A Demon’s Lair?



I never used to believe in demons.  In fact, the very word annoyed me to the point of wanting to utterly ignore it.  For those of you who know of my work, also know the great lengths I’ve gone to avoid the use of such inappropriate and absurd nomenclature.

However, things dramatically changed for me in 2006, when I actually encountered a real, live (figuratively speaking), physical demon, disguised (and a poor disguise at that) in human form.  This demon’s visage was vile beyond words, so much so that it keeps changing it’s appearance and name to avoid detection by unsuspecting people near it.

Everything it touches figuratively goes to hell, if not literally.  Wherever it goes, items of monetary value seem to mysteriously disappear, although we have a pretty good idea as to where they eventually end up.   This undercover demon is incapable of speaking any form of truth, using deception and disinformation to successfully accomplish its goals and obfuscate its secret identity.

The best way of describing the way this “thing” operates is to quote an old phrase from late 1960’s television.   That classic old phrase is: “Everything I’m saying is a lie and I’m lying to you now”?  This is the essence of how this demon successfully manipulates others.

It all began when my ex-colleague (whose name is being withheld to avoid further reprisals from this demon, but you’ll probably figure out who he is, or was) and I met what initially appeared to be a woman while on a case in August of 2006 in Calabasas, a suburb within the western San Fernando Valley here in California.

This disgusting example of a female homo sapien, and I use that term very loosely here, bares a striking resemblance to a Morlock from the original Time Machine (MGM, 1960) movie.  When this female “thing”, whom I dispassionately refer to as “The Creature”, first viewed my associate, she/it looked at him as a hungry vulture orbiting its’ prey might, just before pouncing to disembowel it.

The Creature quickly sensed that my colleague was extremely vulnerable at that time as he had just lost his live-in girlfriend of five years to cancer and blamed himself as he was unable to save her from a disease that is poorly understood and virtually incurable.

She/it immediately was aware of the fact that I was easily able to see through her overly obvious transparency, especially when she volunteered the fact she was in communication with god and his angels in order to drive the demon’s (herself, that is)  away from this particular townhouse.  Yeah, right, and I’m 6’4″ tall with blond hair and blue eyes.

Once those words passed from her forked tongue, I realized exactly who and what we were dealing with.  For the rest of our time at this location, I simply ignored The Creature’s presence as my reason for being at this specific location did not include engaging in dialog with delusional, psychotic people.  It was quite obvious by her/its body language that The Creature was not pleased with my lack of attention.

A few days later. she called an associate of mine on the east coast to solicit his help in promoting herself as the world’s greatest medium…whatever.  My associate told her to speak with me about such matters and she responded quite angrily at that suggestion for obvious reasons.  My associate went on to inform The Creature that we do not endorse or support such absurd claims in anyone, as they’re unprovable.

It was then quite apparent what this “thing” wanted from all of us….consensual validation, in order to misrepresent herself as being affiliated with and officially endorsed by academically trained parapsychologists.  In more simpler terms, she/it wanted to use our names and credentials in order to deprive ignorant, gullible and naive people of their money.  This was one of the most blatant attempts at such I’ve ever encountered in my four decade career.  Now the stage was set, and best and worst were yet to come.  Read on.

Shortly thereafter, I learned that this demon referred to my colleague (the one she met with me) as a “bank”, from which it would make numerous withdrawals, while he was making numerous deposits in hers, metaphorically speaking, if you get my drift.  Going from bad to worse, this creature later referred to my colleague as a “mark, a pigeon, a chump and a sap.”

Sounds more like a common, petty thief who struck gold and knew it, but nothing could be further from the truth.  However, like I’ve said, this demon is extremely transparent to anyone paying attention, as almost any sentient being in its’ presence shortly begins to shudder out of fear for its money and very existence.

In purely psychological terms, this creature would be defined as a sycophantic, gold-digging, psychopath.  A psychopath who cannot even keep track of what lies she’s tells to what people, a very common trait of psychopathic behavior.

