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There is no machine on earth that can detect, measure or communicate with ghosts or spirits as far as the science of parapsychology is concerned (and no, a Ouija Board is not a machine).

Ignore and forget the misinformation depicted and discussed on the glut of foolish, idiotic, and fraudulent paranormal reality shows.  They’re about as real as a wooden nickel or an honest politician and are NOTHING more than mindless entertainment for people who do not know any better.  Do not attempt to emulate or reproduce what you see and here on these shows, as you’ll be totally wasting your time and money.   If paranormal phenomena was as common as depicted on these nonsensical shows, it wouldn’t be called paranormal or phenomena anymore, would it?

If we do not really know what a ghost is, other than what the term implies, how then can we detect or measure it?  What are we supposed to measure?  Contrary to what’s seen on paranormal unreality shows, there is no hard scientific evidence that ghosts, apparitions, etc. emit any form of energy we currently know of. 

In fact, this brings the entire matter of observing a ghostly image (apparition) into question. What is it that we are allegedly seeing during such experiences? Are we even seeing anything at all? 

That is, observing photons being emitted by something physical in the immediate environment.  Or is our brain being stimulated by localized electromagnetic/geomagnetic fields so as to induce a sense of vision when nothing physical is even there?   What I’m referring to here is an audio-visual hallucination induced by the EMF/GMF, such as discussed in the work of Dr. Michael Persinger.  But this, in and of itself, does not fully explain what may be transpiring here.  My book, Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Exploration of the Unknown,  delves into this at length.

Whether one speaks of remote viewing (telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition & retrocognition) or RSPK  (poltergeists), neither electromagnetism, nuclear or gravitational forces appear to be the operational mechanism at work.  However, the coupling mechanism between us and this other force of nature, some yet unknown endothermic energy, is almost certainly magnetic.

Several interesting metaphors help to clarify this point.

Do you know of the tale of the three blind men touching an elephant in an effort to determine what it is?

One blind man hugs the elephant’s leg and believes that he’s holding the trunk of tree.  The second blind man holds the elephant’s trunk and believes it to be a hose, while the third blind man is holding the elephant’s tail and assumes he’s touching a rope.

They’re all wrong, as they’re very limited, non-visual contact with the large beast prevented them from accurately perceiving and describing what it really is.

This is a perfect analogy as to where we are today in terms of understanding what the paranormal really is.

When we observe seemingly random, non-reproducible images that don’t mean anything to us, our brain attempts to make sense of suchunique shapes of unknown images.  Our brain constantly strives to bring order to chaos, such as when we look at clouds and see faces or when trying to interpret any unrecognizable image.

Even when we hear odd or peculiar sounds, our brain searches to apply what we already know to give meaning to that sound, even if there is none.  Like recording a person’s gurgling stomach and trying to interpret such as a real voice communicating real words, when it’s nothing more than amplitude and frequency modulation of sound waves, emanating from your gastrointestinal tract.

When it comes to orbs, I’ll simply make a very direct statement.

In my professional opinion, 99.999999999% of all orbs are nothing more than artifacts of modern digital photography.

These so-called paranormal orbs are nothing more than particulates of dust floating around in virtually every environment that are relatively close to the camera’s lens and are illuminated by the flash or other light source.

They can be easily observed, by shining some very bright, white LEDs into a very dark room and you’ll see the ubiquitous dust particulates directly in front of your light source.  The same can be seen within a laser beam in darkened rooms.

These non-paranormal orbs are very easy to generate or reproduce, just flap you’re arms around in most environments and you’ll record many of them.  About the only place you will not find these dust particles are in clean rooms, such as those where satellites and other sensitive equipment are built.

However, there are real, paranormal luminous anomalies that are somewhat rare and are generally much larger than the artifactual orbs discussed above.  Unfortunately, these types of luminosities are nowhere near as common as what’s being shown in most paranormal unreality shows.  But of course, nothing seen or heard on the paranormal unreality shows is real anyway, so what’s the concern?

Another way of demonstrating the problem we’re facing here is to say that we’re measuring the effect of an unknown cause.

EXAMPLE:  Imagine that you see the wake of a boat in a lake’s water before you, but you’re unable to see or hear the boat itself.  This is a situation where we’re only able to perceive or know the way an unknown variable affects something else we are already aware of, in this case, water.

We know from science that there are four basic forces in the universe; electromagnetism, gravity and strong and weak nuclear forces.  These forces dictate how everything in our physical world works, including our own physical body.

Each of these known forces produce very consistent effects in the physical world, all of which are demonstrable, quantifiable and measurable.  Measuring instruments (sensors) are ONLY designed to measure these four known forces.  One cannot design a machine to measure an energetic source if we do not even know what that source is.

If you watch any of the paranormal unreality shows (if you can stand to), you’re sure to notice how many of the participatory clowns use electromagnetic field detectors of one type or another.

For the most part, these devices are 60 Hz. calibrated and cannot really detect anything below 60 Hz.

