The Dyatlov Case: Where Reality Meets Mockumentary



 Alex Mistretta

 Once again, we head into the molten landscape where one must learn to differentiate between actual reality and blatant fraud with gross misrepresentation.  A world that continually attempts to rewrite history in order to fit a production company/cable networks needs.   We’ve already been exposed to more than ten years of fraudulent paranormal reality shows like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness, Ghost Lab, Haunted Collector, and the Paranormal Activity movies, just to name a few.

These series were simply the efforts of clever, sleazy producers creating very cheap unreality shows for the ignorant masses.  And as most of the world has no formal scientific or parapsychological education they might really believe what’s appearing on their TV.  And while those shows are now known by many to be nothing more than mindless entertainment for uneducated audiences, newer, more sophisticated versions of alleged paranormal reality shows have now emerged that have lowered the bar well below the ground, often mimicking The Blair Witch Project hoax.

The newest manifestation of this genre is the “mockumentary”, where seemingly real scientists (who in reality end up being actors hired through online casting calls) go out to explore, investigate and document extraordinary events such as mermaids and Megalodon Sharks.  Although appearing on different cable networks, these mockumentariers have tried to persuade audiences that what they’re seeing is real, when it’s all been fabricated and staged for the benefit of the camera and audience.  But even after these mockumentaries have been exposed as lies, audiences keep watching, which is why such shows often generate sequels to carry forward such misinformation to dumb down the public even further.  Bottom line here is that these production companies create whatever they can sell.  If it just happens to be a lie, who cares?  They’re all making good money off such programming.

The newest incarnation of this disturbing trend is a show called Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives, that recently aired on The Discovery Channel.  As you’ll discover below, this latest mockumentary is just another foolish attempt at re-writing history to suit their needs.  And boy, did they fail.  Another disgustingly fraudulent, found footage series that little, if anything, to do with reality.   Read on to discover what the real case was about.

In 1970, a picture was taken of a typical spherical, disc-shaped UFO near Kholat Syakhel, a mountain in the Urals of Russia.  There was nothing remarkable about the picture from a Ufology standpoint.  Yes, it was a clear, good photograph, but this field of research already has so many of those that it doesn’t stand out, one way or the other.  But it was taken in an area rich in UFO lore, and more importantly, Kholet Syakhel, is where a most unusual event took place eleven years earlier.  An event that resulted in multiple deaths, and one where the police proclaimed was due to an “invincible force of nature”, whatever that means.  Kholat Syakhel translates into English as “Mountain Of The Dead”.  A name given by the Mansi people who consider the mountain sacred and a place where spirits gather and dwell.

Whether Igor Dyatlov knew about the mountain’s reputation is unknown.  What we do know is that he departed with nine others in early February of 1959, and shortly thereafter, they all perished, victims of that invincible force of nature.

The idea was to “ski trek” to Otorten Mountain. Dyatlov was an experienced guide, and the others, students and former students at the Ural Polytechnical Institute, were all experienced as well, so when the group failed to return, a search party was immediately sent out.

The description below is entirely based on the official police report and the search party’s actual testimony.  The group and their camp were easily located.

The camp was in total disarray, tents torn and all dead, some close to the camp, while others were found further down the mountain. They were obviously running from something.  But what?

One man was found to have died of exposure, but the others showed signs of severe internal trauma, and the police stated that at least some of the victims rushed out of their tents and tried to flee.

A tent was found ripped from the inside and footprints leading away, clearly running. The closest body to the tent was Zinaida Kolmogorova, one of the two females in the group, lying face down in a pool of her own blood.

In my new book (The Presence: An Exploration Into the Paranormal), I claimed that there was only one woman in the group, but I was in error.  Separating fact from fiction in this case has proven somewhat difficult.  I do not speak Russian and thus have to rely upon translation from various sources for this story, and some unfortunately aren’t as accurate as others.  In a sense, writing this article has allowed me to re-check many of the facts associated with this story, which has led to further welcome insight.







Next, was Dyatlov’s body (above photo), found with a cracked skull, but no external visible damage to the head.  Further away were three more bodies, found with broken skulls, broken ribs, and severe internal bleeding, but minimal damage to soft tissue.

Dr. Boris Vozrozhdenny, who conducted the autopsies, stated that the force necessary to induce the type of internal trauma was comparable to an automobile crash.  He also, rather enigmatically, stated that it was as if they had undergone some kind of high-level pressure.  However, he did not elaborate further on this point.

Perhaps the more intriguing of the bodies was that of Lydia Dubinina.  She was found a considerable distance from the campsite kneeling against a boulder.  I originally assumed that some of her reported injuries were nothing other than fiction, but as it turned out, they appeared to be quite accurate.

Dubinina’s tongue and eyes were missing as well as a small section of skull bone. As far as I’ve been able to determine, no theory was given for Dubinina’s mutilated state (see photo below)

dyatlah pass incident (1)The bodies all had an orange tint to them that the police could not explain.  In fact, Yuri Kuntsevich, head of the modern Dyatlov Foundation and 12 years old at the time, who was present at several of the funerals, mentioned how the bodies had a strange color to them.  As a result, Kuntsevich would later start the Foundation in order to convince the police to re-open the investigation, and hopefully get to he bottom of this mystery.

Their clothes also contained extraordinary levels of radiation.  This was confirmed by forensic analysis.  One of the officials on site also stated that some tree branches in the area were burnt.  But those branches were too high up for the burns to have been caused by fire, and thus the cause remains unknown.

One of the earlier theories was that the hikers deaths were due to Soviet military tests of some type of weapon.   Certainly a plausible theory, but it would still need to explain what caused the hikers to panic, going as far as cutting a hole in a tent and escaping barefooted. What kind of experiment would leave no physical trace, aside from radiation?

Moreover, I do believe that this theory is worth exploring further, as the Soviets were conducting nuclear weapon tests in various locales back in those years.

Police officer Lev Ivanov, who led the investigation in 1959, claimed that high-ranking officials told him to close the case and to keep his mouth shut on the matter of the flying, luminous spheres that were seen in the area.   He revealed this in 1990 and went on to say that they had no explanation for the events, but he believed that UFOs were somehow involved.

Back in 1959, the police interviewed some of the local people in the area who told the officials of numerous orange, luminous, spheres seen flying above the mountains on the night of the tragedy.  The objects were completely silent.  Furthermore, the search party also witnessed an object in the sky that they called “fiery”; a sighting that lasted as long as twenty minutes.

Nowhere in the original report or in any of the subsequent interviews by parties involved, was there ever a mention of the Russian Snowman as depicted in the recent Discovery Channel show, Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives.

There was absolutely no evidence of any unusual large tracks anywhere near the campsite, only footprints from the terrified hikers. There certainly were “naked” footprints, as well as footprints in socks, but all belonged to the hikers themselves.  And therein lies the true mystery; no sign or physical traces of any kind were found on the ground that indicated any type of danger.

The only thing pertaining to the Russian Snowman that was factual on the Discovery Channel show is that there have been thousands of reports of such animals in Russia and central Asia, dating back to antiquity.  These creatures, commonly known as Almasty, are mainly known from the Caucasus Mountains, Pamir Mountain range and yes Siberia, where they are sometimes known as Chuchunaa.

The Siberian cave however discussed and depicted in the show, that was said to be the home of a Snowman, was proven to be a hoax (what a surprise?).  It was a blatant attempt at luring tourists to the area.

The Almasty is a fascinating subject, one in fact I devote quite a bit of time to in my book, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Dyatlov mystery.

What about the picture of a Snowman that was featured in the show?  When I initially watched the program, I assumed that the blurry photograph of an Almasty shown was hoaxed for the show, and no more than a mean wearing a furry costume.  The arms are way too short, the head too small and the stance or posture that of a modern human wearing a stupid disguise for the show.

Apparently the picture does exist, but its provenance is still murky.  It may indeed have been hoaxed for the show, or it may even have been taken by one of the hikers, but really there is no indication that the photograph had anything to do with the events whatsoever.  It is also extremely blurry, and by no means, clearly a picture of an Almasty.  Again I reiterate, there were no tracks at the scene aside from the victims, and the mountain was covered with snow.

Urals Alleged photo of the Russian Yeti.  Arms are too short, head and hips are too small and the posture doesn’t fit what’s known about Almasty.

Conclusion: some guy wearing a fur suit and head piece.








