we are little more than actors in some grandiose cosmic play, where we’re living out a finely ordered existence that’s determined by forces incomprehensible to us?

How would you feel if it were proven beyond a reasonable doubt that reality is not random, chaotic probability, but very ordered, structured and determined, in which we do not have the freedom of will we’ve so long cherished and aspired towards?

What if, in the end, we discover that we are not masters of our own fate and do not have the power to change the shape of things to come?

 A great line from a classic, 1960 science fiction film said,  “Can man control his destiny, can he change the shape of things to come?”

What if that’s true?  Could we live with the knowledge of a reality within which we are little more than puppets?

How would you feel if such were proven to be true?


By Dr. Barry Taff

Dr. Barry Taff, who holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering, worked as a research associate at UCLAs former parapsychology laboratory from 1969 through 1978. During his 41-year career, Dr. Taff has investigated more than 4,000 cases of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and he has conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition which led to the development of the original protocols and methodologies for what was later coined remote-viewing. He is the author of Aliens Above, Ghosts Below.

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You comment sounds like a double negative. What came first the chicken or the egg? The cart or the horse? In science, theory must conform to the scientific data that supports it. The holonomic space-time/consciousness/paranormal is the only model available to us humans at this point in time that fits the data. Therefore, we must attempt to prove or disprove it. However, as we’re part of his ongoing equation, proof may not be possible at this stage of the game.


Thank you. You have provided insight into a topic that is much too important to be hidden from scientific inquiry and public discourse. This idea may be the key to understanding all of the paranormal phenomena which you discuss regularly, or at least our role as participants. It has been too long since these theories have been presented originally. The holographic model deserves further investigation, regardles of the difficulty or implications. Our quest for truth is misguided if we only accept the answers that comfort us. The dogma that binds the scientific and academic elite will continue to hold us back, unless we accept the possibilty of what the evidence suggests, no matter how foreign to our perceptions.

Your eloquent summary illuminates a subject that is incredibly complex and challenging. Kudos for starting the discourse!

Thank you very much for the compliments Tom. It’s shame that this orientation never reaches the public, possibly because the media people who run the show always go for the lowest common denominator, stupidity. There are answers out there to be discovered, but the way things are going in this science, it extremely unlikely that any really progress will be made in any direction as long as people keep wearing blinders and fail to address the core of what the evidence is suggesting. Like I’ve stated above, this is going to require a radical paradigm shift in order for us to eventually understand and integrate such knowledge into our existence.

Certainly it makes more sense that the material world has emerged from an information-based non-material process than the other way around. Indeed, when we build a house we start with blueprints – we don’t hire a capenter, point to a bare spot of earth and tell them to have at it. Information likely preceded energy and matter. The particle world seems to be its own place – the world of information could be quite different. And yes, the only hint we have as to its existence is in our own minds.

One intriguing possibility is that our brains and minds are themselves hyperdimensional. We may exist in a 4 dimensional space and 5 dimensional spacetime. Kaluza certainly thought so – in 1900 he proposed a theory of 4 dimensional space which Einstein considered when he formulated General Relativity.
James Beichler, PhD has expanded on Kaluza commenting that we cannot fully explain electromagentism unless we adopt a 4 dimensional model of space. So if our brains/minds extend into this fourth direction we ironically have no experimental way, aside from our experiences, to detect it. This is the case for any hyper-dimensional hypothesis.

The key to psi though seems to lie in perturbation. We perturb this non-material information space and from those actions we get memories and psi cognitive abilities and phenomena. It may be that we can also perturb the material space of everyday existence by causing micro quantum perturbations that result in macro-physical effects through conherence of the vacuum, as proposed by Hal Puthoff. This would explain psi perturbative phenomena, such as PK.

We can resolve the free will issue if we think of the future as potential and not fixed. This suggests that the so-called “block universe” model of physics is incorrect. Indeed our everyday experience tells us that causes have effects. It would seem rational that our futures might unfold in similar ways. However, if the future is potential and not certain, then we could in principle know a future (precognitively) which might not turn out to be the actual future. This does not require Wheeler’s infamous “multi-verse” but instead, more simply, requires an evolving future state. Evolution seems natural in the universe, so this view of the future seems more reasonable then a universe that makes copy of itself everytime a flea sneezes, as Wheeler and other multi-verse proponents suggest.

So modern theoretical physics may indeed offer a unified and consistent way of viewing and explaining psi. It is consistent with the data and observations, and above all incredibly simple.

Excellent comment John. Very much appreciate your thoughts on this. There are only a few of us academicians left out here in the field, and it’s always great to get an intelligent response like this from someone like yourself. Thank You.

Excellent article, Dr. Taff!

