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Is it possible to actually build a machine that allows one to travel through time faster than we do from moment to moment in our daily lives, sort of like what we see in movies?

YES, but only to a point, and no, this is NOT science fiction.

Rod Taylor & The Time Machine, MGM, 1960

Is it easy, and could one do this at home or in their backyard?


Has such dramatic technology actually been developed, and did it work?


Where and when you might ask?

It began in Nazi Germany during the last several years of World War II in their pursuit of wonder weapons.  Start by reading two superb books: 1) The Hunt For Zero Point by Nick Cook, and 2) The SS Brotherhood of the Bell by Joseph P. Farrell.  Also check out the The Alien History of Planet Earth hosted by Nick Cook as well as The Nazi UFO Conspiracy, both on The History Channel.  All are excellent primers on this material.

Has any further work been done on such radical, cutting-edge, physics?



The answer is somewhat convoluted, but here goes. During the mid-1970’s during our descent to the conference room at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute which we used for our psi training groups, a visitor, a relatively young Asian woman, started talking to me about a U.S. government funded time machine project that was being conducted.  She said that such a machine was indeed under development and there had been some success in terms of it’s operation.  I asked her why her, a total stranger, had even brought this matter up to me.  Her answer was that after reading several articles I had published on time, she automatically assumed that I knew of, or was even part of the project.  I told her that I was not and that I had never heard of such an R&D program.

Needless to say, I asked many questions like:  the machine’s power source, actual principles of operation, etc.  The young lady was quite mum from that point on and refused to talk further on the subject.  I asked for her phone number and she refused to give it to me so I have her my card with the lab’s number and my home number on the back.  Strangely, she never returned to our group again, nor did I ever hear from her again either.

However, there’s some compelling evidence that the military is already using what’s referred to as a magneto-plasma toroidal propulsion system in a highly classified, delta-shaped stealth aircraft known as the TR3-B  from Lockheed Martin.  This propulsion system reduces the TR-3B’s mass and inertia to a very small fraction of what it would be otherwise, thereby allowing small amounts of thrust to achieve very high rates of acceleration without g-loading the airframe or pilots.  You may ask what anti-gravity (electro-gravitic) propulsion has to do with time travel?  The answer is EVERYTHING!

Lockheed-Martin’s nuclear powered TR3-B magneto-plasma propulsion system?

Why haven’t we people heard of this?

This type of technology is more probably a deeply classified, black program without any congressional oversight whatsoever, along with most of the related Zero Point Energy and UFO technology.

It offers the most dramatic change in the way we’ve been living since the dawn of the industrial revolution in that it would immediately obsolete all form of energy production: coal, oil, nuclear and hydroelectric.

In fact, this Zero Point Energy technology even dwarfs any potential thermonuclear (fusion) reactor technology.

Is it free energy, NO.  And while there’s no heat associated with Zero Point Energy, as it’s most likely endothermic in nature, it still must be accessed or coupled with via an electro-mechanical device that is exothermic (heat producing) and as such must be built, distributed and sold, just like everything else on earth.

The difference here is that there would not be the ever-present need for a power grid, for each building, home, car, bus, truck and plane would have a small Zero Point Energy (ZPE) reactor within it, without the hazardous radiation normally associated with nuclear power.

Does this process and mechanism related to such real time travel involve technology that is also directly applicable to superluminal, interstellar propulsion systems like warp drive?


It must be made very clear that this technology does not require one to reach speeds near that of light in order for it work.  In fact, this approach has never even been openly discussed in technical literature over the years for many reasons, chief of which is the control of power and its weaponization potential, which is not focus of this discussion.

Time Machine from Time After Time, 1979

The ingredients you’ll require to build a working time machine are the following:

1. A shielded, controlled laboratory facility located far from prying eyes and the power grid.

2. Access to electronic components only used in building directed energy weapons, and fusion reactor research for the most part.  If you try ordering ultra-diodes or ultra-capacitors and are not employed by a defense contractor or one of the national labs like Sandia, Los Alamos, or Lawrence Livermore, etc., you’re going to be visited by the FBI and Homeland Security within minutes with their guns drawn and safety’s off.  THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

3.  A mercury superfluid, that is, a superconducting (super-cooled to -450 degrees Fahrenheit/5.3722 degrees Kelvin) mercury based plasma with embedded and suspended niobium particulates, i.e., Einstein-Bose Condensate, a superfluid for lack of a better term.

Time Machine console, Time After Time, 1979.

4. A toroidal confinement mechanism that can electromagnetically contain, suspend and drive this mercury superfluid plasma to a minimum of 70,000 rpm and at 250k atmospheres of pressure (3,675,000 pounds per square inch) is essential.  There must be counter-rotating mercury superfluid plasmas, one clockwise, the other counter-clockwise in order to move only through temporal space as opposed to simply attaining faster-than-light (FTL) velocities required for interstellar flight.