There is another photograph that does show a strange roundish light that appears to be fairly close to the photographer, or even heading towards the ground.  Again, blurry and out of focus, but those were the days prior to auto focus.  But in light of the claim that strange lights were seen in the area around this time, the intriguing photograph is intriguing, nevertheless.

33rd frame from Yuri Krivonischenko's camera, February 1959
33rd frame from Yuri Krivonischenko’s camera, February 1959


The elongated object may be due to time lapse, which would indicate that the light is indeed moving towards the ground or the photographer. Unfortunately, without a frame of reference, this too must remain inconclusive.

Looking at the UFO angle further, one cannot help but notice that from the Urals going east into Siberia and south into Kazakhstan, you’re looking at one of the most active UFO hot spots on the Earth.  The Urals specifically, with an area the Russians call the M-zone where UFOs, large orbs of light at ground level, and strange alien creatures have all been reported.

The M-zone is also an area of unusual geomagnetic anomalies, where people experience missing time, spontaneous and involuntary altered states of consciousness, and even healings.  I cannot categorically say that the event of 1959 was UFO related, but in light of the area it took place in, the sightings of the spheres by multiple sources, the radiation found at the site, and so far, lack of answers, it may not be a bad place to start.

Please write and email the various cable networks to inform them that you are sick and tired of all the frauds and hoaxes be perpetrated on their channels in order to make money from naive and gullible viewers watching their audio/visual lies.

Remember, if we don’t complain, there will be no change.












The Holly Mont Haunting: As Good As It Gets


Excerpted from chapter one of Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown

When one of your cases finds its way into the National Enquirer or onto the front page of the View Section of the Los Angeles Times, you generally know that one or both of two things have occurred.

Either the case was unique enough to attract the attention of the press and tabloid media or, you’ve made a serious error in judgment by allowing yourself to be interviewed by them. In a case that began in the late spring of 1976, both of these reasons can be cited as true.  In view of the manner in which the case was reported in both papers, I should have exercised better judgment and more caution as neither publication came close to accurately reporting what actually transpired.

Strangely enough, the greater of the two evils here was not the National Enquirer, who, we were aware, grossly misrepresented their stories, especially about the paranormal.  In this case the venerable Los Angeles Times did a much worse job.

Contrary to what most people believe, there really is not much difference in the sensationalistic style of journalism practiced by either publication. They distort, slant, embellish, exaggerate and frequently misinform their readers about subjects they consider to be less than credible.  The resulting campy, tongue-in-cheek article was not just unprofessional, it was downright rude and disrespectful.

Over the last forty years, most cases have come to my attention via conventional means, e.g., word-of-mouth, occasional appearances on local TV talk shows, teaching, lecturing, or random calls coming to UCLA’s former parapsychology lab.  However, this all changed in May of 1976 as a young undergraduate student came storming into the lab in shock over what had transpired at a party on the previous night.

Mark was quite excited to share all of the incredible events he had witnessed just hours earlier, especially since he found the entire matter difficult, if not impossible, to believe.  Once I was able to slow down his rate of speech, he attempted to coherently discuss the barrage of paranormal events during the all-too-brief party.

As Mark’s story initially was nothing more than the ramblings of a very frenetic young adult, I tried to get him to start from the very beginning so I would have some perspective in the matter, rather than attempt to sort and collate a series of divergent events. When Mark understood what I needed to actually begin investigating his experience, he started describing the location of a large, three-story house on Hollymont Drive in the Hollywood Hills.

While at the party, Mark and several of his friends witnessed some of the most amazing things they had ever seen.  When the owner of the house, a banker named Don Jolly, first moved in, he immediately hired a houseboy to clean and do the cooking.  Shortly thereafter, the houseboy began telling Jolly of strange events that really unnerved him.

Objects were rapidly moved from one room to another, and enigmatic shadows and apparitions were seen out of the corner of his eye.  The frequency and magnitude of these events escalated to such a degree that the houseboy seriously considered quitting rather than putting up with any more of the bizarre phenomena.

According to Mark, during the party, many loose objects began flying about the house.  At one point after a young woman entered the house, a large throne chair suddenly moved under its own power across the room pinning her against the wall of the living room directly in front of other guests. This was followed an instant later by a kettle flying in from the kitchen stove which quite deliberately dumped its water over the girl’s head.  Later that evening, the houseboy was chased around the house by a cabbage with a huge butcher knife stuck in it.  It was this particular event that finally caused the houseboy to abruptly quit his job.

Needless to say, these stories were more than sufficient to arouse my interest and desire to attend yet another party to be held at the same house the next evening.  I figured that the worst-case scenario would be one where I would speak to some interesting individuals who were first-hand witnesses to the previous party’s events.   It also presented the opportunity to personally observe, if not record, some astounding phenomena.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that this possibly embellished story would turn into one of the most incredible cases in my files suggesting discarnate intelligence.

The next evening, my colleague and I went to the house to attend the party.  The area of Hollywood where the house is located was not exactly known for its beauty or safety. In fact, it was noted mostly for its high crime rate and drug trafficking.  As such, I was far more concerned about the threat from burglars, muggers and flying lead than belligerent ghosts.

While at the house, we did have the opportunity to observe some of the most astounding psychokinetic displays we had ever seen. On several occasions, numerous books would take off from their resting place, fly madly about the house and abruptly drop to the floor.  A telephone left its secure position on a stand and then flew over Don Jolly’s shoulder in my direction, as did a large glass jar.

The most humorous event occurred while several of us stood in the foyer directly at the entrance to the house.  In the middle of us was a large wrought-iron chandelier.  As we continued to speak, I commented that I was very hungry.  Within seconds, a large clump of bananas came flying across our path landing at my feet.  I bent down to pick them up and noticed that they were rather cold to the touch.

Their exact source could not be determined even after checking out the kitchen where they supposedly originated.  We eventually returned to the foyer to continue our conversation [that was about the only really vacant room in the house where a conversation could be heard given the party’s boisterous nature].

Suddenly, the front doorbell began ringing relentlessly, as if some madman outside was seeking entrance.  When we examined the doorbell, we were shocked to discover that it was disconnected from the house’s power as its wires were completely frayed and rotted, incapable of carrying even the minimal household voltage or current.  What then caused the doorbell to ring?  Or more precisely, what allowed it to ring?

After some background research, we discovered that the Hollymont house had a rather sordid background. Two murders and one suicide had occurred there over the last fifty years. These historical tidbits combined with the fact that both Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck once lived there, contributed to its celebrity atmosphere.

After talking at length with Don Jolly, we discovered that the apparition of a young female had repeatedly been seen by both workers in the house, as well as Jolly himself.  We also learned that Jolly was a part-time minister and had a small chapel set up on the second floor. This seemed a little suspicious and made me wonder whether we might be dealing with a religious zealot.  By about 11:30 P.M., the house finally settled down and we decided to leave.

We were not able to return until about ten days later on May 14, 1976, at which time we were accompanied by a news crew headed by Connie Fox from local Los Angeles television station, KTTV [which coincidentally became part of the Fox Network (no relation to Connie].

On this particular visit, we experienced more sustained phenomena in a finite period of time than in any case before or since.  Due to the detailed nature of the recurring phenomena, it is easier to list them in an itemized manner.

• We arrived about 6:30 P.M. and at one point we all were in the dining room.  Suddenly an ice tray came flying out of the kitchen and soared across the dining room into the west wall.

• Shortly thereafter, a large sack of cloth napkins flew out of the kitchen (which was empty) and struck silverware in the dining room directly in front of Connie Fox.

• A pewter goblet flew out of the kitchen storage area and impacted the west wall of the dining room.

• A religious vestment [metal cylinder] disappeared from the upstairs chapel and appeared outside in front of the house dropping in open air.

• A large world atlas suddenly appeared flying in front of the house and literally chased a screaming and terrified Connie Fox down the front Z-shaped stairway, making three distinct ninety degree turns (changes of direction) in doing so.  All the while, the atlas was flapping its pages as though it was a bird in flight.

• When one of my friends laughingly commented on the above event, an old shoe flew around the outside of the house and struck him on the side of the head.

• While in the pantry area between the dining room and kitchen with Jolly, showers of coins, primarily pennies and dimes, fell from the ceiling, pelting us. These thousands of coins appeared to fall from the empty air.