Your statements comparing psi perception to long-term memory retrieval really struck me when I heard you make the comparison on your “Coast to Coast” radio show appearance recently. That’s the first time I’ve heard anyone other than myself make that comparison. Several years after I began practicing remote viewing regularly, a friend asked me what it was like. “Well”, I said, “The only way to explain is to say what it ‘is like'”. The only thing I could come up with is memory. I told my friend to remember something and pay close attention to what appeared in his consciousness when he did so. I pointed out that if I remember my first bicycle, I don’t “see” the entire bicycle. Instead, I see flashes of orange paint and chrome, curving metallic lines and black spongy material. I see the ground bouncing beneath me and feel the jarring of learning to ride a bike on my parent’s farm (with no blacktop, only rock-strewn fields). I see a hand on a handlebar. Finally, I catch a fleeting glimpse (of course, they are all fleeting glimpses) of the bike as a whole, leaned over on the kickstand. Every long-term memory is like that. Remembering my first wife is a series of partial, fragmented images colored by emotions. It’s only when I concentrate for awhile that her entire face comes into view in my mind’s eye. For me, psi perception is exactly like that. I thought I was the only person to have this “psi is like memories” realization, lol. So I was instantly struck when I heard you say it on the radio.

Although far from being a scientist and having to struggle to comprehend many quantum physics concepts, from my dim understanding, the holographic concept of reality fits most closely with my own personal experience. In addition, my experiences with precognition have caused me to become comfortable with the proposition that free will may be an illusion. I don’t see this as a philosophical problem because, in the end, from the perspective of daily life, we are still faced with simply having to do the best we can on a moment-by-moment basis. But I know that idea, if true, destroys some people’s philosophical and religious underpinnings.

I’m glad you tackled this subject as it is one I’ve thought about for years. The process of psi remains a mystery even to those who practice it and study it for decades. I’m eagerly awaiting for someone to come up with an answer.

Glad to learn that you appreciated this blog as well. When we finally truly understand what the hell’s going on here, it’s very likely that will not like what we discover as it will force us to redefine our existence that in many ways will be emotionally troubling to most.

I’m really enjoying reading your blogs here. It’s difficult to find this kind quality of thought and wide-ranging freedom of thinking by academicians and scientists, much less lay persons (including most of the people involved with or interested in the paranormal).

It’s like the old nuts-and-bolts conception of UFOs versus the more recent conceptions of aliens being multidimensional travelers. While I’m aware of no hard and fast reasons, nor any prohibitive evidence, that precludes UFOs from originating elsewhere within our present galaxy, I do believe the concept of UFOs originating from some other sort of space-time seems more reasonable and “feels” more correct to me – if, that is, I had a better understanding of multidimensional theories, lol.

I would like to ask you, Dr. Taff, what your thoughts are on the theory that aliens and other “strange beings” might originate from elsewhere on the electromagnetic spectrum. I think this was the foundation of the writer John Keel’s “Ultra-dimensional” theory. I also saw it alluded to in Colm Kelleher’s co-authored book “Hunt for the Skinwalker” (which also has some interesting other theories on the origin of aliens in a chapter near the end of that book).

I have difficulty understanding this as a reasonable theory. I understand that we humans only see a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum (the “visible light” portion) and I know that many times UFOs and other anomalous objects – that are invisible to the naked eye – are detectable by technology that perceives in the infra-red portion (and some alleged ghosts have been recorded by technology that perceives in the ultra-violet portion).

But I don’t understand how this subject of visual perception relates to other forms of perception. In other words, could something that is visible in only the, let’s say, infra-red spectrum necessarily be undetectable by touch or sound? Would objects visible in only the infra-red (or, for that matter, the ultra-violet) spectrum have any sort of physical mass?

I hope I’ve made this question I have clear to you and I’d really appreciate any light you could shed on this subject for me, Dr. Taff. And thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my question.

Once again, thank you for your compliments Don, as I’ve recently been receiving a considerable amount of vitriolic emails in response to my writing and work from the ignorant masses who watch the numerous fraudulent paranormal reality shows and actually believe in what they’re seeing and being told. As far as the EBEs are concerned, I limit my thinking on such matters to what we already know and refuse to speculate without more hard facts. Bottom line with all of this paranormal/UFO related material is that we’re studying the effects of an unknown cause. Like the three blind men holding different parts of the elephant, we’re all guessing as to what’s really going on here and ignoring what the data suggests. Regarding aliens, the one thing we know for sure is that we’re dealing with very advanced civilizations who technology is indistinguishable from magic to us. Some of the best data came forth from the late Leonard Stringfield and his superb work into UFO crash retrievals, which is discussed in detail in my book. My impression of all of this is that UFOs might very likely be utilizing the same endothermic energy (zero point?) as the power technology in the way we experience forces related to the paranormal.

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