5. A quadruple-hulled, spherical shell that encloses or encapsulates these counter-rotating plasmas, say 30-50-feet

Time Machine from The Time Machine, 2002

in diameter.  The human occupants and cargo are contained within the insulated and centrally located cockpit where controls are located.  From the outside working inward, the space between the first and second hull contains the mercury superfluid rotating clockwise.  The space between the second and third hull contains the counterclockwise-rotating mercury plasma, and the third hull acts as an insulator between the plasmas and the cockpit cabin for the traveler.   Unfortunately, there’s no resemblance whatsoever to the time machine so beautifully depicted in George Pal’s 1960 movie The Time Machine.

6. This mechanism taps into the Zero Point field and thereby generates what’s known as a torsion field which initiates frame dragging effects.  Essentially, you’re created a very precisely manipulated worm hole that initially decouples you from gravity and then uses such forces to make time and space around this vessel move at a dramatically accelerated rate compared to outside the machine.  Basically, you’re not moving, but space and time are, very rapidly.

There was a very relevant line of dialogue in the 2009’s new Star Trekmovie where the aged Spock shows the very young Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott how to successfully achieve transporter function when moving at warp speed.  When young Scott sees Spock’s equation, he utters the comment “Imagine that, who would think that space was the thing that was actually moving?”  This line was quite prescient in my opinion.

Star Trek’s USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Star Trek-ST 6 UDC)

However, what’s really important to understand at this point is that this machine does in fact generate the power required to travel in time, the field’s purpose is to accesses or tap into the ubiquitous zero point field.  And although the generated Zero Point Energy power field from the counter-rotating mercury plasmas is endothermic in nature, it could possibly be viewed as equivalent to a very high petawatt EMF output.

By biasing the counter-rotating plasma configuration in terms of right/left symmetry, one can move forward or backward in time at varying speed. In fact, there might even be a way to even relocate this time machine in space as well.  However, even though this type of device will allow time travel, it may not be identical to the way it’s always been portrayed in the movies.  In fact, it may only be a one-way trip and leave one somewhat stranded a long way

Rod Taylor in The Time Machine, MGM, 1960

(temporally speaking, that is) from home.

Let’s say that you decided to jump forward one entire year into the future.  You punch in the temporal coordinates and you travel that distance in less than a second.  You step out and start walking around.  Everyone asks where you were for the last year, but you cannot tell them.  You were deemed to be a missing person.  And in reality, you were.   But, now comes the real-world problem with time travel.

You cannot then get back into the time machine and travel back to the point you started a year earlier and live out the time you’ve missed, because you were never there for that 365-day period.  You could continue moving forward in the machine and watch the future unfold as it will, but you cannot go back and be physically present here in 3-D reality when you were not.   Another example illustrates this problem with even greater clarity.

Several weeks ago there was a $640 million Mega-Millions Lottery around the country, the numbers of which were to be picked at 8 p.m. on Friday night.  So on the receding Wednesday, you get into your time machine and jump ahead to 9 p.m. on Friday to learn the correct numbers.  You then return to Wednesday evening and bet the winning numbers, right.  WRONG.

This would be a major causality problem in that once you’ve gone past the point in time where the winning numbers were chosen you’ve forever passed that temporal location and you had not purchased any lottery tickets whatsoever, let alone the winning one, as someone else did.  You cannot then return to the point in time you started at with the winning lottery numbers because you never purchased them to begin with at that time.  Moreover, you cannot have it both ways.  Either you accurately picked the winning numbers before you jumped into the future with the machine, or you did not.  This is one instance where you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Conversely, you cannot go back in time and have any form of physical interaction between yourself and the past for the same reasons just cited.  What if you tried to go back thousands of years ago, long before you or the time machine even existed?

I suspect that you’d either destroy yourself in the attempt or you’d end up in some odd temporal space wherein you could observe the past as if watching a 3-D movie that you could never have any form of physical interaction with.  This is the equivalent to going back in time and killing your grandparents or parents long before you were born.

How could such be achieved as you’re alive now?  If you went back in time and successfully murdered your family ancestors, you would not be alive now to even attempt such. Kind of crazy, paradoxical stuff to say the least.

Well, after all that, you might ask yourself what good is a time machine?  Well, it may allow us to better understand more about reality at many levels and might just tell of that we cannot ever play god. However. such technology might lead the way to the development of incredible new types of endothermic (non-heat generating) energy to power the world free of pollution as well as new methods for advanced medical healing methods.   It may also provide us with the blueprint to build and apply real warp drive field propulsion for interstellar travel.

7.  Almost forgot, the very last item you will need is MANY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, as such technology does not come cheap.