• While several members of the crew and I stood in the foyer discussing these occurrences, a large black robe apported itself onto the massive wrought iron chandelier positioned immediately above and between all of us.  One instant the chandelier was empty, in the next the robe appeared out of thin air.  When examined, it was discovered that the robe was intricately wrapped around the workings of the light fixture requiring several minutes with a stepladder to remove.

• We learned that Jolly had invited a local Bishop over to the house to bless it.  Shortly after the Bishop entered the house, his hat disappeared off the top of his head and was later found lying on an inaccessible part of the roof.

• A large shower head from the main upstairs bathroom came flying down into the living room under its own power.  It somehow managed to miss the more than fifteen (15) individuals present in the room at the time.

• Several sharp and loud explosive sounds came from the hallway.  Investigation could not determine their source.

• When the Bishop attempted to bless the house using his Holy Water scepter, the top explosively blew off its base and flew around the room.

• Coasters from the dining room table took off and flew into the living room.

• Several keys came flying down the stairway although no one was upstairs.

• Several chairs in the dining room changed locations.

• A thick chain and padlock suddenly appeared around the front door and gate, essentially locking everyone in the house.

• A fire broke out upstairs in one of the wastepaper baskets in the bathroom.

• A telephone, several large jars, and a large book were observed to fly across various rooms.

• Electrical power in the house was turned on and off repeatedly during our visit that evening.  Checking out the fuse box provided no clue, as it had not been tampered with.  Whatever force was accomplishing this feat could selectively negate the power along specific circuits whenever the TV news crew attempted to use the AC lines in the house. The power to those lines was cut off while other lines were left unaffected.

• Even the battery-powered equipment refused to function while in the house. Also affected was the street lamp directly in front of the house that began blinking erratically.  However, the rest of the block’s street lamps were not affected.

So ended our first full night of investigating the house. All that remained was for us to return and continue our work on another day.

Due to very fortunate circumstances, we actually were able to temporarily live in this house—-a parapsychologist’s dream. What made this case even more interesting was that both my colleague and I lived less than ten minutes away, almost in our backyard.

We formally took up residence on August 2, 1976. What follows is a chronology of events that transpired over the next nine days.

August 3 11:58 P.M. Stove turned itself off and pulled away  from the wall. Library door unlocked itself.  Master bedroom door locked and unlocked itself.  After putting down a glass of iced tea on the kitchen counter, I went to the refrigerator in search of more lemon.  Returning to the counter, the glass of tea was gone and was later found in the library three rooms away behind a door that I had locked the evening before.

August 4 12:20 A.M. Library door unlocked itself again.

August 5 10:40 P.M. Bar door on dining room side locked itself from the inside by throwing dead bolt.

11:57 P.M. Something approached the master bedroom door, grabbed and jiggled the knob, then turned it to the right.  Opening door revealed nothing.  Large chair was moved 5 feet and turned around while I was out of the bedroom for not more than 3 minutes.

August 6 2:40 A.M. I was awakened in the downstairs bedroom by sounds of someone walking around the kitchen and lower portion of house.  Investigation revealed nothing.

9:45 A.M. While sitting on couch in living room, I heard the sounds and sensation of someone walking down the stairway and up behind me accompanied by a strong, sweet perfumed smell.  No one was there.

4:45 P.M. While talking on a newly installed telephone, the jack pulled itself out of the wall and threw itself over a chair, pulling the 25 foot cord along with it.

August 7 2:30 P.M. While attempting to make repairs to the upstairs bathroom shower, a large tool box that I had just brought upstairs was apported from the floor next to me back downstairs kitchen drawer where it was originally located.  My attention was taken off the tools box for not more than 15 seconds while removing old shower handles.  Upon turning around, the toolbox was gone.

The sound of someone walking around the house was heard throughout the entire day.

9:45 P.M. While talking to a friend on the kitchen telephone, I observed a dark humanoid form cross my visual path in the dining room area.  No salient features or characteristics were distinguishable, nor could gender be determined.  The dark form was observed through the open pantry storage area separating the dining room and kitchen.  Friends sitting in the living room at the time thought they heard the sounds of someone walking in the dining room but assumed it was me.

August 10 4:30 P.M. Rear French doors opened by themselves.

Thinking that the case was now in a waning mode, we were really shocked when approximately two months later, the neighbor to the immediate east, Dexter Grey, who was renovating that house for his sister, made an interesting discovery associated with the Jolly home.

He accidentally discovered that one of the built-in bookshelves pushed inward revealing a secret passageway leading beneath the basement of the house.  Apparently, several of the homes on that particular hill were connected by a subterranean passageway dating back to the prohibition era.  In all likelihood, liquor was run through it.

While Grey was exploring this tunnel with his girlfriend and a neighbor, they found the remains of an old, makeshift grave with an engraved headstone that read Regina. The inscribed date of death was 1922.  However, to the best of our knowledge, the Coroner’s Office was never contacted, nor were the remains, if any, exhumed. Interestingly, the Jolly house was built in 1924!  Perhaps someone was using that plot of land as a cemetery plot?

The last occurrence in this case was one of high strangeness indeed. Just before we abandoned the house prior to the new tenants moving in, we left a note on NPI/UCLA stationary informing the new residents that their house was haunted and if they wanted us to continue our investigation (free of charge, of course), to contact us directly by telephone.

Several weeks later, I received a peculiar phone call from a young lady who lived several miles east of the Hollymont house.  She asked if I was the author of a note she found stuck to the inside door of her bedroom closet at home.  Somehow, the note I had left on the inside of the kitchen cupboard ended up in someone else’s closet many miles away who had absolutely no relationship to the old or new owners of the house.  I’ve heard of apports, but this was ridiculous.

On several occasions throughout the 1980’s I was able to re-visit the Hollymont house, once in October of 1986 for the syndicated TV show Two On the Town.  At that time three gay men were sharing the house. Their experiences were consistent with those of Don Jolly, others and myself.  However, there was one particular aspect regarding their encounters that was unique. Apparently, the ghost in the Hollymont house may have been homophobic.  Phenomena only occurred when straight men or heterosexual couples were over, never when the three men were there which each other or their significant others.

Since 1986, after one of the men died of AIDS and the others moved, there have been many different occupants residing in the Hollymont house. Various rooms are frequently rented out to different people.  From time to time we have had sporadic contact with individuals living within the house and learned that phenomena still occurs. Unfortunately, the new tenants would not give us permission to continue our investigation.  Until now, that is.

I have had occasional contact with Dexter Grey in the last fifteen years and, if he is to be believed, his house is almost as haunted as Jolly’s, although we never experienced any phenomena there.  According to Grey, he has had numerous guests over the years that were so terrified by strange sounds and apparitions that they fled in the middle of the night.

However, I personally question Grey’s credibility and memory because of his apparent obsession of promoting and publicizing his haunted house is a little too important to him. He’ll apparently talk to anyone within earshot about events transpiring in his house and provides copies of “ancient” tabloid stories regarding paranormal events within his house to literal strangers walking in front of his home.  Think about the fallout such random disclosure could have on your life.  Would you want to tell the whole world about such occurrences in your home?

In the late summer of 2008 we (Jack Rourke and this author) trekked up to Hollymont to show the location to a producer friend, Mark Downie, visiting from New York.  While we were all speaking in front of the property, Jack (a gifted Los Angeles psychic who had been working with us for several years) turned to this author and asked if there was a river running under the property.  My reply was that I knew nothing of the subterranean features of this area.

Shortly thereafter, we were fortunate to meet one of the 6221 house’s new tenants, who invited us in.  While walking up the steeply inclined stairway, Jack started feeling dizzy and nauseous, unaware that this author was having the exact same reaction at precisely the same moment, walking just several steps ahead of him.

The house looked pretty much the same as it did in 1976, although now badly in need of restoration.  There had been substantial remodeling of the kitchen though, which now extends into the area that was once the pantry, where pennies once fell from nothingness decades earlier.

In October of 2008, we (Barry Conrad, Paul Clemens, Todd and Annie Fariss, Laurie Jacobson, Alex Mistretta, Jack Rourke and this author) returned to 6221 Hollymont on an investigation for the first time in more than twenty-five years.

A local businessman by the name of Abdi Manavi, now owns this fascinating house and was very gracious in allowing us access to his residence given that he didn’t know any of us.  Mr. Manavi is what I call true gentleman.