For quite some time she/it was telling anyone that listened that we were working together.  When I was forced to post some disclaimer blogs on another website back in 2008, stating that I’ve never worked with her, nor did I ever intend to work with this creature (although I used her allegedly real name), she went absolutely ballistic and demanded that my colleague give her money so she could sue me.

A friend we have in common told The Creature to just post my disclaimer on her website and everyone would be happy.  Everyone except The Creature, that is.  When hearing this, The Creature went into a violent rage screaming “NO, NO, NO NO!!!!!!”  and then violently hung the phone up on him.

Needless to say, they are no longer friends.  Of course The Creature reacted this way, for she wanted everyone in the paranormal community to believe we were working together so she could profit from and steal more from unsuspecting victims while using my name.  What a disgusting example of humanity at its worst.

The very next day I went down to my car and discovered that someone had tried to steal it.  However, as I have a triple redundant alarm system, they were unsuccessful, although they did manage to do considerable damage to my driver’s door as well as the key cylinder lock in both the door and dash.

I found this to be just a little too coincidental given how manically insane The Creature became just one day prior regarding me.  I do not believe that she herself committed this criminal act, but had one of her many crooked friends pay my open carport a visit in the very early morning hours.   And as the man whose house she lives in has my address in his computer and knows the make and model of my car, it would have been very simple for her to order someone to vandalize or steal my car.  In fact, I suggested to the police who might be responsible for the attack on my car, and they didn’t even care.  Happens every day to them, no big deal.

About one year later, this hideous, demonic beast attempted to convince a TV series producer she was working for at the time to sue me, claiming that I was interfering with his company’s ability to obtain guests for their show.

In reality, this was yet another lie on the part of the creature, as I was instrumental in bringing this particular person to their attention, and would have therefore received a substantial referral fee had she appeared on the show.  The real reason this individual refused to appear on the show dealt with personal, emotional problems this lady had at the time, as she certainly could have used the additional income.  Fortunately, these lawsuits were never filed.

Back to the demon itself, I assure you that this creature is far worse than any lying, psychotic thief you’ve ever heard of.  This abhorrent thing is the ultimate manifestation of an opportunistic leech, that literally scavenges everything and everyone near it.

It wasn’t long before I informed my colleague about this demon’s intentions, yet he didn’t seem to care, as this demon had already gained control of his depressed, fragile mind, which was negatively conditioned from being raised in a dysfunctional, alcoholic family.  A family, wherein his mother repeatedly tried to kill him and later turned him in to the police, claiming he was responsible for the death of a girl he hadn’t seen in years.

By this time, this demon had already moved itself into, and had been living within my ex-colleague’s Glendale home for several years and had subsequently stolen and squandered substantial amounts of his income and savings.

This man’s mind has been so thoroughly overwhelmed, corrupted and controlled by this demon’s presence that he doesn’t even appear to care that his finances are in serious jeopardy and that “The Creature’s” presence has very likely cost him many millions in failed entertainment project contracts.

The more this man is mistreated and abused, the better he responds to this woman (oops, sorry about that) demon he’s with.  It’s control over him is so absolute that he often dares to speak his mind while they’re together in company for fear of being verbally, emotionally and physically attacked by her, even though she/it is substantially smaller than him, at least vertically.

He is so utterly dominated and controlled by The Creature, that if he’s asked a question by someone while in her presence, he immediately looks in her direction, knowing what’s about to occur.  She then scowls at him, forcing him to lower his eyes like a badly beaten, subjugated and conditioned dog, silently commanding him not to answer.   The Creature then answers the question while the man usually stands up and walks out of the room with his tail between his legs.

Several years ago another one of my associates was at this man’s house delivering some computer products.  The Creature began ranting that yours truly is a total fraud in that there was never a parapsychology lab at UCLA and therefore I never worked there.  She went on to state the I’ve totally invented or fabricated myself having never even attended college, let alone graduate school.   The Creature kept harping on the fact that I claim to have a doctorate on parapsychology from UCLA and that according to the university such a credential was never offered (and never will be).