8. Does any of this incredible physics have any interrelationship with paranormal events such as precognition, RSPK and apports?


For much more detail on what’s discussed here, check out my book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown at, Barnes & and at



By Dr. Barry Taff

Dr. Barry Taff, who holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering, worked as a research associate at UCLAs former parapsychology laboratory from 1969 through 1978. During his 41-year career, Dr. Taff has investigated more than 4,000 cases of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and he has conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition which led to the development of the original protocols and methodologies for what was later coined remote-viewing. He is the author of Aliens Above, Ghosts Below.

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is this really possible
to travel back to past?
may be travel to future can possible we’ll just have to defeat
that speed and we’ll be in future but what is that stuff and law which can drag us to past …………….

In my professional opinion, time travel is possible in both directions, but it will NOT work like it does in movies. If one goes backwards into the past, you’d probably be able to see events but NOT physically interact with them because you were never there in the first place. Sort of like walking through a real 3-D movie where you can observe it, but not the reverse. Traveling forward in time poses even more problems in that it might be a one-way trip. Essentially, once you move ahead in time, you’ve basically passed over that amount of time and cannot then return to relive that duration you were never physically in. My book, “Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown” (at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at explores time travel in depth and what is likely to occur when one attempts such. The notion that one must accelerate to light speed and beyond is really NOT necessary in order to travel in time. That’s old world thinking that’s more tied to movies and television. One does not really need to move at all, you move space instead.

i am interested in science and i would love to know if this would be possible
i could build a time machine but would it be possible and how

Yes, I believe that it is possible to build a time machine with today’s technology, although it will not be easy. However, you’re going to need several hundred billions dollars, an isolated and shielded lab, and access to components that are literally impossible to obtain unless you’re working for a major defense contractor or a national laboratory like Sandia, Lawrence Livermore, or Los Alamos. If you even try to purchase or otherwise obtain such “ultra” components, you will be soon visited by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security with guns drawn and safety’s off as they’ll automatically assume that you’re a terrorist attempting to build a nuclear weapon or a directed energy weapon.

Time travel in reality is likely to be very different than depicted in novels and films. In my book “Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown”, I go into detail about how such paradoxes would be resolved. To our surprise, real time travel might be very limiting in terms of what one can and cannot do. Travel into the past might be more virtual than physical, thereby preventing one from altering what was. While travel forward might also have similar limitations associated with it wherein you cannot return to the time and place you started from and then change was would otherwise occur. This is all discussed in detail in my book.

I really wanna build a time machine I really want to..I didn’t read anything here Just saw the was too much words..Sorry but can you tell me how to make one..I really wanna know

I strongly suggest that you go back to school and get a graduate degree in plasma and torsion field physics to start. Even if you already had the education and experience necessary here, just trying to order some of the required components would very likely land you in jail, as they’re primarily used only in directed energy/nuclear weapons weapons or high-energy particle accelerators. Attempting to order these components will surely cost you your freedom. However, regardless of how much experience and education you possess, the price tag will still likely be in the hundreds of billions of dollars, if not greater. Interestingly, the physics involved with time travel are the same ones related to superluminal, interstellar propulsion, like warp drive. I suggest you read another of my blogs entitled “Building A Warp Drive Engine”, for me details.

If you had about 50 billion dollars I could direct you to the right people, but the components are literally impossible to obtain as they’re primarily used only in nuclear weapons and/or directed energy weapons development. If you even attempt to purchase ultra-diodes and/or ultra-capacitors, you’re going to be visited by agents from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. Gaff, if what you say is true, and we were able to travel foward into the future, wouldn’t it be possible to go back in time? If time traveling back were possible, would more energy be used to go back in time?

Thanks for leaving a comment Adrian, but my name is Taff, not Graff. I suspect that time travel might be a one-way ticket, in that if you go forward you cannot ever return to the place you left from. And if you went back in time prior to the machine’s existence and/or yours, you might encounter problems that are incomprehensible. You might be able to go back and watch events, but not to interact with them. Sort of like watching a real 3-D movie which you’re not part of. For a far more detailed discussion on this, please check out my book “Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown”, as I dedicate considerable amount of space to your question here. Again, thanks for commenting.

Hello sir, I am Mruganesh from India. My question was do we have that technology that we can make a time machine or we are more advance from it.

So if time travelers could watch us but we can’t see them that sort of sounds like a ghost.It’s all mind boggling yet fun to think about. I hope humanity gets it together and opens up its collective mind so to speak! All of these topics could really improve the quality of life for human beings.

While it may appear to be the same as a ghost, I suspect that time travel) if ever really developed will be far different than what we call ghosts. In nature, there are many different things the can produce heat: radiation, chemicals, friction, pressure, etc. They are all different, but achieve a similar effect. Again, thank you for your nice comments Tammi.

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