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Cattle Mutilations

Cattle Mutilations





It all started in 1967 with a mare named Snippy, (not her real name). Her real name was Lady, but the press had confused her with the owners of another horse and the name stuck.  Snippy was found one morning lying in her tracks, as if something had circled her before she died.  It was strange, in that all the meat from her head to her neck was gone, but there wasn’t a single trace of blood on the ground. A subtle smell hung in the air, not unlike that of embalming fluid.  It was muddy, yet there were no other prints or markings of any kind anywhere near Snippy.

Not far from the horse, a green paste was found.  Nellie Lewis, one of the owners, touched the paste with her fingers and felt a burn that continued for half an hour. The next day she felt ill.  Nellie and Berle Lewis, who lived on the ranch, had seen strange lights in the skies in the nights preceding Snippy’s demise, and from that point on, for better or worse, UFOs and cattle mutilations would be forever linked.

Interviewed in 1993, Berle Lewis shed more light on the mutilation. He mentioned that the bones were completely white, almost bleached with absolutely no meat left on them. The cut was perfectly smooth and he didn’t think that the smell was embalming fluid, but definitely medicine like.

The strangest part of the story was the missing brain, because there were no visible openings anywhere on the skull. This was a pattern that would reoccur mostly on cattle, throughout the following decades.  Investigated by both state police and the FBI, yet not a single suspect was ever brought forward.


Horse mutilations are rare, cattle are usually the main victims, and by the mid-1970’s, the mutilation wave was in full force. In the early reports only UFOs were reported in areas associated with cattle mutilations.  In time, however, a new phenomenon would emerge; the black helicopters.

The San Luis valley, which straddles Northern Colorado and Southern New Mexico, was and is, the epicenter for this phenomenon.  The helicopters are always unmarked jet black or dark green, with tinted windows, and local authorities have been unable to ascertain their origin.  All that we truly know is that they often appear following a UFO sighting, or just before or after a mutilation.  In some cases they appear to be directly involved.

In the 1970’s, two loggers witnessed a black helicopter in the middle of the highway next to a dead bull or cow. Around the same time period, another eyewitness claimed to have seen a black helicopter with a cow attached and hanging underneath. Both of those reports together may suggest that these helicopters are transporting cattle for some reason, but does not necessarily link the two with the mutilations. Furthermore, the weight versus lift capability of these helicopters is obviously a point to consider.  Adult bulls can weight up to 3000 pounds.

With all that said, an interest by these helicopters and pilots with the mutilation phenomenon is undeniable.  One New Mexico rancher by the name of Eli Hronich lost 15 head of cattle in 18 months to the mutilators.  Hronich also had a Black Helicopter hover right above his head as he was inspecting one of his mutilated cows. Hronich also experienced burning that lasted for a week in his fingers after he inspected yet another animal, this time a steer.

Sheriff Ernest Sandoval was one of the principle investigators at that time in the San Luis Valley.  Sandoval felt confident that the helicopters were coming from across the Rio Grande, from a supposed deserted area.  He stated publicly on several occasion that the helicopters perpetrated some of the mutilations, and as a result he instructed his deputies to shoot at them if they could, which they did.  Admittedly, he has no explanations for some of the earlier mutilations, before the appearance of the helicopters, and no explanation for the strange lights that certainly aren’t helicopters.


A number of copycat mutilations have certainly occurred, fueling speculation that cults and devil worshippers were responsible, anything to stir the conversation away from UFOs.

In America, belief in the devil is always more comfortable and socially acceptable than the belief in anything UFO or alien related.  But in these copycat cases, blood is everywhere. Which I suppose is kind of the point.  Furthermore, footprints are always left behind and a knife had obviously been used, essentially a sloppy crime scene.

In bona fide mutes (as they are called in the business) there are no footprints, no tire marks, no blood in the immediate surroundings, and the animals often exsanguinated.

Exsanguinated does not mean that the animals are completely drained of blood. This is a misconception that is all too often propagated in the UFO community.  Exsanguinated means sufficient blood loss in order to cause the death of an organism.

In mutilation cases, the blood loss is considerable; and yes there are cases where the cattle are entirely devoid of blood. However, one has to keep in mind though that in dead carcasses the blood pools to the bottom of the animal, and subsequently can seep into the ground ergo, given the impression that the blood has mysteriously vanished.

What is harder to explain is the cooked hemoglobin found on the mutes?  Hemoglobin is a protein found inside red blood cells, and in this case would require a considerable source of heat to “cook” it.

Further analysis has indicated that incisions have been made with a high source of heat, such as a surgical laser. This source apparently is used to remove flesh, all reproductive organs, the rectum, ears, tongue and various internal organs.  Furthermore, some of the cuts appeared to have been made post mortem, which could also explain the lack of blood on site.

There are also instances of broken bones, and broken tree branches, indicating that the animals have been dropped from considerable height.  In some male specimens lying on their side, the bottom horn has been found embedded deeply into the ground.

This further fuels the debate between the pro-UFO camp and the pro- Black Helicopter camp, but engaging in that argument is missing the point.  The real revelation here is the indication that the mutilations are been conducted somewhere else.  This explains the lack of evidence at the location where the mutes are found, including the absence of any prints even in snow or in mud.

Logan County, Nebraska, lost over 60 head of cattle to mutilations in a year and half time period in the mid 1970’s.  Sheriff Harry Graves investigated the majority of these cases and was perplexed when he couldn’t find signs of predation.  None of the usual signs, such as bite marks and prints were present.  Graves also found three circular indentations in the ground next to one of the mutes.

The indentations were 2.4 inches deep and 5.9 inches in circumference.  This would not be the last time that these three circular indentations would be found next to a mutilation.  So far, no one has been able to determine the object responsible.  It has been speculated that these were the markings from a laser that was used in the field to cut open the animals.  This is somewhat unlikely, especially in the 1970’s, as small, portable lasers did not yet exist, and the ones in labs were enormous machines.  If lasers were indeed used by an earthly source on these animals, it would have been much easier to bring the animal to the source.


In 2002 the sequencing of the genome of the cow begin. It included hundreds of scientists, from 24 countries, all under the direction of the Bovine Sequencing and Analysis Consortium, and the Bovine HapMap Consortium. Fifty million dollars and six years later, the entire cow genome was sequenced and some surprises were in store.

For one thing it was discovered that cattle have more in common with humans than the usual test subjects of rats and mice.  Cows share about 80% of their genes with humans, and cow proteins are more similar to human protein than rats and mice (Tellam, 2009). It was also discovered that cows have a superior ability to resist diseases. In other words, on studies pertaining to diseases and environmental factors that lead to diseases, cows make much better tests subjects that mice and rats which are what all universities and research projects use.

One interesting aspect related to the cattle mutilation, at least in the United States, is that a great number of mutilated cattle are from areas that were once home to nuclear tests.  This just might be a coincidence.  Obviously, they needed open land with a lot of room to conduct nuclear tests, and ranchers need land with a lot of room for their cattle.  So perhaps, that is where the relationship lies, but the correlation is intriguing.

Still, there appears to be in increase in UFO activity in the United States since the birth of the nuclear age, followed shortly by the cattle mutilation phenomenon.  There is no doubt humans are involved with the mutilations in some capacity, hence the presence of unmarked Black Helicopters near mutilations sites.  There is also no doubt that there is a UFO presence around cattle mutilations, and some of the mutilations themselves point to a superior technology.  Whichever the case, this is clearly in my opinion an environmental study, and a study on the effect on the human population. The question is, what happens when the study is completed?

ADDENDUM (by Dr. Barry E. Taff)

For a very interesting and provocative entertainment take on the cattle mutilation mystery, check out the movie; Endangered Species, (MGM. 1982) starring Robert Urich and Jo Beth Williams (of Poltergeist movie fame).

