Abdi (knowing a great deal of what transpired on his property three decades earlier) casually spoke of recent paranormal events such as books flying off shelves, disembodied voices, chandeliers swinging from no apparent cause, items disappearing and reappearing [apports], numerous light bulbs being removed from their sockets and left in a neatly formed triangular pile on the ground floor, and the very rare apparition of a young woman, whom Abdi believes to be Regina, whose body, allegedly, still remains buried beneath the house.

Perhaps the most intriguing information Abdi spoke of was his belief that the ghost or presence, seemed to be very reactive to skeptics, in that the more skeptical guests were regarding such phenomena, the more responsive the phenomenon was.

Abdi’s belief is very interesting, in that it might help explain why this particular house was so very volatile during this author’s initial investigation during the mid-seventies, as the Los Angeles Times’ reporter and the KTTV news camera crew with their reporter, (Connie Fox) were extremely skeptical, as was their nature.

The underground tunnel, within which Regina’s remains allegedly still resides, has long since collapsed due to the frequent earthquake activity in Southern California area since 1976.  The tunnel would have to be excavated and shored up before anyone could safely enter it again.

One major difference in this current investigational visit was that we brought our suite of instruments to measure the environment.  Back in 1976, portable, handheld instrumentation to measure the Earth’s geomagnetic field, electromagnetic (EM) fields, ion concentration and density, ULF/ELF EM spectrum analyzer, temperature and humidity, were only science-fiction pipe dreams in the minds of parapsychologists.

[And by the way, if you want the best one-stop shopping experience for purchasing your high-end, engineering-based instruments as referenced above, there is only one place to go:  The Less EMF Safety Superstore ( or  However, please do your research well before ordering your instrumentation, as not all sensors are applicable.  The man in the know to speak with at Less EMF is Emil De Toffol.  One last bit of advice here, the correct instrumentation for use in paranormal field investigations does not come cheap from any source, so be prepared to spend some real hard-earned money.]

In spite of our strong expectations given the 1976 investigation, we were not prepared for what we were about to learn. By checking on the US Geological Survey (USGS) website, we discovered that several earthquake faults intersect almost directly under Abdi’s home.

Adding even more fuel to our anticipation was additional USGS data indicating that a shallow river runs beneath the homes on this side of this particular hill, precisely as Jack Rourke had sensed. What a coincidence!  I knew there was a reason I wanted to work with Jack, and I guess I was right.

Jack Rourke is the only psychic I’ve ever worked with due to his emotional grounding, intellect, healthy ego and comprehensive knowledge of clinical psychology, and the paranormal, coupled with an intense desire to learn. This man knows more about clinical psychology than this author forgot over the decades.  This psychically gifted young man is a steadfast seeker of truth and knowledge in his insatiable quest to understand and improve the quality of life.

Most, if not all, of the psychics I’ve met prior to Jack, and there has been thousands, had one disturbing trait in common (besides emotionally unstable with borderline personalities and frequently dissociative) which was very unnerving and a little frightening to this author.

That most disturbing characteristic was that everything they did (psychically, that is) was about them. Their continual reference to “I” was indicative of pretentious egomania, almost never about improving the human condition through acquired knowledge.  About the only improving these “gifted” individuals were after, was that of their wallet or purse size as it swelled with cash as obtained from ignorant, gullible and naïve individuals.

What made and makes such a person intolerable to this author is their overt sense self-righteousness combined with incredible ignorance and arrogance. A dysfunctional combination of qualities, to be sure.  Jack Rourke possesses not even a trace of these less than desirable behavioral qualities.

In true science, there is no such thing as “I”, as it is not about the people; it is about the advancement of the human race through what we learn and how we apply it.

Decades earlier, this author briefly worked with another psychic.  However, there is one caveat here, she was my girlfriend at the time although truly gifted, that is, before her emotional meltdown due to an intense trauma she suffered, possibly related to our being together as a couple. You can read about her, in detail, in Chapter 10 (Abduction Central?).

Back in Hollywood Hills, perhaps it was the aforementioned geophysical forces underlying the Hollymont property that made Jack and this author mildly disoriented while ascending the stairway on our prior visit?  Well, at least we now know where the energy comes that possibly feeds and sustains the paranormal activity in Abdi’s house over the years, don’t we?

But why did we not again feel ill during this most recent visit?  Probably because these geophysical forces are in a constant state of flux and therefore will not always exert the same physical effects every time one is present.

Given this, it was certainly unfortunate, that even in the face of such extraordinary accumulated evidence as cited above, every one of our instruments read the environment as “normal”, as there did not appear to be anything unusual or anomalous about this location at that particular moment in time.  However, we do know that such geophysical forces wax and wane over time due to numerous factors, none of which are predictable or controllable.

Laurie Jacobson, author of Hollywood Haunted, showed up about two hours after the rest of us.  Only then, did anything seemingly paranormal begin to occur.  Maybe it was the sheer presence of a particularly unique lady?  Or, maybe it was the fact of Laurie’s being a well-respected Hollywood historian who’s been very interested in this particular case for decades.  In point of fact, Laurie dedicated an entire chapter of her aforementioned book to this specific house and case.  In the end, who knows?

When we ventured upstairs with Laurie, it felt as if we were in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, where the atmospheric pressure would well above normal, that of 14.7 pounds per-square-inch.

It was actually quite painful to this author as well as to several others. This sense of overpressure is commonly associated with certain “haunted” environments and is frequently felt as pressure around the head, ears, mastoid region and neck.  It felt like being at the bottom of a very deep swimming pool or scuba diving a little too deep for comfort.

Suddenly, the chandelier in the small, front, southern bedroom began to swing on its own. While Paul Clemens was videotaping that action he captured a large luminous anomaly that was not visible to the naked eye.

There was no wind, and the anomaly looked very different from what people some commonly refer to as “orbs”, which for the most part as explainable as tiny particulates or what’s more commonly referred to as dust (which is everywhere) being illuminated by bright light sources at specific angles.  This anomaly was definitely not dust.

While Barry Conrad was shooting with one of his cameras into Abdi’s bedroom, a large, bright, red luminous anomaly was recorded that, once again was not visible to any of us.  And still, the sense of overpressure lingered.  Then, as suddenly as it began, the events ceased. Once again, things unfortunately returned to normal.

The hour was late and we decided to call it an evening, but not before thanking Abdi for his hospitality and asking him to keep a journal or log of events as best he could in the hope of discerning a pattern to the phenomena transpiring in his home.

As I was packing up our Pelican instrument case, I noticed what appeared to be an unusual marking on the bottom of it.  Upon examination, it looked as if someone, or some thing, had carved a bizarre shape into the case.

Closer scrutiny of the carving depicted a large, backwards “R” (a lazy “R”?), as in Regina!  What?  There definitely was not any such physical damage of the case when we arrived at Abdi’s, but there was when we were about to depart.  Hmm.

If the carving didn’t appear as a backwards “R”, that in itself would still be very interesting, especially as these Pelican cases are very strong and durable, not prone to being easily damaged.

The only other time this case was damaged was in 2005 when something very sharp tore into the middle and backward underside of the case while on another investigation.  Those marks were very distinctive and looked as if a wild animal had torn into the case’s belly, which was all the while resting upon a soft sofa top where that type of damage could not have occurred.

Maybe what the Hollymont location requires to bring it back up to the frequency and magnitude of phenomena it displayed in 1976, is a collection of much younger people (with their concomitant high-energy nervous systems, glandular systems and emotions) attending such an investigation.

When the 6221 Hollymont house was under investigation in 1976, other than Don Jolly, the property’s owner, who was thirty-three (33) at the time, I was perhaps the oldest person present, all of twenty-seven.  This time around, this author was only …well let’s just say a lot older.  You do the math this time, for when I think about the passage of years, it’s somewhat depressing.  I guess time really does fly when having fun?

The real question now is, did Regina’s spirit cause the damage to our instrument which just happens to be in the shape of a backwards “R”?  Many questions, but as yet, no real answers.  Hopefully, we will return again to this fascinating Hollymont home when feasible.

The sad news is that this house is once again up for sale as it’s condition has so deteriorated so severely over the decades from water damage, earthquakes, a sinking foundation, mysterious fires, etc., that it might not be worth restoring at any price.

This brings up the thought that if said property is demolished, will the vacant lot or any new house experience the same types of paranormal events as the current one?

Only time and patience will tell.