My visiting associate told The Creature that I never claimed to have a doctorate in parapsychology.  He told her that my degree is not in parapsychology, but in psychophysiology (the interrelationship between the mind, brain and body).  As The Creature probably did not even comprehend what my associate was referring to here, she kept insisting that I’ve faked my entire background in order to make money (money, what money?).  I think this is called projection, isn’t it?

The man of the house within which The Creature resides just sat there and did not utter a word, like he had been lobotomized.  When the visiting associate turned toward the house’s owner saying;  “You’ve worked with this man for twenty-two years aren’t you going to say anything in his defense?”, the man simply looked away, stood up and left the room.  My associate had the strong desire to punch The Creature’s lights out at this point, but unfortunately did not.  Too bad, as he would have done this man, and the world in general, a huge favor by ridding them of this preying entity.  This is a very sad state of affairs, is it not?

This is really, really sick.  I knew for a very long time that this man/child was troubled and disturbed, but never suspected the severity of the his emotional problems.  Yet still, he refuses to evict her for fear that he might lose his surrogate mother.  Even after driving away most of his friends, this man is way too humiliated and embarrassed over his lack of courage and emotional strength to come to his own defense, and is therefore content to leave things alone as opposed to confronting this demon and disposing of her.

Fate has dealt him a lemon and he’s satisfied with making lots of sour lemonade, more indication of his severely depressed stated of mind, as he feels that he really deserves the abuse he’s getting.  For a while, I suspected that this demon was possibly poisoning him or slipping drugs into the food it/she cooks for him.  While this might be occurring, his actions speak more of a person being maliciously manipulated.

This man is an easy target for such a demon, as he has suffered from lifelong, morbid clinical depression and very low self-esteem, regardless of his success within the entertainment industry and, not surprisingly, is an admitted, ardent misogynist (referring to all women as sneaky, untrustworthy, devious, deceptive, underhanded, treacherous and mercurial), due to the abuse he suffered during his formative years at the hands of his raging alcoholic mother.

In a strange, seemingly karmic manner, he has managed to obtain exactly what he allegedly feared most in life, an emotional replica of his mother.  This whole event is more on the level of a Twilight Zone episode in terms of his meeting, attracting and becoming entangled with that which he so dreaded, especially as it came in the form of an immediate rebound from his deceased girlfriend.

This man is now so brow-beaten by this creature that he, himself, has become a very proficient liar in attempting to defend her slow. systematic, destruction of him, a quality that is totally contrary to his being over the last quarter century.

This whole matter is very difficult for me to articulate and put into words as I was not educated or trained to think, speak or write in such metaphysical terms, but this sleazy example of a woman is the essence of darkness and evil.

This miscreant has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, and is a menace to all intelligent life on earth as she is utterly vampiric.  The real problem is that the man she lives with cannot even recognize it for what it really is, as this demonic creature has emotionally assumed the pleasing (for him) shape of his deceased mother

Several months ago I received a call from a Glendale police detective who was responding to a complaint this demon had filed against me as she did not like what I was saying about her to others.  I told the detective what had been transpiring with her and my ex-colleague for the last four years as well as how she/it had been lying to everyone about working with me.

The police detective asked if “The Creature” had a job.  My reply was simple; “Her job is depriving the man she lives with of his hard earned money”.  The detective then asked me if she/it had an education and I told him that she had flunked out of high school long ago and then purchased a degree in” spiritualism” from some fly-by-night organization overseas where they teach their “students” how to effectively and efficiently rob gullible, naive, apathetic and ignorant people, and how all scientists are evil because they can instantly see through your B.S.

The detective’s reply as “Oh, she’s a professional bunco artist”, as he immediately understood exactly who and what this miscreant is all about.  He then asked why my friend was allowing her to do such damage to himself and I spent a great deal of time educating him on my ex-colleague’s emotionally disturbed past and resultant psyche.  The detective’s final words was for me, and anyone else, to stay as far away from her and her live-in companion as possible as they are really bad news.  I totally agree, which is why I walked away from this man as a friend and twenty four year colleague in April of 2010.   At this point, they certainly deserve each other.