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Alex Mistretta

 I am more of a werewolf movie guy myself, but Zombies are very in right now.  From the Walking Dead to World War Z, they are at the forefront of public consciousness.  Zombies are something I know a little about as I once conducted an independent study on Zombis while in College.  Not the walking dead mind you, but a phenomenon in rural Haiti where an individual is turned into a Zombi through pharmaceutical means. This is the difference between Zombie and Zombi.

Why is this important to the paranormal field?  Well, it shows that no matter how outlandish a mystery may seem, if looked at from the proper perspective a solution can present itself. Also, it demonstrates how a phenomenon can be perfectly real, just not what we thought it was.  I cannot overstate the importance of these two points when it comes to paranormal, or even cryptozoological studies.


The Albert Schweitzer Hospital In Deschapelles is an American institution in the Artibonite Valley of West Central Haiti Founded in 1956 its doors are still opened today. On the 30th of April 1962 at precisely 9:45 PM a man walked in spitting blood. For the next two days he would suffer hypothermia, paresthesia, cyanosis, hypertension, loss of weight and a difficulty in breathing all from an unknown source.

At 1:15 PM on May 2, Clairvius Narcisse would be declared dead, and in the morning of May 3 Narcisse was buried in his native village of L’Estere Angelina Narcisse was the last person to see her brother alive, as she was present at the hospital when he died Angelina Narcisse would also be the first person to see Clairvius alive eighteen years later.

A regular at the Lester marketplace Angelina was shopping when a man approached her and introducing himself by a nickname they had used as children. The man was Clairvius Narcisse. He would later tell his full story, claiming that he had been made a Zombi because of a land dispute with his brother, when Clairvius had refused to share inherited land.

It is said in Haiti, that the country is one hundred percent catholic and one hundred and ten percent voodoo. Haiti is the land of dichotomy and contradictions. That one hundred and ten percent follows certain protocols set by the Bizango society, the real power in rural Haiti.   A secret society that isn’t particularly that secret Voodoo and the society are not inherently evil, that’s a misconception. Voodoo is a powerful force; but a force in itself is directionless. It is only when applied to a goal that it may become good or evil.

Narcisse’s brother sold him to a Bokor who in turn made him into a Zombi.  A Bokor is a sorcerer in Haiti, and the only one who knows the secret of Zombification. At this point it would be wise to forget all that you know about Zombis from television and the movies. The reality is that the fear is not of Zombis, but the fear is of becoming one.  In rural Haiti, Zombification serves as a punishment, a death penalty if you will, courtesy of the Bizango Society.

Obviously, not all transgressions lead to Zombification. There are various punishments set by the Bizango society, but the more serious offenses can lead to Zombification. These are, material advancement at the expense of others and lack of respect towards fellow Haitians.

Taking another man’s woman, causing harm to one’s family, defaming the Bizango society and cheating in regard to land issues are all considered serious offenses (Davis, 1985).  Clairvius Narcisse had at one time or another committed many of these crimes he had a reputation for being greedy, had refused to share his land with his brother, and had refused to help his family out financially on several occasion.  To add to his growing shaky reputation, he had fathered children with a number of women and had refused to take responsibility, financial or otherwise.

On the Bizango’s ten most wanted for Zombification list, Clairvius Narcisse was at the top of the list. As I alluded to briefly, the official religion of Haiti is Catholicism This is what the outside world sees of Haiti.

On the inside, it is a country run by much older traditions. Voodoo is a religion, and like all religions it serves a dual purpose; a religious one and a political purpose. Zombification and thus the Bizango society, expresses this model quite well. The act of becoming a Zombi is equivalent to the death penalty, and the fear of such a fate is a form of social control.

Narcisse, was aware of being declared dead completely paralyzed and unable to do anything about it He was also aware of being buried and the nail that pierced his skin as it went through the cheap wood of the coffin. The scar still visible 18 years later. He remained in that coffin, buried for 72 hours; and then he was taken out, taken away to work at a plantation.

This is standard protocol, apparently Zombis are used as slave labor as a way to repay society with the production of goods. In Narcisse’s case, he escaped when the plantation’s owner died. The case was investigated by his immediate family, the BBC and head of the Centre de Psychiatrie et Neurologie in Port-au-Prince, lamarque Douyon It was declared a legitimate case of Zombification by all involved.

Narcisse wasn’t the first or last individual case of Zombification; but before Narcisse, it wasn’t taken seriously outside of Haiti I was told personally of a case that took place in the 1960’s where an American while in the military found himself in Haiti visiting a plantation.

The plantation owner had a number of individuals working for him that seemed to be in a strange stupor like state. He called them Zombis.  In fact it wasn’t until Harvard ethnobiologist Wade Davis came back from Haiti with samples of the Zombi powder, that scientists were even aware of the concept of Zombification.

Davis wrote a book entitled “The Serpent and the Rainbow” and in detail explained that Zombis were not the living dead, but rather under the influence of a drug. What remains a mystery is how the inflected remain in that Zombi state for years, and what occurs from a physiological standpoint when they “snap out “ of it. What triggers their release?


Paresthesia (tingling sensation of the skin), cyanosis (oxygen deficiency in the blood leading to a bluish tint to the skin), respiratory failure, uremia (toxins in the blood), vomiting, general weakness, complete paralysis while remaining conscious are all symptoms associated with Zombification.

All these symptoms were experienced by Clairvius Narcisse and others before their deaths. Narcisse also complained that his skin felt like it was on fire. Studies on the Zombi powder indicated that the ingredient responsible for the majority of the conditions listed above is tetrodotoxin, or TTX for short.

The drug tetrodotoxin comes from the following marine species; Crapaud du mer ( Sphoeroides testudineus), the poisson fufu ( Diodon hystrix) , and the bilan (Diodon holacanthus). All three of these are species are puffer-fish.  Tetrodotoxin is found in the intestines, ovaries, testicles, liver, and in the skin of these animals.  Pure tetrodotoxin is 160,000 times more effective in axonal blockage than cocaine.  It is also 1000 times more potent than sodium cyanide. Half a milligram is all that is needed to kill a grown man. Used in proper dosage the drug causes complete neuromuscular paralysis.

Axons relay nerve impulses between the central nervous system and neuromuscular junctions. The relay or inhibition of these impulses depends on the concentration of sodium and potassium ions inside and outside the axon. Most drugs make an axon equally permeable to both, resulting in the inhibition of nerve impulses Tetrodotoxin doesn’t affect the flow of both sodium and potassium, instead it inhibits the flow of sodium alone. The result is complete neuromuscular paralysis.

Case studies of Tetrodotoxin poisoning reveal identical symptoms to the effect of the Zombi powder. These symptoms include nausea, vomiting, paresthesia, hyper-salivation, extreme sweating, weakness, headache, pulmonary edema, cyanosis, dilation of the pupils and hypothermia. Individuals affected by the Zombi powder claim that they remain conscious through out the entire episode.  Again, case studies in tetrodotoxin poisoning confirms this fact. The victims retain complete awareness but otherwise show no signs of life. Tetrodotoxin is topically active meaning that just handling the toxin can induce some of these symptoms.


It was assumed by Davis that and another drug was administered to the Zombi upon “resurrection”. I’ve thought about this at length and discussed it with my professor back in school; and I have to agree. Yet the drug has never been identified There are several reason for this.  For one, there has been a serious lack of interest, and thus funding in regards to the Zombi phenomena.

Even with the successful acquisition of the Zombi powder by Davis; academia still retains a very skeptical view of the phenomena.  It’s association with Voodoo, certainly does not help matters. The only location investigation that I’m aware off within the last twenty years have been from free-lance writers and various film crews. Those were much more interested in Voodoo and the sensational then the pharmacological aspect of Zombification.   Furthermore, none of these later investigations have produced a Zombi.

