A Demon’s Lair Part II: From The Frying Pan Into the Blast Furnace



When we last left our intrepid man-child, he was at the mercy of The Creature, a middle-aged, opportunistic, sycophantic, psychopathic crook.  This poor excuse for human female slowly and systematically drained his money as fast as he made it.  Her constant meddling cost this man a fortune.

He lost at least two film deals where he would have netted huge money and was also cheated out of the co-creator credit and the extraordinary financial rewards of a highly successful. new cable series, perhaps as much as $17 million.

Due to the distraction of the creature, our friend in need was also deprived of his producing salary which was in excess of $300,000.  You’d assume that things could not get any worst, wouldn’t you?  You’d be wrong, dead wrong.

Over the past six months there have been some changes, but they apparently served to do little more than rapidly increase this man’s downward spiral of depression, insecurity, self-loathing and co-dependence on abusive, leeching and dysfunctional women.

The situation has degenerated to the point where this man has now separated himself from all those in his life who know what’s really going on.   His extreme sense of guilt, embarrassment, humiliation and shame have left him far too emotionally distraught to maintain any form of friendship with those from his past.  Almost everyone we know in common he now refuses to communicate with, some 82 people.

Late last year, our troubled friend met what initially appeared to be a normal, grounded woman while working out of state.  She was about the same age as the Creature, but seemingly more attractive, or so it seemed.  But all things that come in gift box are not what they appear to be.

When our anti-hero brought this new woman home, the Creature went ballistic and all hell broke loose.  After much fighting and discourse, the Creature finally agreed to leave, but only after she was paid the tidy sum of $50,000 in cash.

All then seemed normal for the first time in more than five years.  But the worst was yet to come and our disturbed friend was about to learn what a seriously disturbed psychopath was really capable of doing once her inner demon was totally unleashed.

The protagonist flies out of state once again to drive the new girl back to his home in her own car.  When they reach his home, what they discover is utterly terrifying.

Someone had conveniently entered (not broke into) this man’s house while he was on the road and stole most of his high-end, professional work gear he used to earn a living.   If that weren’t bad enough, his dog had been kidnapped which was being held for ransom.  But wait, there’s more.

Not long thereafter, this mouse-of-a-man discovered that all his bank accounts had been emptied during his absence.  Naturally, the police were called, but what they said left our adolescent-minded man really dazed and confused.

The police asked him if he gave the creature access to his bank accounts, and of course, he said yes.   They asked him why he gave her total control over his finances to run and ruin his life.  His non-verbal reply was far more frightening and disturbing than the crime itself:   “Because that’s what I deserve, to be relentlessly abused by women just like dear, dead mom”.

The officers told him that this was not a criminal matter but a civil one, where he’d have to take the creature to court to recover his money.

Okay, that’s obvious to almost anyone with even half a brain, but what about the theft of his work gear?

They then asked if he had any insurance on his gear, and our friend said “no, they’d never pay anyway as the insurance company would probably have it in for me” (uh oh, his insecurity and self-loathing are at work once again here).

Okay, they then asked if the man knew the serial numbers of the gear written down and documented.  Our friend didn’t even know what the police were referring to.  Once explained, the man just said no, he didn’t even know what serial numbers were or where they’d even be located on any item anyway.

The police simply shook their heads in astonishment, realizing that this man is nothing more than an overgrown, emotionally arrested child.  But now comes the really disturbing part of this ongoing horror story.

Not surprisingly, this man’s new female interest turns out to be far more clinically disturbed than even the Creature was (as hard as that is to believe).  According to the comments and pontifications of his new romantic partner, she is little more than a raving, paranoid schizophrenic.  Now let’s see, where to begin?

Long before this woman ever contacted me I looked her up online to learn who she was and what she was all about.  What I discovered was absolutely horrifying, vile and disgusting.  This new heartthrob possesses an almost textbook-like, borderline personality that is just as fragmented, if not worst, than that of Val or Linda’s I discussed in another blog “Pure New Age UFO Psychosis”.   My first thought was “oh no, not another crackpot?” That description would be a kind definition of this lune.

Hmm.  She claims to be an MK-Ultra mind control victim, a Montauk experiment victim and that most, if not all, of the rock groups from the 1960’s and 1970’s were actually working with the CIA to help control the minds of everyone on earth, especially hers.

She goes so far as to claim that whenever certain groups play their music, it automatically and immediately sends electronic energy out to torture and rape her remotely (perhaps this quack identifies a little too closely with the late Doris Bither from The Entity case or Val as referenced just above?).

This dingbat refers to such energetic attacks as “psychotronic harassment”, or as one trained in behavioral science would say “clinically defined paranoid schizophrenia by any other name”.  Her entire existence is dictated and controlled by this form of delusional thinking, which indicates that she also suffers from severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Her many obsessions have resulted in at least one person filing a restraining order against her.  If the group in question was/is the Doors, and the song was/is “Light My Fire”, does this wacko run for the nearest fire extinguisher every time that song plays?  Does this sound like an emotionally grounded and stable person to you?

Several decades ago, when there was money and facilities available to treat such severely disturbed people, she’d surely would have been institutionalized.  These days, unless one poses an imminent threat to themselves and/or people around them, no one seems to give a damn one way or the other, as such a large portion of our culture appears to have emotional problems at some level.

In the case of this particular woman however, I suspect that her problems are at every level, wherein her reasoning and judgment are severely impaired.   But then again, so is it of her new benefactor.  I guess it’s always nice to share company with another who thinks just as you do, or doesn’t think at all?

While working at the now, long defunct, parapsychology lab within UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute at the campus medical center, we were located just down the hall from 2-South, one of several, in-patient psychiatric wards at this facility.