The following is a letter emailed to me as I was actually writing this article (but before publishing it) by Kenneth D. Fulwiler concerning this most incredible house.  Talk about synchronicities?

A couple of weeks ago I decided to do a web search for the Hollymont House where I had spent a couple of evenings in the summer after I graduated from High School. My search revealed that the house was up for sale and I happened to notice your comments regarding the house. An involvement with the Hollymont House caused me to attend some of the evening UCLA’s Parapsychology Extension classes in Moore Hall (circa. 1974-1977), which I see you were involved with as well.

My involvement with the Hollymont House started by way of the drummer in our garage band from High School. He had a brother that worked for Don Jolly at the Home Savings in North Hollywood. One day back in the summer of 1974, our drummer mentioned to us that his brother worked for a guy who owned a ‘real’ haunted house in Hollywood. My ears immediately perked up, as I had always been interested in Parapsychology ever since I was very young.

A couple of days later, my friend said we were invited to go out to the house at 6221 Hollymont Drive. I recall it being a Thursday night that my friend, his brother and I were invited to the Hollymont Drive house.

Don Jolly greeted us in the foyer just as the hanging lamp began to swing back and forth. Don said: ‘Oh, that’s the ghost welcoming new-comers’. He told us about the evening he was having a party in which the refrigerator door flew open, a head of cabbage flew out as a chef’s knife came off the wall and came together in front of his house-boy in the kitchen.  Needless to say, he said, the houseboy quit on the spot.  Don showed us the stairway down to the basement and said that all the problems seemed to emanate from ‘down there’. None of us were willing to go down there.

Don Jolly was a very gracious host and invited us to dinner at the Japanese restaurant Yamashiro in the Hollywood hills.  After the wonderful dinner we sat together in the living room and Don told stories of his experiences living in the house.

My friend’s brother recalled that one night he had stayed over in the bedroom upstairs in the west end of the house and as he looked up into the enjoining bathroom and saw a disembodied face staring at him horizontally from around the corner in the bathroom.

I recall while we were sitting around talking we could hear noises of someone moving around elsewhere in the house. Lights would turn on and off on their own. The doorbell would ring with no one there. Telephone would ring with no one was on the line.

At one point we heard noises at the front door, at which time Don opened the front door to find that all the outdoor furniture from the back patio had been piled up at the front door, the wrought-iron gate had been closed and tied shut with a length of rope.

Sometime during that Thursday evening, I believe I stated that my then girl friend would have been interested in what was going on.  Don Jolly then invited us, including my girl friend, back again on that Saturday night.  Upon our arrival that Saturday night, the hanging lamp in the entry again began to move back and forth across the foyer, this time moving back and forth with such force as to almost touch the walls on either side of the foyer. Saturday evening progressed much as it did on that Thursday night. I believe we went to Yamashiro again for dinner.

When we returned from dinner, we could tell that atmosphere in the house was in a highly agitated state. There was much more activity in the second night than in the first.

At one point Don became so concerned with the activity that he went down to his study and called his Bishop for advice, who even come out and blessed the house with Holy Water.

When he was on the phone in his office with the Bishop, I was standing at the end of the hall close to the dining room looking down the hallway that separated the kitchen from the foyer looking down to the opposite end where Don’s study was.

Don was sitting at his desk just to the right of the doorway in his study, talking to the Bishop, when the built-in bookshelf to the left of the doorway launched all its contents of books across the doorway at Don.

A few minutes later after we recovered from that episode,  I was following my girlfriend from the dining room, through the pantry toward the kitchen when suddenly it sounded and felt like all hell broke loose in the house. There was no one upstairs but the stereo at the top of stairs came on full blast and a box of poker chips was thrown from a cupboard upstairs on to the tile floor of the foyer with a horrendous crash. It sounded and felt like the house was coming down around us.

I bent over my girl friend in the pantry to try and protect her from whatever was happening as I could feel this pressure coming down on top of us. It must have lasted for ten seconds or so.  Don was getting so nervous at that point that he suggested we all leave the house and let it settle down.  I did not disagree with that thought, as I was happy to leave the Hollymont house at that moment.

My girlfriend has stated that she felt her presence was the cause of the agitation that night, because she was a Catholic that had studied witchcraft at one time.  I never felt like I was a target or had anything directed toward me. I cannot say I  really felt frightened at any point, but I do remember the uneasy feeling of not knowing which way to look; that feeling of not knowing what was going on behind you, even though you know no one is there.

I respect you for your bravery in the amount of time you have spent in the Holly Mont House.

I was contacted and interviewed in the late 70’s by National Enquirer, but they did not use any of my commentary in their resulting article. Around that time period I heard that Don Jolly was selling the house, a female real estate agent who was down in the basement was leaning against a wall, which caved in to reveal a tunnel leading to the opposing house to the east.  In the tunnel I heard that they found a tombstone. Do you know anything about that? Also, is Don Jolly still around? I remember him as being a very nice, generous, humorous and gregarious man.

Kenneth D. Fulwiler, August 27, 2013

Zone of Silence




“Beings descended from the sky in flying vessels…”

Mayan Chilam Balaam.

Much like its fabled ocean counterpart, the Zone of Silence encompasses three geographical areas forming a sort of triangle with the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango in Mexico.   A world away from the mythic waters of the Bermuda triangle; in fact the Zone is mostly desert.  Still, once upon a very long time ago these areas werent so different.  The zone was a thriving sea known as the Sea of Thetys.  Today as it did then, the Zone sits north of the Tropic of Cancer and south of the 30th parallel, latitude it shares with the Bermuda Triangle and the Pyramids of Egypt.

Geographic Zone of Silence mystery map
Geographic Zone of Silence mystery map

UFO activity abounds in the Zone, and both this place and the Bermuda Triangle share similar geomagnetic disturbances.  Compasses go haywire, and deep in the Zone, cars stall.  Planes avoid flying over this area.  Radio waves, short wave, microwaves and satellite signals will not penetrate certain areas; which is how  and why the Zone received its name.

In fact, all navigational instruments malfunction, resulting in the only town within the Zone, Ceballos, having no television.  Giant UFOs, strange humanoids, mutated cacti, deformed animal life, and strange stone structures, are all part of the lore associated with the Zone.

This area of Mexico lies close to the United States border that in 1970 resulted in a rather embarrassing situation for the United States.  July 2nd to be precise is when panic set in at White Sands Missile Base.  During a missile test, an Athena missile veered of course and headed straight for Mexico and crashed within the Zone, 400 miles away.  The missile was carrying two small containers of Cobalt 57, which is radioactive.  This fact added tension to a situation that White Sands was trying to keep quiet.  No explanation was ever found or given for the malfunction.

Falling celestial objects, man made and otherwise, are a common sight in the Zone, pointing perhaps to a geophysical anomaly beneath this area.  Scientists have estimated that meteorites strike the Zone every three minutes. The zone is also famous for its red and purple cacti and trees.  These unusual colored plants grow next to regular green or brown cacti.  If taken from the Zone, the cactus returns to a more normal green or brown.

Tortoises in the Zone display pyramid shape segments on their shells while tortoises in the rest of the world display hexagonal shapes.  These tortoises also have no tail.  Centipedes in the area are enormous at over a foot in length with purple heads and tails.  Albino, red eyed lizards and snakes are common, and insects grow to two to three times their normal size.  All strange, but these are not the real mystery of the Zone; but they are markers to something much more mysterious.

UFOs are a global phenomenon, with certain areas containing a higher concentration of sightings that others.  Very few places in the world compares to Mexico for the frequency of sightings.  What further differentiates the Zone of Silence from other areas are the presence of strange humanoids encountered in the middle of the desert, and the gigantic size attributed to local UFOs.

Perhaps, one of the most spectacular sightings on record occurred over Ceballos one evening in September 1976 (Uriarte, 2012).  Over a dozen locals stood outside on main street looking at a triangular objects that was estimated to be over 800 feet, flashing blue, white and green lights.

A year or so before this sighting, a married couple who were in the zone on a amateur rock and fossil collecting trip, found their vehicle stuck in the mud when a severe storm hit the area.   Ernesto and Josefina Diaz were stranded with the fear of a flash flood in the back of their minds.  Help was the last thing they expected in such a desolate place.