Tetrad toxin is without doubt responsible for the onset of zombification but in theory the afflicted should come out of its spell once he or she is unburied, or shortly thereafter. Yet Zombis remain in their state for an undetermined amount of time, which can be years or decades. Lore has it that the death of a Zombis master, usually the plantation owner, results in the Zombi regaining. It’s human” faculties More than superstition, this may point to the existence of another drug, a maintenance drug. Once a Zombi’s owner dies, and no one continues to administer the maintenance drug, the afflicted simply snaps out of it.




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Psi and Psychosis: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Psi and Psychosis:  Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid




WARNING:  What you’re about to read may anger, upset and disturb you.  Please understand, this is NOT a sexist, misogynistic, venting rant. These individuals are NOT, and have NOT been patients of mine.  Nor is it based on women I’ve dated over the years.  This is based on forty-four years of field work, meeting and dealing with many thousands of people for many different reasons throughout my life and career, and while this may not be politically correct in today’s dystopian world, this is what the collective evidence strongly indicates, whether you the reader agree with it or not.  Now before you go postal and respond with a scathing, vitriolic response, please read the last several paragraphs of this article that are highlighted in green, blue and read, as they serve as a qualifier and disclaimer. Remember, I’ve been out there in the field for more than four decades, doing scientific, investigatory research and documentation, YOU have not.  This is MY interpretation, analysis and conclusion regarding a serious mental health problem affecting the paranormal, NOT YOURS.

There is one thing I feel absolutely secure in saying after spending the last forty-four years of my life conducting parapsychological research; that the paranormal attracts more emotionally disturbed people than any other area of human interest or endeavor.  The chronic encounters with such psychotic people never seems to end.  The question is why?

Men or women, tall or short, thin or fat, rich or poor, educated or ignorant, beautiful or ugly, they appear to be everywhere,  and growing in numbers.  Perhaps many such troubled individuals enter this field with the hope of resolving their own emotional demons?  Perhaps others are seeking the greater truth that underlies our presence and reality?  And yet perhaps others, enter it because it requires absolutely no formal education whatsoever to explore, unlike any other discipline of science?

Where to begin?  Let’s start with the most current and then travel backwards in time to see if there’s any obvious pattern to this blatant madness that all-too-frequently accompanies an obsession with the paranormal or ufology.

Several weeks ago I was introduced to a middle-aged woman related to my research work.  This introduction was a professional one, not a social one, at least that’s what I assumed.

In our initial conversations, she seemed to be quite pleasant, but there was a disturbing undercurrent associated with speaking to her.   But as this was supposed to be a business contact, I decided to ignore it.  As you’re about to discover, that was a serious error in judgment on my part.

According to Ellen, much of her young life was tortured by alleged demonic entity attachments, where she was unable to sleep well, if at all, for many years.   As she grew older, her delusional sense of reality was reinforced by friends she made who played into her troubled psyche.  She had major problems keeping boyfriends or friends at all, but was unable to understand why.  I am unaware if these delusional episodes of entity attachment were the result of substance abuse, traumatic brain injury, or growing up in a totally dysfunctional family environment with its concomitant abuse and neglect.

From there, she developed a sense that aliens were watching and pursuing her.  What a surprise?  When I asked Ellen why aliens would want to harass her, her reply was that as she was one of the few people on earth who knew what true love was, and that aliens wanted to learn such from her.  Huh?  What?

Then she supposedly learned how to remote view, but every time someone she knew began thinking about her (even though they weren’t even with her at the time), such an act would cause her to get a severe headache.   In fact, not long after we first spoke on the phone, she asked if I was remote viewing her, as she was getting a terrible headache.

As I didn’t even know her, why would I even want to do such a thing, let alone to her?   But she was sure, that someone, somewhere, must be remote viewing her causing her great mental anguish.  Yeah, right?  By this point, she was starting to give me a headache just by her ridiculous statements.  She also kept asking me if I could sense any entity attachment to her.  I almost said yes, and that it was from her own brain, but that would have been far too cruel for such a demented individual.

She claims to have repeatedly moved over the years, running from both entity attachment and alien capture.  I think what she was really running from here was her own chemically imbalanced brain and her inability to cope with life’s various emotionally difficult moments.

Then she tells me that she’s gone out into certain wilderness areas and actually met Bigfoot, where she had mental conversations with him, via what she calls “mind-speak”.  I almost asked her if Bigfoot told her to see a psychiatrist, but I refrained.  When I asked her what forest she was out in when such occurred, she refused to tell me as it was a secret place.   Yes, I know, the forest is really in that vacuous space between her ears.

This then evolves into her asking me if I’m actually a hybrid and she could tell her friends that she now knew one.  My response to her was that I didn’t drive a hybrid.  No, she meant an alien hybrid.  She then tells me that one of her best friends is an alien hybrid and asks whether I could tell her where he’s actually from.  She showed me his photo, wherein he appeared to look like someone who’s a couple fries short of a happy meal.  I almost told her that he’s probably from Uranus, or is that your anus, or is it her anus?  Please, just leave me alone.

But wait, it gets much worst.

She then asks if I can take her boyfriend back in time to undo/change all the negative, emotional imprinting, conditioning and depression he’s

The time machine held by Rod Taylor from “The Time Machine”, (MGM, 1960)

experienced that prevents him from committing to and marrying her.   Sure, it’s called ECT or psychotherapy with medication.  When I told this space cadet that what she asks is impossible, she got very angry with me.  She starts screaming that she knows people who can really do such things and I should come with her to witness such.  Sure they can, and I can fly without a plane.  Now where did I leave my cape and boots?  I then said that I’ve got Clark Kent, Barry Allen, Bruce Wayne and Hal Jordon (Superman, The Flash, Batman and The Green Lantern) at my door, she started really freaking out on me.  When I told her to stop bothering me about such nonsense, her anger grew even worse.

Then she wanted to know if I desire to accompany her to a cave in Greece to meet some aliens.  My response was that why go all the way around the world when all you have to do is drive through certain areas of Los Angeles to find lots of aliens.  She really flipped out on that one.

Superman, from “Superman/Batman Public Enemies”, Warner Bros, 2010

Perhaps the most telling evidence of her troubled psyche was that she wrote a book on how to win the lottery on a regular basis.  She wanted me to read it, write a review of it, and then endorse it.

My immediate question to her was as to how much money she’s actually won by utilizing her methods, assuming it’d be many millions by now.   Ellen admitted that she hadn’t won a dime, as her method takes lots of practice.  As she does not have a job and has all the time in the world to practice what she preaches or writes, I assume that there’s something terribly wrong with her reasoning, judgment and this picture as a whole.  Why would anyone with even half a brain make such absurd, unsupportable claims, when they themselves have never succeeded at such?   That’s simple, they’re insane or they’re a really stupid scam artist.  What she wanted from me was consensual validation and an endorsement, which would never occur, as I do not work with psychotic people.

Without a doubt, Ellen is totally delusional and dissociative, in that she’s living totally within her own demented mind.  The dissociation is so severe, that reality rarely, if ever, intervenes.

Say goodbye Ellen.

Think that Ellen was a little over the edge, here’s someone who almost makes her appear normal.

Earlier this year I met another interesting, middle-age woman through my work, named Brenda.   Brenda claims to be an ascending, celestial goddess

Brenda’s ultimate paranoid threat source?

who was, and still is, an MK-Ultra and Montauk mind control, super-victim.  She incessantly writes and speaks of this, where she belches forth her hyper-kinetic, vergiberating world salads loaded with psycho-babble neologisms.  Her obsessive-compulsiveness on this matter is truly frightening.  She claims to be a medium, a clairvoyant, a professionally trained remote viewer, a witch, and an alien channel (she might want to change that channel?).  However, Brenda neglected the most important self-description of all; that of a blatant, paranoid schizophrenic who used to live in a bus as she was far too disturbed to live among normal human beings in fear that they would soon discover her secret (that her brain had been abducted long ago).