Very recently, this hideous, demonic creature had one of her friends contact me via this website, posing as a friend of the man which I speak of here.  This anonymous email was from a woman who concurred with virtually everything this particular commentary states, claiming she too was very concerned and worried about this man’s well being.  She stated in her email that she wanted to chat with me about the severe danger my ex-colleague is in due to The Creature’s presence in his life.  It all sounded a little too good to be true.

After some careful research and investigation, I was able to identify this anonymous woman from Kansas and Mississippi as one of the The Creature’s close friends. and that her real motivation for contacting me was to provoke me into recklessly and foolishly writing something online about her that might be construed as a threat, therein allowing The Creature to either contact law enforcement again or possibly sue me.  When I tried to contact this particular lady with what I had learned about her, she never responded.  What a surprise?

Interesting, how this demonic being keeps attempting to involve law enforcement in matters that she herself creates?  Perhaps, given her penchant for making things of monetary value suddenly vanish, she’s readily familiar with law enforcement protocol and methodology?  This an all-too-common scenario wherein the perpetrator (The Creature) goes to the police first and files a claim against their intended victim/target, therein setting the stage for misdirecting the authorities away from the real criminal and eventual act.

This is classic disinformational obfuscation at it’s best.  Sounds like The Creature is a real “pro” at this stuff through lots of personal experience?  At least she’s good at something?  At this point. I would not be surprised to learn that this female denizen had outstanding warrants on her in other states.

As “The Creature” claims to be a real witch (hmm, I think she’s got the first letter incorrect here) who can cast spells, curses and incantations while wearing amulets and talisman, it appears that she’s well versed in the notion of manipulating others by using nonsensical, new age psycho-babble and metaphysics to her advantage.

Perhaps in her delusional and demented state of mind, the Creature really believes she’s controlling the man-child she lives with through the use of her magical powers, when in reality she’s a cunning, clever, trailer park trash crook.   Her methods of madness have apparently served her very well as she’s been able to successfully steal people’s money and jewelery for years without being caught?  But nothing lasts forever, does it?

Now you tell me, based on the aforementioned information, would you call this creature a demon?

If you know of whom I speak here, please reach out and try to help him, even if he’s in denial and refuses assistance.  The only way this man is going to survive this demon’s onslaught, short of this demon self-destructing,  is if everyone around him makes him aware of his problem and offers some form of emotional support and potential intervention.  Once this demonic creature is aware that everyone else knows of its skulduggery intentions, it will leave him for greener and safer pastures where it is not immediately recognized.  His future is in our hands, literally.

CHECK OUT:   A DEMON’S LAIR PART II: FROM THE FRYING PAN INTO THE BLAST FURNACE, elsewhere on this site for the follow-up on this incredible case.

By Dr. Barry Taff

Dr. Barry Taff, who holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering, worked as a research associate at UCLAs former parapsychology laboratory from 1969 through 1978. During his 41-year career, Dr. Taff has investigated more than 4,000 cases of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and he has conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition which led to the development of the original protocols and methodologies for what was later coined remote-viewing. He is the author of Aliens Above, Ghosts Below.

5 replies on “A Demon’s Lair?”

It’s a gross injustice that such a prolific and experienced voice in the paranormal communinty has succumbed to the ill-effects of the very subject he has studied for so long. I hope this gentleman has not reached the point of no return and will be rid of this negative influence in his life. He has been an important contributor and will be missed if he continues on this downward path. I too met this “creature” on board the Queen Mary for a paranormal conference a few years ago and found her to be very deceptive in claiming the life work and accomplishments of others as her own.

Surely this creature is a “Whacko”! I’m sure some police work here is warranted. She should be locked up and put away from harming anyone else. I pity the person who’s life she has already destroyed.

Yes, be afraid, be very afraid. This mistake of a woman jumps from one depressed man to another until she’s finished draining them of all their assets. She is a real predator. Where’s Arnold when we really need him (apparently, fathering more out-of-wedlock children).