So it was with some surprise when two very tall individuals in yellow raincoats came out of nowhere and offered to help.  They told Ernesto and Josefina to get inside the car, and that they would help them get back on their way.  Which is exactly what they did; their car was suddenly out of the mud and on firmer ground.  Ernesto got out of the car to thank the two men, but they were gone.  There was no sign of them, no sign of any vehicle and no tracks (Corrales).

Other ranchers and locals within the Zone occasionally report of strangers that a very tall and blond.  Sometimes these strange individuals are seen on the side of the road deep in the desert with no vehicle in sight.  To further compound the mysterious aspect of the Zone; there are also ancient ruins in the desert.  Archeologists think that these are thousands of years old.  The architects are unknown, but like Stonehenge, these ruins are thought to have been built for astronomical purposes.

So, like pyramids in the Egyptian desert and in the jungles of central and South America, like Stonehenge in Wiltshire; ruins in the Zone of Silence are about the skies.  But, we were told this, perhaps even warned.  The Mayan Popol Vuh tell us that, Men came from the skies, knowing everything, and they examined the four corners of the sky and the Earths round surface.













One aspect of the Chupacabra that has always intrigued me is the reported spine like appendage on it’s back.  It has been described as fleshy spikes that have the ability to rise up and change color when the animal is agitated.

Recently an old story reemerged on the Internet about an unusual incident involving the United State military in the African Congo.  I myself first heard about it about ten years ago as I was researching modern bipedal Hominids in central Africa; but this being an unverifiable story, I filed it away in the back of mind in case I would one day have a chance to revisit it.

Philippe Coudray, a French cryptozoologist and author; first told the story and it as it concerns a group of American Navy Seals in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s.

The supposed “ deep throat” (X-Files reference here) in this story is one of the Seals who wishes to remain anonymous.  He claims that his unit came upon, quite by accident; a group of animals they initially thought were normal chimps.  They counted thirteen animals that were in the process of killing another unidentified animal, presumably for food.  The “chimps” were close to five feet in height and grey.  What caught the unit’s attention were the spikes that ran down the length of the spine; similar to a porcupine, is how he described it.  He also added that the spikes stood up at times when the “chimps” became excited.  They filmed the entire episode. The film according to the Seal is three minutes long and classified.


The modern Chupacabra era began in the early 1990’s on the island of Puerto Rico, when numerous animals, mostly goats at first, were found mutilated and exsanguinated.  Then, reports started coming in about a strange animal and strange tracks at the sites of the killings.  Panic and speculation evolved, and the inevitable link to the UFO phenomenon began.

But, this is not a quixotic relationship; Puerto Rico has one of the highest concentrations of UFO sightings in the world.  UFOs have routinely been seen at the location of Chupacabra sightings, or at the site of animal mutilations reportedly engineered by the Chupacabra.  A similar phenomenon occurs in the United States during cattle mutilations, where UFOs have been seen on site before or after a mutilation event.  Furthermore, some basic morphological similarities do exist between descriptions of the Chupacabra and the creatures reported in Varginha, Brazil in 1996.  The UFO link is inescapable.

As the 1990’s came to an end, the Chupacabra extended its territory outside of Puerto Rico. Sighting occurred in the United States, in Central and South America, and even in Russia.  This fact brings up a peculiar point.  Whatever this specie turns out to be, it has no clear set geographical boundaries, which is somewhat unusual if we were dealing with a regular member of the animal kingdom. To further compound the mystery and reinforce the UFO link, Chupacabras as described by witnesses cannot be placed within a zoological taxonomy that we are aware off; either from a current specie or one known from the fossil record.

We do have is a fairly detailed description of the Chupacabra.  The creature is between three to five feet in height, has big black and reddish eyes.  The top of the head is round; the mouth has fang-like definition, and an appendage  (tongue?) that can project.  The creature is also equipped with spinal fins and wings, even though the latter aren’t always reported.  Footprints show three toes with three long claws.  It is apparently covered with short hair that has been reported as anything from brown, gray, orange, yellow and blue.  The majority of eyewitnesses usually describe the beast as either ape like or dog like.

Back on Puerto Rico, over a thousand dead animals, including sheep, dogs, turkeys, rabbits, chickens, cattle, cats, horses and of course goats have been attributed to the Chupacabra.  Unfortunately, it got to a point where every animal death was rumored to be Chupacabra related; but in the deep end of paranoia, rumors and exaggerations, the pattern for a Chupacabra kill emerged.

Mutilated animals with puncture holes are typically found on the animal’s neck and abdomen.  The deceased often exsanguinated, drained of blood.  Some animals have been further mutilated where internal organs have been ripped out.  Rabbits especially seem to bring out the worse in the Chupacabra, as it will go through the trouble of absolutely destroying the cages holding the rabbits in order to mutilate Thumper.  However, rabbit cages aren’t the only structures destroyed by the Chupacabra.  It has been known to tear through barbed wire and iron gates to get to its intended prey.  The strength of the creature is quite remarkable.

In the beginning, only animals were victimized, but eventually people were attacked as well and the creature was being seen more frequently around human habitations.

In a small village in Mexico, a woman claimed that a Chupacabra clawed her, and a man from another village said that he also was attacked.  He displayed two punctured marks on his right arm.  But, before you think that the Chupacabra just doesn’t like Mexicans, a Puerto Rican man in December of 1995 claimed that he was attacked from behind and showed cuts on his abdomen.  He described the creature as gorilla like.  These incidents, if accurately reported, are fairly uncommon, and for the most part the creature doesn’t seem to have it in for man.  Instances like these are very rare and no one has been seriously hurt, as far as I’m aware.


The Chupacabra is an amalgam of traits, seemingly belonging to several different species; the wings, the ape like or dog life face, the ability to change colors, among others.  Analyses of several Chupacabra victims indicate that the internal organs in many cases were liquefied.  We know that Chupacabra victims have been found with one or two puncture wounds, usually around the neck area.  This leads to the possibility that the Chupacabra injects the victim with some kind of liquefying agent.  That would suggest that they then ingest the liquefied insides for nourishment.

Spiders feed this way as they inject digestive enzymes through their fangs in order to feed on the liquefied remains.  This is not to suggest that Chupacabras have any relationship to spiders, but to point out that this is possible in the animal kingdom.  Carnivorous plants also utilize external digestive enzyme to break down their captures prey.  Most animals, including humans use digestive enzymes internally.

As far as Chupacabras are concerned, this ability could be of prime importance in identifying these creatures.  If we could get a sample of the liquefied remains of a Chupacabra attack, it could be analyzed and compared to known digestive enzymes; giving us a clue as to the zoological nature of the beast.  If these creatures turn out to be genetic experimentation and more specifically hybrids; in theory then, digestive enzymes from any species on the planet, and perhaps off it, could have been introduced.  This includes plant digestive enzymes.

So, we know the Chupacabra doesn’t like goats and rabbits.  In addition it isn’t particularly fond of teddy bears either. In a rather idiotic episode, a less than brilliant Chupacabra in Caguas city, Puerto Rico tore the window of a bedroom open and savagely attacked a teddy bear.  Episodes like the later have prompted the police in both Puerto Rico and Mexico to take action.

In fact, in December of 1995, a police officer in Puerto Rico managed to shoot at one of the creatures.  He failed in killing it, but blood samples were obtained.  The blood was analyzed first by a veterinarian and then by a laboratory in the United States.  The veterinarian’s report stated that the blood contains high levels of protein and acids, with traces of chlorophyll. The laboratory analysis revealed that the blood was similar to human type A but not compatible with human blood or any other animal.  We do have to allow the possibility of contamination for the sample, but nonetheless brings up some intriguing speculation in the world of hybridization.










USO’s: Unidentified Submersible Objects


Alex Mistretta



The Russians were known to possess a rather extensive fleet of submarines, and there were rumors that some were near the Pacific coast.  This made the U.S Navy very nervous in 1958.   With that in mind, 11 destroyers were sent out 50 miles off shore from San Francisco where Navy pilots had spotted a mysterious object in the water.   Nothing was found, but in this time of increased vigilance, mysterious underwater objects began to be tracked by the navies of the world.  The Americans were blaming the Soviets, and the Soviet, were blaming the Americans.  Other nations were blaming whoever had a different ideology; but the truth was that everybody knew that something else was responsible.