Brenda claims that all of the major rock groups of the 1960’s and 1970’s were actually assets of  the CIA who were systematically controlling and destroying all of our minds with their psychotronically mediated music.  She even goes so far as to claim that when certain musical groups perform or their music is played on radio, it sends out electronic energy to psychotronically harass her both physically and mentally.

If the group was The Doors, did this compel Brenda to run around opening and closing doors?  If it were the Rolling Stones, did she suddenly have the desire to pick up rocks and push them down the road.  If it were the Grass Roots, did she start madly pulling up blades of grass?  Or what if it was Three Dog Night, did she immediately go out and pick up three stray dogs?  If it were the Beatles, I hope she didn’t chase after and capture live beetles?

Brenda openly speaks about how she’s frequently taken out into deep, interstellar space to witness the ongoing battles between the beings of light and the darker, demonic extraterrestrials who want to destroy her, for she knows the truth.

It’s clearly evident that Brenda is a very disturbed woman who is in desperate need of in-patient psychiatric institutionalization with anti-psychotic medication and therapy.  But given the lack of money and facilities dedicated to such emotional disorders these days, she’s totally ignored by the mental health system as she roams around screaming her version of reality to everyone that listens.  She even shows up on various radio and podcasts that are more than happy to disseminate her delusional insanity to an ignorant world.   This is Brenda’s way of getting attention from everyone.

Say goodbye Brenda.

During the summer of 2011, I met a middle-aged woman on an online dating website.  Robin seemed very pleasant on the phone, but I detected a note of hostility in her voice when we asked each other questions.  She appeared to be somewhat defensive regarding almost anything I asked her about, even though we were trying to simply get to know each other a little before meeting,

While having dinner with her several days later, she talked about the fact that she’s not really looking for a relationship as she’ll be leaving soon.  Assuming that she was moving to another city or state, I asked where she was moving to.  Then came the shocker.  She wasn’t moving in that sense of the word, she was moving out of life and into death, literally.   WHAT?

I asked her what she’s talking about and she said that she’s going to commit suicide very soon as she hates being alive, but she’s waiting for her daughter to turn eighteen before destroying herself.   Then I asked her why she wanted to meet me.  That response was even more disturbing.  Robin thought that I might be able to help her more more efficiently and effectively transition to the other side due to my life’s work.  Oh my god!

I was rendered speechless for one of the few times in my life.  I then asked her if she was at all concerned over the traumatizing effect her suicide would have on her daughter.  Robin’s reply was, “Oh, I’m sure she’ll be fine with it.”  Talk about selfishness?

Before I got up to leave the restaurant, I asked her if she’d been seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist for her depression.  She just looked at me with a blank stare as she said “Why do I need to see a shrink?”.  After that, I asked her if she’d care to give me her new $250,000 AMG Mercedes, as dead people do not need mechanical transportation.  Robin just looked at me with a blank face.  I paid the check and immediately left.  Very nice not to know you Robin.

Goodbye, good luck, good riddance.  Can it get any sicker that this?  You’ll see.

Lest you think these problems only occur with women, let’s take a look at Kurt from early winter of 2000.

I met this man, a full generation my junior, during the shoot for a cable TV paranormal reality show episode.  Kurt claimed to be a psychic medium and a paranormal investigator, whom I never heard of.  He seemed a little odd right from the start, as he kept asking me the same questions over and over again, like; “Why do you call yourself a parapsychologist”, and if a friend of mine was really psychic.

I gave him the same answers over and over again, but that didn’t seem to work for him.  He finally gave up and left me alone for the remainder of the shoot.

Some years later, I discovered that he was telling anyone who would listen that he worked in the old UCLA parapsychology lab where we were studying him as a psychic, then as a medium.  That Dr. Thelma Moss had taken him under her wing as her special subject.   Kurt apparently had/has some serious reality issues, or is just a bald faced liar, figuring that no one would ever challenge him on this matter.   Wrong.

Kurt’s tall tale then evolved into his saying that he was part of a secret, government program that was training him as a psychic medium to work for the military and intelligence community.  What the hell is he talking about?

He seems to have overlooked the fact that when the lab was up and running (1967-1978), he wasn’t even twelve years old, and therefore would not have been allowed to work with us for any reason whatsoever.   The Human Use Committee regulations governing research work at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute and the entire medical center, strictly forbid us from dealing with children under the age of eighteen, even if the parents consented.

Making his assertion even more outlandish is the fact that we never trained anyone to be a medium for any reason whatsoever.  While we did have a psi training group (see my other blog on this site entitled “Learned Psi: Training To Be Psychic”) that ran from 1970 through 1987, he was not a participant in such as we never met him.  I ran this research program and would have certainly remembered meeting someone as  young as him and would have stopped any effort on his part to participate in our work.  Apparently, that wasn’t sufficient to stop Kurt from continuing this diatribe.

After about eleven years of this nonsense, I finally directly confronted Kurt on this matter and warned him that if he persisted with his misinformative effort to falsely establish a background that never existed as related to the lab and myself, there would be severe legal repercussions and consequences for it.

His reason for doing this is quite clear.  By making such a claim, it automatically gives him a level of official credibility that he otherwise did not have.  Being formally associated with our old lab would be a form of consensual validation, objectively verifying his claims of unique paranormal talents.  Kurt is just another of the many opportunists out there trying to take advantage of what the past offered that was beyond his grasp.  Fortunately, Kurt finally ceased his efforts in this regard.  At least I believe he did.

However, the real question about Kurt is as to whether he really believes what he is saying?  If he actually believes it, then he’s psychotic and has lost the ability to differentiate between reality and fantasy?  If he knows that this all a fabrication he’s invented to make himself appear more important than he really is, then he’s no more than a somewhat clever opportunist in a field that is not, at all, monitored or controlled.

About eight years ago I met a man named Harold whom I immediately referred to as “the weasel”, as there was a very negative feeling in his presence. There was something troubling, unnerving and disturbing about this man. Bottom line, his persona wreaked something awful.  It then came as no surprise when several people I already knew and trusted immediately warned me to steer clear of Harold, which supported what I already sensed, that this man was a hurricane Sandy waiting to happen. 

Over the next few years he came across like a manipulative, sniveling, opportunistic weasel, who’s every move was predicated on how he could use others to promote himself by riding on their coattails.  Whenever we had the opportunity to speak over the years, whatever I mentioned I was doing at the time, he immediately told me that he was doing the exact same thing.  Yeah right?  He also began commenting on what others were doing as related to my work, an in each and every instance, it was proven to be a lie. 

This man had tried working as a field producer, but was so fragmented and absentminded, that he left his own, very expensive production gear out in the rain during a shoot on the east coast years ago, where it was stolen. He then had the nerve to demand that the series executive producer reimburse him for the camera his stupidity lost.  Whenever Harold learned of various production companies I was working with over the years, he would use my name in order to gain access to their shows and work with them because he claimed to have worked with me, which he’d never done.  In fact, earlier this year I was about to leave for a meeting with a production company regarding their attempt to launch a new reality series and was foolish enough to mention such to Harold.  He immediately called the production company telling them that we had worked together for years, which of course, we never did.

About six months ago, Harold called to arrange a meeting between me and a television network news anchor here in Los Angeles to discuss a special that a network wanted to do for the 40th anniversary of The Entity case for sweeps week.  While it seemed like an intriguing possibility, I was on guard, knowing that there was something inherently wrong with this picture.  To start with, why did Harold bring his fiancee to this meeting, when she had absolutely nothing to do with that TV network or my research?   She seemed very much out-of-place.  Well, in short order I was about to find out what the real purpose of her being there was.

The meeting seemed to be going very well, until Harold’s fiancee needed to visit the lady’s room.  Within minutes, Harold got a text message from his fiancee to meet her back where the restrooms were located. 

