Reverse engineering a poltergeist/ghost?



We’ve all heard the term”reverse engineering” as applied to recovered enemy military machines and possibly even crashed UFOs.  Simply put, this is where one tries to recreate someone else’s technology by studying what has been recovered.  Straightforward mechanical and/or electronic engineering right, right?  But what about reverse engineering something paranormal?

Do we currently have a sufficiently established database in order to accomplish such?  The answer might be yes.  We definitely know that such paranormal encounters are the result of a confluence of events working in just the right way to enable and allow said phenomena to transpire.

Part of the equation is the environment, both geomagnetic and electromagnetic.  The second part of the equation is the neurophysioloigical ensemble of those individuals in such environments, while the final element in this equation may be emotional, and is as state specific as are the prior aspects.

In my book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown, I go into explicit detail on these correlations and how such might be manipulated and applied to successfully achieve the artificial triggering of such paranormal events as opposed to simply waiting around hoping they happen when you’re present with your instruments running.

The likelihood of success here?  Based my own forty-three years of research, I’d say it’s quite high, but there are a couple of minor problems associated with such an attempt.  The most pressing and disturbing of these problems is that by trying to “play god” and manipulate the environment in such a way could very likely be physically and emotionally dangerous some individuals at the location.

You might induce an epileptic seizure or even trigger epilepsy within certain individuals.  It might even kill someone!  Under no circumstances should anyone even attempt such a reverse engineering process, as you would be putting people at risk, which is immoral and unethical.  Do not try this at home as the results might be deadly to all concerned.

Another potential side effect from this might be that we discover that there really is discarnate intelligence out there that interacts with our 3-D world.

Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if we successfully trigger these events and an apparition makes an appearance which we’ll automatically assume is nothing more than a replay of old events, having no real sentience beyond that supplied by the living agent’s consciousness.

What if said apparition suddenly turns to you and says something to the effect of “Why are you doing this to me or us?”  What then?  Admittedly, this sounds very science fiction or fantasy-like in its approach, but it really isn’t, as we don’t have all that many hardened facts as of yet.

The only way we’re going to learn what’s really going on here is to eventually reverse engineer such events.  Only time and patience will tell.  But once again, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OR IN SOMONE ELSE’S HOME.

By Dr. Barry Taff

Dr. Barry Taff, who holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering, worked as a research associate at UCLAs former parapsychology laboratory from 1969 through 1978. During his 41-year career, Dr. Taff has investigated more than 4,000 cases of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and he has conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition which led to the development of the original protocols and methodologies for what was later coined remote-viewing. He is the author of Aliens Above, Ghosts Below.

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After reading your book I couldn’t help but imagine what would have happened had you placed Doris Bither and Jackie Hernandez in the Hollymont house at the same time… angry at each other.

All joking aside – how exactly would you re-create these geomagnetic anomalies in a controlled scientific environment? And on such a large scale?

It would require a great deal of time, patience, funding and the total loss of all professional ethics to start. First of all, there’s no indication that RSPK functions are additive, that is, having two PGAs present would not double the potential results. But you’d probably have to slowly and steadily modify each and every environmental parameter one at a time, sort of like tuning a radio, and wait for the desired results. Also, I don’t know if anger, in and of itself, would necessarily produce the desired result here either, as much of an individual’s response to a very stressful situations varies greatly across the board, while their coping mechanism for dealing with stress is very subjective as well. And, if the subjects knew specifically why they were at that location (as guinea pigs), it’s unlikely that anything would occur due to proactive inhibition on their part. You know, the watched pot that never boils. I suspect that there is the right way to do this, but it would be so immoral and unethical, that even if money were available and you had all the time in the world, the potential electrocuting threat posed to the subjects would render any such work as extremely lethal.

Interesting. Thanks for the reply. Please don’t take my random musings the wrong way – I completely agree that setting up any experiment where the subject could potentially be hurt or killed would most definitely be completely unethical.

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