This creature has even gone so far as to befriend this man’s sister in the hope that when she’s finished him off, possibly causing him to have a complete emotional breakdown or driving him to suicide, she’ll be able to easily sell off all of his worldly possessions, which are substantial.

At this point in time, the creature’s manipulation and thefts would not be deemed criminal under the law as this man actually gave her access to all of his accounts and is very much aware of what she’s been doing for more than four years. Legally, this would be a civil matter, wherein he’d have to go to court to evict and sue her.

Unfortunately, he’s far too emotionally weak to do anything even close to that. However, given that his depressed behavior is primarily guilt driven due to the abuse he’s suffered from good old mom, he actually welcomes this level of abuse and damage as he feels it’s deserved. Who’s the more disturbed here? The creature or the man/child allowing her to destroy him? Flip a coin.

Getting rid of dead, old mom is easier said than done if most of your life has been dedicated to that dysfunctional relationship to begin with. Remember, our formative years pretty much determine our emotional state of health for the rest of our life. If this man had not become distracted in his youth by his work, he surely would have terminated his existence long ago. The only hope he has is that everyone he knows contacts him and presses this issue. Only then, will he be forced to respond to this matter as an adult, as opposed to the wounded child waiting for his surrogate mother to finish the murderous job his biological mother started long ago.

Dear Dr Taff,
As I read your article on the demonic entity, I realized that our group has had a similar experience, but with out the sex. We had befriended an individual who was as evil as the demon you so aptly describe.

After sucking us dry for information, ideas and personnel, we luckily were discarded as we were no longer of any use for this demon to spread his deceptions,filth and lies. What came afterward, was really no surprise considering the demonic source, was an all out effort to discredit and ruin our lives. This creature’s manipulative behavior has infected the minds of long time friends, convincing them of it’s innocents and our supposedly unethical behavior ( we have no negative history to back the claim it has made)

I enjoyed reading your article very much, as it is an accurate portrait of the demonic force that attempted to destroy what we have worked to build. Our creature is still at large among the unexpecting and trustful, but we have to be content to wait until it’s behavior causes it’s own demise.

I am sorry to see your friend has been blinded and disabled by the evil entity in his life. Seeing is believing,but some will never see the truth.

Why do we see through the monster’s disguise and others don’t?

Thank You JCA

It appears that these malicious people which we’re metaphorically referring to here as demons, choose their victims very carefully, insuring that their intended targets/prey are weak-minded and easily manipulated or blinded through obfuscation. I’m afraid my ex-colleague is forever lost to the foul clutches of this demon that resides with him.

As I’ve said earlier, she (it) sized him up immediately and sensed his vulnerability. For all his gifts as a filmmaker, he is essentially a wounded, morbidly depressed child who never recovered from the emotional and physical beatings he received while young.

In many ways, that kind of sealed his fate as he has consistently sought out the most angry, bitter and malevolent women he could find to keep the raging alcoholic image of his mother forever alive.

It is then somewhat karmic that he’s ended up with exactly what’s troubled him for all these years. In a way, its retribution for, with the exception of his recently deceased girlfriend, he has never sought out professional help in dealing with his emotional problems that turned him into a fierce misogynist, wherein he uses women to cook, clean, shop and screw, but otherwise has no use for in any way whatsoever.

This is a very common end result for people coming from such a dysfunctional home, wherein they pass on their learned behavior to others in seeking to perpetuate what was and is normal to them.

What’s most unfortunate here is that this prolonged and steady destruction of my friend is unstoppable, as he truly feels that he ultimately deserves the fate he finds himself in. He will not defend himself, nor will he allow anyone to come to his defense for he has finally home again, where he believes that he belongs.

As far as I’m concerned, he’s as good as dead, or perhaps even worse. It will not surprise me to learn that he soon takes his own life as he’s attempted such before, only to be stopped by our intervention. But we’re not around this time due to the demon.

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