They both returned to the table where the luncheon was immediately interrupted by a staged, false flag event, where Harold’s fiancee suddenly emotionally collapsed claiming that her mother had just passed away.  That’s really odd,  I was told by Harold that his fiancee’s mother actually passed away many weeks earlier, so what was the real story here?  That was simple, Harold and his fiancee suddenly became the focus of the meeting as opposed to what I was told it was arranged for.

After emailing all the relevant Entity case files I had to the new anchor over the next several weeks and months, it was obvious to all, that there were inherent problems with doing a news piece on a 40-year old case.  Some people have passed away, while others have moved beyond the point of desiring to discuss the matter.  But that wasn’t the real problem here at all.  The problem here was that the only reason Harold had set up the meeting between the news anchor and myself, was to make himself seem far more important than he really was/is (to the network news anchor) by claiming that he and I had known each other for decades, where he actually worked on The Entity case, which he never did. 

Once Harold and the news anchor realized that I wouldn’t cooperate and play their little game, they moved on to a different case from 23 years ago, that both Harold and the news anchor sat in judgment of at the end of the piece.  All that Harold wanted me for, was to use my 45 years of research in parapsychology to help promote himself in the eyes of the public on network television.   This man is almost as bad as the “The Creature” who is discussed in two other blogs on this site, “A Demon’s Lair”, and “A Demon’s Lair Part II, From The Frying Pan Into the Blast Furnace”. 

So in the end, Harold certainly lived up to his unsavory and vile reputation of being a disgusting, devious, disinformational opportunist who uses everyone around him to promote himself at their expense.    Does this plethora of cons, scammers and sociopaths never end?  Rhetorical question, not in this field.

A subtle distraction here for a brief moment.  The day that Michael Jackson died several years ago I was talking with one of my colleagues about how long it will take some nut job to pop up claiming they’re communicating with his spirit.

Two days later, I received a call from a woman I barely knew, telling me that she’s already speaking with Jackson’s spirit.  I had but a single response to her comment; “What took you so long?”   I believe that my reply says it all, although she did start receiving death threats for so quickly attempting to financially profit from Jackson’s untimely death.

In 2005, I began investigating a local haunting case.  This case demonstrated some extraordinary geophysical and paranormal events, and offered the possibility of helping to us to clarify many of the poorly understood variables associated with such occurrences.  This case offered such informational potential, that I visited this location a total of sixteen times over the course of one year.

The owner and resident of the property, a middle-aged man named Alan, seemed relatively normal at first glance.  The case produced rather significant instrumental data coupled with personal witness accounts that were truly extraordinary.  However, it also produced a permanent change in Alan’s personality.

It wasn’t long before Alan began talking like he was having a literal conversation with spirits in the room.  There were points where he began screaming at us as he kept saying “They’re telling me to…….” whatever.  I thought Alan was actually talking with real, live people on the other end of the phone, when in reality he was supposedly having direct conversations with several ghosts that were inhabiting his home.

Not long thereafter, Alan, myself and several others were having dinner at a local restaurant, when Alan’s eyes suddenly rolled back in his head and he again began speaking as if he he was having a direct dialog with someone not visible in the booth with us living humans.

It was not surprising to learn that Alan started having seizures not long after he moved into his new haunted house.  However, as Alan was very cryptic about his health when asked specific questions, we had no way of really knowing if these seizures were ever experienced prior to living in his current home.

After this, I decided to walk away from this potentially rewarding case.  If the residents judgment and reasoning suddenly disappears to be replaced by conversations of the dead in any location, I’d say it’s time to walk away.  And that’s exactly what we did.

Back in 1993 I was giving a lecture on theoretical UFO propulsion concepts to a group at a conference center located adjacent to the West Los Angeles Police Department on Santa Monica Blvd slightly westbound of the 405 freeway.   I had no way of suspecting how relevant the proximity of the police was about to be.

During the break, I was approached by an elderly man who I knew of, but had never met before, his name was Alfred.   Alfred told me that he knew how 47725_463800295663_267998_ato open up interdimensional and hyperspatial doorways and wanted to know if I was interested in hearing what he had to say.   Naturally I said yes, which turned out to be a serious error in judgment on my part, as I knew this man to be a rather deceptive, duplicitous, and manipulative individual who’d been making all types of irrational statements and claims for quite some time on a variety of subjects.

Alfred began speaking about how intense sexual molestation of little children released incredible energies that could open up portals which allows one to rapidly travel across interstellar space as well as time traveling.  He went on for a short while, commenting on how he’s repeatedly moved back and forth in time and met many aliens and monsters through this method of sexually abusing children.  WHAT?  OH MY GOD!  I could not believe that a total stranger would walk up to me and openly admit that they were a serial pedophile.

As he continued to utter his horrific tale of sexual perversion, my girlfriend and I looked at each other immediately aware of how disturbed this man was.  Utterly shocked by what we had just heard, neither of us really knew how to respond to this sick individual.  But finally an idea came to me.

I told Alfred that we should take a walk over to the police station next door where he could speak of his sexually molesting children directly to them.   Needless to say, Alfred immediately turned away and didn’t take me up on my suggestion of surrendering himself to the police.   Too bad, as it might have saved some tender young children the torture they might eventually endure at his hands.  Fortunately for all, this monster has recently passed away.

There are numerous other disturbing incidents involving men, but most are so vile and disgusting in many respects that I’ve chosen not to discuss them publicly.  The absolute psychopathology related to these cases makes me sick just thinking about them, as most are linked to violent or even criminal matters that are best left to proper legal and law enforcement professionals.  The purpose of this commentary is to educate and inform, not to sicken or nauseate.

During the summer of 1987, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Los Angeles set up several support groups dealing with the fallout from Whitley Streiber’s new book Communion.  Apparently, Communion touched some nerves in some people, all of whom were seeking help and answers trying to emotionally cope with their alleged UFO abduction experiences.

While there were those individuals who might have had actual abduction experiences, a high percentage of them were either delusional or experiencing some form of psychotic break where they could no longer distinguish between reality and fantasy. This is where this particular story begins.

While attending one of these MUFON support groups, I met with a young lady by the name of Val.  She began relating her account of being repeatedly abducted  over the years,  I listened intently, but the feeling I was left with was that this woman was psychotic and required professional psychiatric assistance as opposed to input from any of us with MUFON.  I told her that her experience was interesting, but it fell outside the purview of our groups work due to its extreme nature.  Fortunately, I never heard of her again, or at least that’s what I thought.

In the late 1990’s, I was online and found a blog she posted regarding our meeting at the MUFON group.  She stated that she instantly knew upon meeting me that I was sneaky and underhanded and could not be trusted.  That I instantly hypnotized her and gained control of her mind.  According to her, I went home and used psychotronic weapons hidden in my basement to direct demonic entities to attack and rape her as she walked around during the course of her daily life.   But wait, there’s much, much more.

She continues on to say that I used her case as the basis for The Entity novel and movie,  What?  There’s something really wrong with this woman’s thinking at many different levels.

Let’s see just how utterly insane this woman really was/is.  The real Entity case occurred in 1974-5.  The novel was published in 1978, and the movie was released by Fox in 1983.   That’s odd, I didn’t have the displeasure of meeting Val until the summer of 1987!  See a little problem here with temporal discontinuity?  Apparently, this inverted temporal reality must have really resonated with Val, as she was never phased by the absurdity and impossibility of what she was saying?

Where is Val now?   I don’t know and I really don’t care or want to know, as long as she stays far away from me.

Let’s now jump ahead eleven years to 1998.  I was giving a lecture for a group in Anaheim.  To my surprise, an old girlfriend named Linda, from the mid-1970’s showed up.  I introduced her to my colleague and we all began talking.  Both my colleague and I were totally caught off guard by what Linda began speaking about.