It housed many patients who suffered from such extreme levels of psychosis, and it was not at all uncommon to hear and view severe dementia cases exactly like those of this woman.  These individuals posed a threat to everyone around them, especially themselves.

Wow, this is someone I cannot wait to meet?  How does this man find and attract these fractured souls and psyches?  When you’re as sick and vulnerable as this man is, they’re attracted to you!

In her own words, she’s an “ascending, celestial goddess”, who frequently takes trips into deep, interstellar space, where she watches the ongoing battle between the alien light beings and the dark, demonic ones.  She also claims to be one of the original members of the military’s remote viewing program, even though women were never part of it.  But let’s not allow reality to cloud the thinking of this deviant’s mind?

This lunatic claims to be a real witch of many different covens and the world’s most gifted psychic, when in reality she’s nothing more than a delusional, hallucinating, dissociative psychotic.

Doesn’t all this nonsense sound really familiar?   With the exception of the aliens and mind control nonsense, this new woman sounds almost identical to the Creature, or a witch by any other name.   I guess once you’ve entered the deep caverns of delusional/dissociative paranormal/ufological thinking, it all sounds like the same broken record. doesn’t it?

So are two witches better than one?  And which witch are we actually speaking of here?  Do they all still have and ride brooms, or do the new age ones now utilize flying saucers?   Then what about witch hazel, or is that something altogether different?  Wasn’t that a TV sitcom in the mid 1960’s?  No, that was just Hazel, whose voice just happened to crackle like that of a witch.

Not surprisingly, this deranged woman is now engaged in constant fights with her new benefactor as he attempts to turn her into a “domestic” goddess that cooks, cleans, shops and screws while helping to run and ruin his business affairs.

Simultaneously, she is manipulating him so as to use his what little money he has left to produce documentaries to spread the knowledge of her paranoid schizophrenia throughout the world, in order for her to get the attention she so desperately seeks.  I guess that this is a small price to pay in order to have a live-in, nursemaid?  But which, or is it witch, nursemaid is it in the end?

Perhaps the saddest aspect of all this is that this man is so blinded by his own emotional problems, that he cannot recognize how utterly insane she is, and that his attempts to promote her will make himself look just as crazy as her.  But as his reasoning and judgment are severely clouded and impaired by his own depression, he cannot think with the clarity of an adult, if at all.

This brain abducted woman first contacted me several months ago to inform me as to what was going on with my deranged friend, and to get the low-down on the creature.  This was all for her to better manipulate and control the man who owns the house she’s now living in.

It appeared that she desired to use my name and reputation to help promote herself (shades of the Creature once again, this is getting very redundant).

I did not tell this woman that I already knew who she was and that I thought she was in need of in-patient psychiatric care with high doses of anti-psychotic medication.

The first thing she said to me was that she had no agenda for the man she now lives with.  Why were those the first words out of her mouth, unless that’s exactly what she had in mind?

Most of what she spoke of I already knew, or suspected.  What was overly obvious to me, was her intent on collecting info on the man she’s living with and the Creature to better serve her own opportunistic needs.  I never told her that I knew who she was, so she was not on the defensive.

However, several months later, once she learned that I knew who and what she was and what my attitude and belief about her was, everything abruptly changed.

In a recent conversation with this nut job, she starts off saying that I should not play any games with or try any tricks on her, as my intellect is no match for hers and that I do not know her and never will.  What in the hell was she talking about?

How insightful?  It appears that she is correct, in that my intellect, thankfully, is no match for someone who is so blatantly dissociative, delusional, paranoid and psychotic.

Why would I even want to know someone or be in the presence of one who is this mentally ill?

I know, I could have asked her who were the people that were really responsible for assassinating JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King?   I’m sure that SHE knows the answer to those questions?   Ask a paranoid schizophrenic that type of question, and you’re bound to get a answer.  Such a crippled psyche would more than likely believe that the people who are persecuting her are the same ones who murdered our promising leaders back in the 1960’s?

As I now know how chemically imbalanced and emotionally disturbed this woman really is, she now views me as one of those people persecuting and torturing her from a distance.  I’m guessing that it won’t be long before she claims that I was part of the MK-Ultra or Montauk mind control experiments.

If you’ve ever wondered why mainstream science and media tends to ignore and ridicule parapsychology and ufology, just listen to the nonsensical, vergiberative, psycho-babble of this woman and you’ll understand why?

Unfortunately, there are way too many people out there just like this brain damaged female.  For every credible and grounded individual who’s involved with this field, there are thousands just like our little, paranoid mistake of nature here, to counter them.

It often almost seems like a losing battle, attempting to fend off these types of emotionally disturbed people, as they’re everywhere.

How much lower can this man sink in terms of his life and relationships?  Could the next one be a two-time murder he meets when she’s paroled from prison?  How about one who has him sign a life insurance policy making her the beneficiary and then kills him to get his house?  Where and when will it end?  As there’s now evidence that this man is resorting to drugs in his futile efforts to cope with his atrophied life and ever growing depression, almost anything is possible, including suicide, which he’s spoken of often.

If you know who the man I speak of here is, please reach out and try to help him overcome his severe depression, self-loathing and low self esteem in every way you can, otherwise he’s sure to self-destruct in the near future, which would be a loss to everyone but himself.

As the psycho-drama, soap opera continues…..



By Dr. Barry Taff

Dr. Barry Taff, who holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering, worked as a research associate at UCLAs former parapsychology laboratory from 1969 through 1978. During his 41-year career, Dr. Taff has investigated more than 4,000 cases of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and he has conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition which led to the development of the original protocols and methodologies for what was later coined remote-viewing. He is the author of Aliens Above, Ghosts Below.

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