For two weeks in 1960, the Argentine Navy helped by the United States Navy track an underwater object in the Golfo Nuevo off the Patagonian coast.  Two objects were eventually tracked with the first staying submerged and out running the surface ships.  Explosives were dropped to no affect.  Quickly becoming an international incident, the rest of the world denied having anything to do with the incident.  Especially concerned were the Soviets, whom had tracked mysterious underwater objects in their waters as well.

Rumors once again of secret Nazi submarines and a surviving Nazi presence in South America to Antarctica began to surface.  Yes, many Nazis had escaped to South America and especially Argentina, but at the end of the World War II, the Nazis were broke.  Like everything else, it all comes down to economics.  Despite the amount of Nazi gold that made its way to undisclosed banks worldwide, it was unlikely that they were responsible for these objects that were so advanced, so fast, and capable of flying in and out of the water.  No, something else was and is, responsible.


A few years later, well into that turbulent decade, yet another strange underwater object made an appearance in the southern hemisphere.  Not off the South American continent this time, but at a more dramatic location; Admiralty Bay, Antarctica.  Brazilian scientist, Dr Rubens J.Villela, was standing on the deck of an icebreaker when a large object described as a silvery bullet broke through the ice and disappeared into the sky.  The force was such that large blocks of ice were thrown up into the air.  The object apparently went through 37 feet of ice (Sanderson, 1970).

Taking into account the small percentage of individuals that frequent Antarctica, we wouldn’t expect a high concentration of UFO sightings emanating from this continent, but the sightings exist.  In 1965, Argentine and British sailors witnessed a UFO on Deception Island, and in 1971 the crew of an icebreaker reported a UFO once again in Admiralty Bay.  In 1983, meteorologists filed a UFO report from Prydy Bay, and 10 years later, Cape Hallett, became the location of a sighting.

Antarctica became quiet for a few years, but there appears to be a resurgence in sightings within the last decade.  For whatever reason, the southern hemisphere and more precisely South America, is known to be an intense UFO hot spot.   Whether there is a link between UFOs on the South American continent and the frozen waters of Antarctica remains to be seen.  But back on Antarctica, sighting reports suggest that UFOs are heading or coming from the area of Inaccessibility, which is the most remote area of Antarctica as measured by the distance from the Southern ocean.  There shouldn’t be anybody there.

There is a great deal of nonsense associated with mysteries in Antarctica as well, especially about entrance to inner worlds at the poles and secret Nazi expeditions to the area.  These stories do very little for increasing ufology’s credibility, but I must admit have always held my attention.  There’s always a signal in the noise, no matter how faint.  Finding a signal among disinformative noise, well that’s the key.

Following this line of thought, the story of Admiral Byrd that is so linked to UFOs and Antarctica, is problematic.  Yet, there are some aspects of the story that are intriguing.  Admiral Byrd was a well-known explorer in the early years of the 1900’s, when explorers were still heroes.  He had become famous for flying over both poles, and for his ground expeditions into Antarctica.  In 1929, with a grant from Ford and Rockefeller, Byrd took off towards Antarctica.  He set up camp and organized flights over the continent, and this is where it gets weird.

Author F.A Giannim wrote a book about Antarctica and Byrd’s exploits. In it, he mentions a newsreel shown in the United States that was shot from Byrd’s plane.  It was labeled “Land Beyond the Poles”, which showed mountains, rivers and wildlife.  Quite a few people have mentioned throughout the years that they remember the newsreel, which today cannot be located.   Curiously, Byrd’s log and diary are unobtainable and resides with the US Naval Intelligence.


Let’s get one thing straight, the number of disappearances over the Bermuda Triangle, isn’t particularly alarming; especially for ships.  On average, four planes and around 20 yachts disappear each year (Quazar, 2004).  Whether that constitutes an unusual amount or not is debatable.

Due to the Bermuda triangle’s reputation, more focus is put upon that part of the world than any other when it comes to ocean disappearances and accidents.  All the worlds oceans, seas, and in some instances lakes, have a great number of accidents, many unexplained.  Typhoons, freak waves, pirates, storms are a fact of life in the open water.  The Triangle, meaning from Florida to Bermuda to Puerto Rico lives partly upon its reputation.  The waters within the Triangle are often rough, and the weather can change most rapidly.  Even Charles Berlitz, in his classic book, took some liberties with some of the accounts; the weather in some of the classic disappearances was at times severe.  The later is a fact often neglected by researchers.

All that been said, there is still something very unusual in the Bermuda triangle, if not malignant.  But, it’s not the number of disappearances that is unusual or alarming, but it is the way they occur.  May 1999, an Aero Commander on its way to Nassau, disappeared from radar for thirty minutes, with the pilot seemingly unaware of anything peculiar.  Shortly after the plane reappeared on radar, it vanished once again, and this time for good.

In September of 1971, a military F-4 Phantom II fighter called Sting 27 vanished.  Immediately, another Phantom II fighter, Sting 29 was scrambled to the area where Sting 27 dropped off radar.  The pilot of Sting 29 reported a disturbance in the water and an oblong object over 100 feet in length.  No further details were given.  The official report mentioned a ‘”suspected point of impact”; that was all.

Planes have disappeared above land, between radarscopes (which is less than a minute), on approach, and in shallow water less than 10 feet deep.  Some of the most chilling data comes from conversations with pilots before vanishing.  Pilots mention a problem, that they are disorientated, cannot tell where the sky and the water meet, instrumentation malfunctions, along with the appearance of a strange fog.   Some pilots have also mentioned strange objects or aircraft in the air, which fail to appear on radar.  Pilots, fearful of a mid-air collision, would change course; but the objects always adjusted their course accordingly.  More alarming, they would position themselves in front of the planes, causing the less experienced pilots to panic.  Then, radio silence.

There appears to be no discernible pattern as to what type of plane or ship are more likely to experience an anomalous event over the Triangle.  From small Cessna’s to DC 3’s, DC 4’s, B-52 bombers and large tankers, have all vanished from the sea.  Boats have been found, derelicts, in perfect working conditions, but with the entire crew missing.

A remarkable, but not isolated account occurred in 1966 to a large 160-foot tug, captained by a very experienced Don Henry.  The tug and its crew where on their way to Florida, three days from Puerto Rico.  It was in the middle of the day, and the weather was good.  No reason to be concern, until the compass started spinning wildly and the radio went silent.  The crew ‘s uneasiness was compounded by the fact that suddenly there was no horizon.  Everything was grayish white.

Worried about the barge they were tugging, Captain Henry looked back to make sure it was still being tugged.  The line told Captain Henry that the barge was still there, but he couldn’t see it.  It was enveloped in a strange fog.  Captain Henry made the decision to speed up and try to escape whatever was enveloping his tug, but something was pulling it back.  A few minutes later, the resistance all but vanished, the fog disappeared, the horizon reappeared, and the tug was back on its way.  There was no damage.  The only remaining effect was that the barge was unusually warm to the touch.

Radar can also behave strangely out in the Triangle, showing large object or land- masses in the middle of the ocean.  Investigations by the Coast Guard never find anything, and the signal eventually fades away.

The number of UFO sightings over the water’s of the Triangle as well as USOs (unidentified submerged objects) below has been a constant since the time of Columbus.  The early sailors and explorers called the underwater disturbances “wheels of light”.  UFO’s have been seen from ships, from shore and from experienced pilots, with a specific concentration near and on Puerto Rico.  As a note of interest, an area off the coast of Japan called the Dragon’s Triangle has experienced similar phenomena to the Bermuda Triangle, UFOs and all.


If you want to spend half the night on the internet, Google Lake Titicaca, UFOs;, because it will take you at least that long to sort out all the web sites, photos and videos on the subject.  On many of them, there is questionable data from individuals that may or may not get out much.  Still, the point being that this area of the world gets an unusual amount of sightings as well.  Of primary interest here are the underwater lights that are reported underneath Lake Titicaca; and once again the display of strange flying objects entering and exited the lake by flight.  As is the case near Bermuda and in Puerto Rico, rumors and talk of underwater UFO bases run rampant on the Internet and at UFO conferences.  This of course, pure speculation as no one has ever found a UFO base.

What is not speculation are the objects that appear to show a particular interest in this area.  Perhaps it is because Lake Titicaca fills out two important criteria when it comes to the probability of a location becoming a UFO hot spot; deep waters and ancient sites.