Out of the blue, Linda starts talking about how she needs my help to assist her and Jesus Christ to defend themselves against demonic aliens who have joined forces with the CIA and FBI to destroy the world, but first they must destroy her because she knows too much about what’s really going on.  Haven’t I heard this one before somewhere?

We just stood there not knowing what to say or how to respond.  My colleague and I looked at each other with confused looks on our faces.  When I originally knew Linda, she never made such insane comments, nor was their any hint of religious zealotry from her.  What happened to her in the last twenty years to induce such a state of paranoid delusions from supernatural persecutors?

On the way back home I told my colleague that if she had behaved like this when I first met her I never would have even asked her out.  She was always a little different, but that kind of goes with the territory when one meets people through their efforts in parapsychological research.

Several weeks later Linda showed up at my door and continued her ranting on the same subject.  I would not let her in, but I talked to her outside.  She sounded very unstable and suicidal.  I sternly suggested that she seek out psychiatric counseling as it appeared that she was unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy, one of the earmarks of psychosis.  She finally left.

Several weeks went by and she called to inform me that something compelled to walk into the path of any oncoming car.  Fortunately, she was only mildly injured, but she was sure what caused her to do what she did was the demonic aliens and the CIA.  Of course they did?  She was kept in a psychiatric facility for several days and then they released her, thinking she was of sound mind and body. They were wrong.

Several weeks after this event Linda once again attempted suicide by again stepping out in front of another oncoming car,  Once again, fate was on her side and she was spared any real physical injury, although her brain was certainly fried by her psychosis at this point.  She was again on a 72-hour hold and then released.

Linda kept calling me every couple of months asking for my help, and I simply told her that she was delusional and needed help I could not give her. Then I did not hear from her for quite a while and I mistakenly thought that perhaps things had calmed down.  I was wrong.

In February of 2008 she again called asking for my help.  However, this time she claimed that the earth was about to explode, of course due to the work of those pesky demonic aliens.  I couldn’t pass up the  opportunity here to throw a zinger at her.   I immediately commented, “Excuse me Lara, I’ve got to send baby Kal-El off to his new world before Krypton explodes!” and I then hung up.  I’m confident that Linda did not understand what I was referring to here.  Do you?

An exploding Earth

Fortunately, Linda has not called back since this particular event in 2008, and that’s fine with me.

Back in 1986 I was set up on a blind date with a girl named Karen.  However, during dinner, it became somewhat clear there we were not attracted to each other.   However,  Karen did not appearing to be operating on all cylinders.

After dinner we went back to her apartment in West Hollywood near the former Bodhi Tree Bookstore just to talk.  Karen kept telling me that her bed was haunted and it would shake and move around on it’s own.  As there was not even a hint of sexual chemistry between us, I assumed that there was some other ulterior motive she had for asking me to sit on her bed to see what I felt.

After lying down on her bed, I felt a sharp sticking pain in my back and instantly jumped off the bed.  When I pulled the mattress up off its box spring mattress below it, I discovered the source of my pain as well as hers.  There were several huge amethyst crystals placed beneath her mattress with their points facing upwards.   I immediately got the point, but I do not believe that she did.

I asked Karen what these crystals were doing under her mattress and she said that it was to heal her, keep her young and enhance her psychic abilities.  All I could say to her was that she take the crystals out and she might then enjoy a restful sleep.  Karen’s reply was, but then I’ll get old and sick.  My comeback was “You’ll get old just like the rest of us do, and for being sick, you already are but don’t know it”.  That was the first, and thankfully the last time I saw Karen.  Although, her aunt called me asking why I wasn’t interested in seeing Karen anymore.  I told Karen’s aunt that her niece was a little over the edge in terms of her sanity as far as I was concerned.

Why are there so many more women discussed here than men you might ask?  Because women are far more open about their feelings, thoughts and emotions, while many men are stoic, far too insecure to divulge such disturbing truths about themselves publicly.  Women tend to be more in touch with their inner selves and are therefore more comfortable talking about such obscure matters.  While men may have such inner beliefs and attitudes, they are not generally voiced in a society where they are better known for their acts and deeds as opposed to verbalizing their deepest thoughts.  These incidents are but the tip of a very large iceberg when it comes to dealing with the overwhelming paranormal psychosis that exists out there.

My best guess as to why there seems to be such an obvious linkage between the paranormal and psychopathology is in some ways quite simple, yet in other ways, somewhat convoluted.

As the paranormal, or should I say, parapsychology, is perhaps the only science on earth without any super-hard facts, reliably reproducible events or demonstrable theories, it generally invites any and all to feel very comfortable in claiming anything they please about it, as the world isn’t going to disagree with and jump down their throats with arguments based on hard facts.  And as there aren’t many objective scientists on the earth who have dedicated most of their time to scientifically study it, all the better, few left to challenge them.  In that this field involves body, brain, mind and consciousness (spirit, perhaps?) it once again invites those who are struggling with their own identity crisis, emotional insecurities and problems to seek help from what they believe to a pure science with absolutely no boundaries associated with it.  These people refuse to deal with the fact that their problems are related to chemical imbalance as opposed to paranormal predators.


These incidents are but the tip of a very large iceberg when it comes to dealing with the extraordinary level of paranormal psychosis that exists out there.  My book is filled with many more accounts of such incredible encounters with the outer limits of emotional sanity.  And yet we wonder why mainstream science tends to ignore and dismiss this entire field of research?


What you’ve just read is a very serious mental health problem that’s being dramatically amplified by the glut of fraudulent paranormal reality shows.  While I repeatedly poked fun at these very disturbed individuals to get your attention, drive home a point, and prevent you from becoming somewhat depressed yourself over these matters, this is no joke.  The ever increasing problem of mental illness associated with the paranormal must be addressed and soon, or we will all pay the price for it in years to come.  

Many of these people cannot differentiate between reality and fantasy, as they’re paying more attention to what’s going on in their heads as opposed to what’s really transpiring in the real, physical world around them.  Such individuals are dissociative in the extreme. 

If we ignore and neglect this problem, we will have a significant portion of our population who believes the nonsense depicted on paranormal reality shows and they will start blaming the problems they encounter in life on the paranormal as opposed to taking the proper course of action to deal with the situation.  We will have many individuals who will seek the help of totally unqualified people to assist them in their time of need. 

A good analogy here is one comes home and finds that their home has been broken into and robbed of all its furniture, electronics, clothes, jewelry and money.  Do you call the police or actors who play the police on television? You obviously call the police, right?  If you’re at home and get really ill, do you call actors who play doctors on television or do you call a real physician?  Hopefully, you call a real doctor. 

Well, when it comes to who do you call in the paranormal, more and more people are calling the participants who perform on the various paranormal reality shows.  None of these performers are qualified to do anything other than following the scripted direction of their shows.  The content on these shows is not real, it’s all staged for the benefit of their audience. 

People who have serious emotional problems in terms of coping with life in general and/or the paranormal need to seek professional help from qualified, credentialed individuals whose profession it is to do assist others in this regard, not uneducated and untrained paranormal reality show stars.  It’s very common for people who have real serious problems in their life to blame them on supernatural or paranormal causes, as opposed to taking even a small measure of responsibility for themselves.

 And in the end, what we’re left with is an ever increasing portion of our culture that either are mentally ill or are in the process of developing a serious personality disorders who do not know what to do about it other than blame an evil, paranormal presence.   This must change and change very soon.

Will it ever end?  It’s up to us and no one else.  The faces and places may change, but the psychosis is always lurking in the darkness to once again raise up it’s ugly head.

Thank you very much for reading this rather lengthy commentary.










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Implicate Order By Design

Implicate Order By Design

Have you ever given any thought as to how extrasensory perception/remote viewing (ESP, psychic ability) works?

