And you’re worried about changing the future?

You will not believe this.  Hey, I couldn’t believe it when I first learned of it.

There has actually been research done where people believed that they could change the past.  Yes, you read this correctly.  I said, change the past, not the future.  In my book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown, you will read of the ridiculous and absurd belief’s of some academicians that they were able to actually change past events through psychokinesis (PK).  Moreover, retroactive psychokinesis, meaning to affect matter and energy prior to actually making their effort.  This notion is like thinking you can actually win last week’s lottery just by thinking about hard enough and using your PK.

Wait a minute, what then happens to all the memories and events involving the person(s) who actually won that particular lottery?  Are those initial events now erased?  Maybe these researchers have watched way, way, too many time travel movies and really believed what they saw.

What if enough people decided to focus on changing the fact that World War II occurred?  Would we all wake up tomorrow to discover that there never was a second world war?  What were we thinking?  So all the movies, documentaries, history texts and encyclopedias would suddenly lose their information related to the second world war?

But wait, why would we even be checking the reality of such an event as we all know there never was a “second” world war, right?  This means that even our memories of the original past would have been erased.  This sounds great, people could go back and change the fact that they married a monster and prevent a horrid marital discord?  If only life were so simple?

The deeper you look into parapsychology, the stranger it appears.  But then again, what if we cannot change the shape of things to come either?  Now that’s a really depressing thought, isn’t it?  Don’t be surprised that if in the end of all this type of research we come to the realization that we cannot change anything, other than ourselves.   And even then, it’s often a monumental task as we’re seeing by the condition the world is in.  If you want to get your head spinning around for a while, read my book and see where it takes you.

By Dr. Barry Taff

Dr. Barry Taff, who holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering, worked as a research associate at UCLAs former parapsychology laboratory from 1969 through 1978. During his 41-year career, Dr. Taff has investigated more than 4,000 cases of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and he has conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition which led to the development of the original protocols and methodologies for what was later coined remote-viewing. He is the author of Aliens Above, Ghosts Below.

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