Lake Titicaca, bordering Peru and Bolivia sits at an altitude of 12,507 ft and is the largest lake in South America.  More importantly in regard to this discussion, lake Titicaca also borders the ancient Inca sites of Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku.  It is also where the Inca’s deity Viracocha first made his appearance.  Viracocha, is the Inca version of Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl, and was said to have brought civilization to the world.  The path walked by Viracocha is called the Sacred Valley and starts at Lake Titicaca, goes through Cuzco, Ollantaytambo,  and Macchu Pichu.  It ends in the Pacific Ocean where it is said Viracocha disappeared.  One of the legends associated with Viracocha is that upon his travels near the province of Cocha, locals threw stones at him.  Viracocha knelt and looked to the sky, and a great fire emerged from the sky and burned the landscape and stones.








Cattle Mutilations





It all started in 1967 with a mare named Snippy, (not her real name). Her real name was Lady, but the press had confused her with the owners of another horse and the name stuck.  Snippy was found one morning lying in her tracks, as if something had circled her before she died.  It was strange, in that all the meat from her head to her neck was gone, but there wasn’t a single trace of blood on the ground. A subtle smell hung in the air, not unlike that of embalming fluid.  It was muddy, yet there were no other prints or markings of any kind anywhere near Snippy.

Not far from the horse, a green paste was found.  Nellie Lewis, one of the owners, touched the paste with her fingers and felt a burn that continued for half an hour. The next day she felt ill.  Nellie and Berle Lewis, who lived on the ranch, had seen strange lights in the skies in the nights preceding Snippy’s demise, and from that point on, for better or worse, UFOs and cattle mutilations would be forever linked.

Interviewed in 1993, Berle Lewis shed more light on the mutilation. He mentioned that the bones were completely white, almost bleached with absolutely no meat left on them. The cut was perfectly smooth and he didn’t think that the smell was embalming fluid, but definitely medicine like.

The strangest part of the story was the missing brain, because there were no visible openings anywhere on the skull. This was a pattern that would reoccur mostly on cattle, throughout the following decades.  Investigated by both state police and the FBI, yet not a single suspect was ever brought forward.


Horse mutilations are rare, cattle are usually the main victims, and by the mid-1970’s, the mutilation wave was in full force. In the early reports only UFOs were reported in areas associated with cattle mutilations.  In time, however, a new phenomenon would emerge; the black helicopters.

The San Luis valley, which straddles Northern Colorado and Southern New Mexico, was and is, the epicenter for this phenomenon.  The helicopters are always unmarked jet black or dark green, with tinted windows, and local authorities have been unable to ascertain their origin.  All that we truly know is that they often appear following a UFO sighting, or just before or after a mutilation.  In some cases they appear to be directly involved.

In the 1970’s, two loggers witnessed a black helicopter in the middle of the highway next to a dead bull or cow. Around the same time period, another eyewitness claimed to have seen a black helicopter with a cow attached and hanging underneath. Both of those reports together may suggest that these helicopters are transporting cattle for some reason, but does not necessarily link the two with the mutilations. Furthermore, the weight versus lift capability of these helicopters is obviously a point to consider.  Adult bulls can weight up to 3000 pounds.

With all that said, an interest by these helicopters and pilots with the mutilation phenomenon is undeniable.  One New Mexico rancher by the name of Eli Hronich lost 15 head of cattle in 18 months to the mutilators.  Hronich also had a Black Helicopter hover right above his head as he was inspecting one of his mutilated cows. Hronich also experienced burning that lasted for a week in his fingers after he inspected yet another animal, this time a steer.

Sheriff Ernest Sandoval was one of the principle investigators at that time in the San Luis Valley.  Sandoval felt confident that the helicopters were coming from across the Rio Grande, from a supposed deserted area.  He stated publicly on several occasion that the helicopters perpetrated some of the mutilations, and as a result he instructed his deputies to shoot at them if they could, which they did.  Admittedly, he has no explanations for some of the earlier mutilations, before the appearance of the helicopters, and no explanation for the strange lights that certainly aren’t helicopters.


A number of copycat mutilations have certainly occurred, fueling speculation that cults and devil worshippers were responsible, anything to stir the conversation away from UFOs.

In America, belief in the devil is always more comfortable and socially acceptable than the belief in anything UFO or alien related.  But in these copycat cases, blood is everywhere. Which I suppose is kind of the point.  Furthermore, footprints are always left behind and a knife had obviously been used, essentially a sloppy crime scene.

In bona fide mutes (as they are called in the business) there are no footprints, no tire marks, no blood in the immediate surroundings, and the animals often exsanguinated.

Exsanguinated does not mean that the animals are completely drained of blood. This is a misconception that is all too often propagated in the UFO community.  Exsanguinated means sufficient blood loss in order to cause the death of an organism.

In mutilation cases, the blood loss is considerable; and yes there are cases where the cattle are entirely devoid of blood. However, one has to keep in mind though that in dead carcasses the blood pools to the bottom of the animal, and subsequently can seep into the ground ergo, given the impression that the blood has mysteriously vanished.

What is harder to explain is the cooked hemoglobin found on the mutes?  Hemoglobin is a protein found inside red blood cells, and in this case would require a considerable source of heat to “cook” it.

Further analysis has indicated that incisions have been made with a high source of heat, such as a surgical laser. This source apparently is used to remove flesh, all reproductive organs, the rectum, ears, tongue and various internal organs.  Furthermore, some of the cuts appeared to have been made post mortem, which could also explain the lack of blood on site.

There are also instances of broken bones, and broken tree branches, indicating that the animals have been dropped from considerable height.  In some male specimens lying on their side, the bottom horn has been found embedded deeply into the ground.

This further fuels the debate between the pro-UFO camp and the pro- Black Helicopter camp, but engaging in that argument is missing the point.  The real revelation here is the indication that the mutilations are been conducted somewhere else.  This explains the lack of evidence at the location where the mutes are found, including the absence of any prints even in snow or in mud.

Logan County, Nebraska, lost over 60 head of cattle to mutilations in a year and half time period in the mid 1970’s.  Sheriff Harry Graves investigated the majority of these cases and was perplexed when he couldn’t find signs of predation.  None of the usual signs, such as bite marks and prints were present.  Graves also found three circular indentations in the ground next to one of the mutes.

The indentations were 2.4 inches deep and 5.9 inches in circumference.  This would not be the last time that these three circular indentations would be found next to a mutilation.  So far, no one has been able to determine the object responsible.  It has been speculated that these were the markings from a laser that was used in the field to cut open the animals.  This is somewhat unlikely, especially in the 1970’s, as small, portable lasers did not yet exist, and the ones in labs were enormous machines.  If lasers were indeed used by an earthly source on these animals, it would have been much easier to bring the animal to the source.


In 2002 the sequencing of the genome of the cow begin. It included hundreds of scientists, from 24 countries, all under the direction of the Bovine Sequencing and Analysis Consortium, and the Bovine HapMap Consortium. Fifty million dollars and six years later, the entire cow genome was sequenced and some surprises were in store.

For one thing it was discovered that cattle have more in common with humans than the usual test subjects of rats and mice.  Cows share about 80% of their genes with humans, and cow proteins are more similar to human protein than rats and mice (Tellam, 2009). It was also discovered that cows have a superior ability to resist diseases. In other words, on studies pertaining to diseases and environmental factors that lead to diseases, cows make much better tests subjects that mice and rats which are what all universities and research projects use.

One interesting aspect related to the cattle mutilation, at least in the United States, is that a great number of mutilated cattle are from areas that were once home to nuclear tests.  This just might be a coincidence.  Obviously, they needed open land with a lot of room to conduct nuclear tests, and ranchers need land with a lot of room for their cattle.  So perhaps, that is where the relationship lies, but the correlation is intriguing.

Still, there appears to be in increase in UFO activity in the United States since the birth of the nuclear age, followed shortly by the cattle mutilation phenomenon.  There is no doubt humans are involved with the mutilations in some capacity, hence the presence of unmarked Black Helicopters near mutilations sites.  There is also no doubt that there is a UFO presence around cattle mutilations, and some of the mutilations themselves point to a superior technology.  Whichever the case, this is clearly in my opinion an environmental study, and a study on the effect on the human population. The question is, what happens when the study is completed?

ADDENDUM (by Dr. Barry E. Taff)

For a very interesting and provocative entertainment take on the cattle mutilation mystery, check out the movie; Endangered Species, (MGM. 1982) starring Robert Urich and Jo Beth Williams (of Poltergeist movie fame).