In fact, many of these devices are specifically designed to measure leakage from various man-made electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, microwave ovens, like the K-II meter shown here, not to detect electromagnetic fields (EMF) anywhere near the extremely low-frequency (ELF) or ultra low-frequency (ULF) part of the EM spectrum.

K-II EMF Meter

However, measuring 60 Hz. EMFs is relevant, as they can, if of sufficient amplitude, irritate the nervous system of sensitive individuals so as to potentially trigger poltergeist outbreaks.  Measuring EMF spikes in these environments, especially with the wrong type of devices, does NOT indicate the presence of a ghost or spirit.

These sensors can measure numerous environmental parameters, both natural and man-made, and can, if sufficiently sensitive measure bioelectric fields as well.

Measuring biomagnetic fields is another matter altogether, as they are substantially weaker than their electric counterparts.  In order to measure biomagnetic fields, one requires superconducting sensors, which are not yet available in portable, hand-held devices.

There is no evidence whatsoever that ghosts, spirits, etc., generate any electromagnetic fields of their own, although such phenomena may be the product of how we living human beings interact with our environment in the most extraordinary of ways.

What is interesting when speaking of biomagnetic fields, is that we have been able to detect and measure such around what’s referred to as poltergeist agents, as their biomagnetic field amplitude is frequently more than a million times stronger than normal for a human, and is directly related to the fact that a significant number of these individuals tend to be either seizure prone or epileptic.

This type of super-powerful biomagnetic field can and will couple with the proper electromagnetic or geomagnetic environment to trigger and mediate poltergeist activity.

When scientifically investigating paranormal events in the field (not in the lab), it is vitally important to measure both the environment and the individuals living within it, as well as collecting medical data on all those living in said location.

Unfortunately, engineering grade instrumentation to accurately and correctly measure such locations does not come cheap.  Examples of some of the

Geomagnetometer from Less

instruments I’ve been using for years are the following; Geomagnetometer and Zero Gauss Chamber (more than $1,300), a Spectran low-frequency spectrum analyzer (1 Hz.-1 MHz.)  [$800] (featured photo at top)a132 and an air ion counter ($500), a Natural Tri-Field Meter ($200) and an E-Smog Scout LUX, all of which are pictured here.

Obviously, most of these devices are well beyond the budget of most investigators.  However, if you do purchase these expensive devices, it’s vitally important that you read the instructions accompanying them to fully understand what it is your measuring and how the device works.

It would be real waste of your hard-earned money to buy these sensors and then incorrectly use them and/or not comprehend the information they’re providing you.  What good is such detailed information if one does not know what it means and how it relates to the subject being studied?

If you wish to learn more about which specific instruments are relevant here and where to purchase them, visit another of my blogs entitled “One Stop Ghost Shop”.

As far as electronic devices to actually communicate with ghosts, such as “spirit or ghost boxes”, these are generally radio-frequency sweep devices that intercept AM/FM/shortwave and cell signals and randomly grab words from such sources and then strings them together electronically.  The circuitry is designed to form word trains from random signal sweeps and sometimes they actually produce legible sentences. These might also be called Random Event Generators, which are none to be very sensitive to volitional psychokinesis.  If you really want to talk to the dead, talk to an attorney or politician, as they’ve been dead from the neck up since human’s have walked the Earth.

Air Ion Counter from Less

Many gullible people are wasting their money on these worthless devices that are no more relevant to communicating with the dead than talking to your dog would be.

In the end, we are only able to measure various parameters of our physical environment along with those living souls within it, and little else. 

The most we can expect from such environmental monitoring is to look for longitudinal patterns seen over a long period of time and hope that they correlate to the occurrence of paranormal events.  

Thus far, there is a definitive pattern observed in the data, and it strongly indicates that these incredible paranormal encounters are the result of how we living people inductively couple with the local EM environment. 

This is where some people act as biological operational amplifiers, waveguides and focalplanes with respect to paranormal events, while others do not. Bottom line, check out the phrase “Monsters From the Id”, and you’ll better understand what I’m saying here.  It’s all real, it’s all paranormal, but far more complicated and perhaps disturbing than we ever imagined it to be.  

The bottom line with all of this is simple.  If one does not know how the physical world around them works, how can they then understand what may lie beyond it’s boundaries?  Before we assume something is paranormal, we must thoroughly rule out all normal explanations. 

There is a basic principle at work in all science that’s exemplified by Ockham’s Razor.  That is, all things being equal, you always go with the simplest explanation.   When dealing with the paranormal, this principle is more relevant than ever.

Natural TriField Meter from Less


E-Smog Scout LUX from Less


By Dr. Barry Taff

Dr. Barry Taff, who holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering, worked as a research associate at UCLAs former parapsychology laboratory from 1969 through 1978. During his 41-year career, Dr. Taff has investigated more than 4,000 cases of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and he has conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition which led to the development of the original protocols and methodologies for what was later coined remote-viewing. He is the author of Aliens Above, Ghosts Below.

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