There is growing scientific evidence that space itself can store information.  Some scientists call this the “Zero Point Field” or the “Implicate Order”.  Lynn McTaggart calls it “The Field“.  She says, “Walter Schempp’s  explosive discovery about quantum memory set off the most outrageous idea of all: short and long-term memory doesn’t reside in our brain at all, but instead, is stored in the Zero Point Field.  After Karl Pribram’s discoveries, a number of scientists, including systems theorist Ervin Laszlo, would go on to argue that the brain is simply the retrieval and read-out mechanism of the ultimate storage medium–The Field.  Pribram’s associates from Japan would hypothesize that what we think of as memory is simply a coherent emission of signals from the Zero Point Field, and that longer memories are a structured grouping of this wave information.  If this were true, it would explain why tiny association often triggers a riot of sights, sounds and smells.  It would also explain why, with long-term memory in particular, recall is instantaneous and doesn’t require any scanning mechanism to sift through years and years of memory.

After more than a century of dedicated psychical research (now parapsychology), there are no viable theories or models to scientifically explain how any paranormal phenomena operate, which is why it is not reliably reproducible and mainstream science and academia ignore it.  Until now, that is.

This is also why the glut of paranormal reality shows on television are able to continue spewing their moronic, idiotic, fraudulent nonsense, what I now refer to as “Entertainment For the Ignorant Masses” (EFIM).  To grasp the full meaning of this acronym, say it like a real word, but using a soft “E”, and get my drift here.  Pretty obvious, wouldn’t you say?

Another reason that mainstream science and academia ignore the paranormal is that it cannot generate huge sums of money (unless you’re producing really fraudulent and tawdry, yet successful reality shows), control people’s behavior (other than making them watch the stupid paranormal reality shows) or efficiently kill people (what happens to the brains of most people when they watch such insipid shows).

So in today’s world, does this mean that the paranormal is useless unless it functions the same way everything else does?

Some might say; “Who cares what it really is and how it really works if it cannot be put to use in a very pragmatic way?”

Excuse me; I forgot to mention the fact that both the US and former Soviet Union’s military/intelligence apparatus successfully utilized remote viewing for securing non-local information for some time.

The fact that our military/intelligence community chose to pretty much ignore such valuable data, only goes to demonstrate their knee-jerk denial of such uniquely acquired information and its incredible potential.

Due to their inherent skepticism about anything, combined with religious dogma, ignorance and the fear inherently attached to the subject matter, coupled with the fact that no one really understood how it worked, they all too often failed to, or reluctantly used remote viewing, caused the powers that to simply ignore the matter.

Just because one can demonstrate a psychic ability does not automatically mean that they understand how and why it works.

We all drive cars, yet very few people understand how an internal combustion engine, transmission and differential works.

Ask someone how his or her brain works and watch him or her stare into empty space trying to answer that question.  Ask someone what the primary gas in our atmosphere is that they breathe every second of their life, and the odds are that they’ll say oxygen, which is incorrect.  It’s nitrogen.

Back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, there were discussions within parapsychology circles (although mostly Soviet) regarding the possibility that some people (psychics) were biological radio transceivers who operated in the ultra-low frequency (ULF) or extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic spectrum.

However, the physical parameters involved with such super-long wavelengths and extremely low power levels combined with very low data transmission rates, very low signal-to-noise ratios in conjunction with high attenuation, quickly rendered such theories moot.

While ULF/ELF electromagnetic fields can affect behavior and health, there’s no experimental evidence clearly demonstrating that such is the carrier mechanism for ESP or any other paranormal process, at least not as we currently understand it.

Although electromagnetic fields (EMF) are certainly involved with paranormal events, it might be more of a case where we’re observing how the localized environment contributes toward and responds to the paranormal event itself.

In other words, the paranormal event is creating a wake in the EMF of the area it occurs in, just as a boat produces a wake in the water it’s in, except we can see the boat.

However, we cannot see the cause of the paranormal event, meaning that we’re essentially investigating the effect of any unknown cause for the most part.

It’s interesting to note that at about the same time this biological radio theory was making the rounds, the US Navy was developing an ELF communication system (Sanguin) for their deep-diving nuclear missile and fast attack subs using ELF radio waves.  However, the antenna required in order for this to function is miles long, and there is no equivalent within the human body.  Or is there?

Wait, I know what you’re thinking here and it’s not telepathic.

You’re probably thinking that if you unraveled our entire nervous system, it would be miles long?  While that may be true, our body lacks the sheer power in the ULF or ELF range for such a long-wavelength signal to propagate more than a few feet at best, let alone thousands of miles away.  And how would EMF account for precognition except through what’s called a retarded wave potential which is propagated backwards in time from an event via an EMF.

However, as many academicians within parapsychology tried to prove the theory that psi functions through the use of EMF’s, even though the evidence at the time, and even today, indicates otherwise, they have steadfastly refused to let it go.   Why?

Perhaps they figured that it’s better to have any theory based on what science already knows, electromagnetism, rather than to have no theory at all, even if such cannot be scientifically validated?

Perhaps they felt that by trying to conform to the way the rest of science works is better than doing absolutely nothing?

This type of exercise in futility is very common in all of science.

Back in the mid-1970’s, at UCLA’s former parapsychology lab, one of my colleagues, (now, Kenneth P. Stoller, M.D.) and I, experimented with and tested the first, and perhaps only, ULF/ELF system for remotely monitoring human physiological functions such as ECG, EEG, EOG, EMG and respiration.

Our remote sensing system uses a super-cooled (with liquid helium) niobium antenna that accurately detects and measures many physiological parameters from up to twelve (12) feet away from the subject/patient without the use of any contact body electrodes.   And no, our sensors are not, in any way whatsoever, related to ESP and its theoretical operant mechanism.

We called the device a Cryogenic Remote Sensing Physiograph (CRESP), and the best way of describing how it works is to remember the remote sensing (not viewing) system in the sickbay of the original Star Trek television series that Dr. Leonard McCoy (“Bones”) used.

Remember all the times Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, etc., were laying upon the black leather-lined bed in sick-bay while a screen on the wall behind them read out their vital signs detected by a glowing sensor that stuck out just above and behind their head?  Recall that there were never any electrodes touching their bodies?  This is remote sensing in its purist form.

When we filed our patent application on the CRESP, we initially had some rather odd resistance and objections to its approval from the Department of Defense (DOD), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of all places.

It seems that they were so very concerned and somewhat paranoid our device tapping into their secure ELF submarine communication system in time of war, therein compromising national security.

Responding to their concerns was simple.

The US Navy’s system is a far-field technology for communicating over many thousands of miles.  Our system was/is a near-field system, to operate within only twelve feet of the patient.  Their system’s antenna was miles long.  Ours, was only three feet across.

And finally, if their primary concern was that we could illegally hack into their ELF grid during wartime, it was absurd, as we would then be dying at the wholesale level from thermonuclear detonations.

In the end, they conceded our patent did not represent a national security threat.

Our remote sensing system, whose patent was granted, uses a super-cooled (with liquid helium) niobium antenna that accurately detects and measures many physiological parameters from up to twelve (12) feet away from the subject/patient without the use of any body contact electrodes.

And no, the CRESP is not, in any way whatsoever, related to ESP and its theoretical operant mechanism, whatever it is.

Trying to fully develop and commercialize this technology has been like trying to sell a car to a caveman.  Given its complexity and necessity for a superconducting antenna, has dramatically impacted our ability to get this medical device into mainstream medicine.

When Dr. Stoller and I were pitching this technology along with several other electro-medical devices we’ve patented to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (CSMC) here in Los Angeles some years ago, we ran across the primary reason why medicine moves at a snails pace.

At a board meeting of CSMC, we discussed our CRESP and several other devices.   The only device that seemed to really interest them was the CRESP, given its broad applications for long-term patient monitoring.  Their question to us was a simple one.

Will the CRESP be more or less expensive than what they’re currently using to monitor patients in the hospital with?

Without a second’s hesitation I replied to the physicians with “Is your new BMW or Mercedes more or less expensive that than one you replaced it with?”

They all looked at me somewhat puzzled and finally replied “More expensive, of course”.

My comeback was a simple one, “Well then, you got your answer don’t you?”

It goes without saying that we never did business with CSMC.

Maybe by the time Star Trek becomes a reality, funding might be available for advanced electromedical technology?

Anyway, back to the main story.

Given that ESP (remote viewing, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition, psychometry, etc.) and paranormal phenomena in general does not appear to function through the use of electromagnetic [waves, particles or fields] the way we currently understand them, strong or weak nuclear forces or gravitation, what does it use?

As far as the science of parapsychology acknowledges, there is no known signal that goes from point A to point B, as with TV, radio or cell phone communication.

Distance doesn’t appear to affect it, nor does time, and it cannot be shielded through the use of a Faraday Cage or lead.

Obviously, neither gravity nor ULF/ELF EMFs can be shielded with anything currently known to science and the latter does curve around the earth unlike normal, line-of-sight EM radiation. But humanly generated ULF/ELF signals cannot propagate any considerable distance due to their incredibly low amplitude (signal strength).

As a potential demonstration point here, it even worked when Dr. Edgar Mitchell conducted an ESP experiment during the Apollo 14 mission during the early 1970’s, some 240,000 miles away.  Now that’s real distance for you, ten times the circumference of the Earth.

Is there any other type of energy/data transmission mechanism that can even begin to encompass the vast array of extraordinary events experienced by many people during their lifetime?

What if it was demonstrated that the way we recover our own memories every second of our lives is the same essential process that’s at work when we have paranormal perception?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to discover that the way we’re designed to function as human beings with both short and long term memory, is the same way we access paranormal information?

Some very intriguing neurophysiological research data has surfaced recently strongly suggesting that our long-term memories are NOT stored in our brains, but in some form of external, zero point energy field.

This means that the way we remember and recall information from our own past is by remotely accessing this exo-biological mechanism.  Moreover, this is the normal way in which we function, not the paranormal.

If this is true, then ESP is not paranormal or extrasensory at all, it’s just another form of informational retrieval our brain uses to orient itself throughout life.

Assuming that this is correct, why then do most people have such a difficult time perceiving this type of information information?

Perhaps this is because our normal sensory channels; vision, hearing, olfactory (smell), touch and taste and emotion totally overwhelm this more subtle form of information?

However, if you think about it for more than a moment, our normal senses are not as direct as they seem.

When we see an object, we perceive light that’s either emitted by or reflected by an object, not the object directly.

When we smell, molecules have entered our nose and affected our olfactory lobes to provide a scent signal to our brain.

When we hear, all we perceive is a compression wave in the atmosphere in the atmosphere that affects our outer and inner ear that then sends signals to our brain.  When we feel, tactile nerves in our skin send signals to our brain that alerts us to being touched.

These are all indirect processes and methods of perception.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to discover that our only direct connection to reality is via a mechanism we now call paranormal, as the information appears to circumvent our five normal senses, although sometimes very well mimicking them.

If there is no linear type of signal being propagated with ESP as there is with our normal senses, as well as with everything electronic, and time and space do not seem to affect it, then what is it?

Well if it’s NOT going from one point to the next, then the information must already be there to begin with in order for us to perceive it, right?

What if all the information that makes up both time and space, is already in existence within some other type of dimensional manifold where it’s equally distributed, an implicate order by any other name?

Essentially, this then suggests that some, if not all, of our mental actions are instantly translated and holonomically distributed throughout all of space and time, does it not?

When you cut an 8” by 10” photograph in half, quarters, or eights, that’s all you get.  If you cut a hologram into smaller pieces, each piece of the original can recreate the whole image of what it was originally cut from, although as the aperture grows smaller in size, the image grows weaker.

There considerable evidence that our brain works via such a holonomic mechanism, as does consciousness and perhaps even space-time itself.  For a more detailed account of this, read my book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown and the published works of Dr. Karl Pribram concerning his research into holographic brain processes and functioning and Dr. David Bohm’s theoretical physics hypotheses.

What I’m getting at here is that space-time is essentially holographic or holonomic in nature, wherein the information that makes up past space-time still exists and the information that makes up future space-time, already exists.

What we call various types of ESP is determined by where in space-time it appears to come from relative to where we are when we perceive it.

If it comes from the future, we call that precognition.  If it comes from the past, we call that retrocognition. If it comes from another living person in real-time, it’s called telepathy, and if it comes from a non-localized spatial source in real-time, it’s referred to as clairvoyance.

In the end, it’s all nothing but information coming from a common source which is all non-local to us in both space and time, but we’ve provided nomenclature to differentiate one spatio-temporal location from another in order to initially classify such experiences in order for us to make sense of it all.

While this theory does conform to what the data strongly suggests, it also presents a very nagging question, doesn’t it?

If this theory is correct, then free will may be nothing more than an illusion we’ve adapted to in order to survive in an entropy-based, carbon-cycled, three-dimensional body and reality?  What if our belief in cause and effect is illusory as well?

What if we are little more than actors in some grandiose cosmic play, where we’re living out a finely ordered existence that’s determined by forces incomprehensible to us?

How would you feel if it were proven beyond a reasonable doubt that reality is not random, chaotic probability, but very ordered, structured and determined, in which we do not have the freedom of will we’ve so long cherished and aspired towards?

What if, in the end, we discover that we are not masters of our own fate and do not have the power to change the shape of things to come?

 A great line from a classic, 1960 science fiction film said,  “Can man control his destiny, can he change the shape of things to come?”

What if that’s true?  Could we live with the knowledge of a reality within which we are little more than puppets?

How would you feel if such were proven to be true?


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Ghost In The Machine?

Ghost In The Machine?



There is no machine on earth that can detect, measure or communicate with ghosts or spirits as far as the science of parapsychology is concerned (and no, a Ouija Board is not a machine).

Ignore and forget the misinformation depicted and discussed on the glut of foolish, idiotic, and fraudulent paranormal reality shows.  They’re about as real as a wooden nickel or an honest politician and are NOTHING more than mindless entertainment for people who do not know any better.  Do not attempt to emulate or reproduce what you see and here on these shows, as you’ll be totally wasting your time and money.   If paranormal phenomena was as common as depicted on these nonsensical shows, it wouldn’t be called paranormal or phenomena anymore, would it?

If we do not really know what a ghost is, other than what the term implies, how then can we detect or measure it?  What are we supposed to measure?  Contrary to what’s seen on paranormal unreality shows, there is no hard scientific evidence that ghosts, apparitions, etc. emit any form of energy we currently know of. 

In fact, this brings the entire matter of observing a ghostly image (apparition) into question. What is it that we are allegedly seeing during such experiences? Are we even seeing anything at all? 

That is, observing photons being emitted by something physical in the immediate environment.  Or is our brain being stimulated by localized electromagnetic/geomagnetic fields so as to induce a sense of vision when nothing physical is even there?   What I’m referring to here is an audio-visual hallucination induced by the EMF/GMF, such as discussed in the work of Dr. Michael Persinger.  But this, in and of itself, does not fully explain what may be transpiring here.  My book, Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Exploration of the Unknown,  delves into this at length.

Whether one speaks of remote viewing (telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition & retrocognition) or RSPK  (poltergeists), neither electromagnetism, nuclear or gravitational forces appear to be the operational mechanism at work.  However, the coupling mechanism between us and this other force of nature, some yet unknown endothermic energy, is almost certainly magnetic.

Several interesting metaphors help to clarify this point.

Do you know of the tale of the three blind men touching an elephant in an effort to determine what it is?

One blind man hugs the elephant’s leg and believes that he’s holding the trunk of tree.  The second blind man holds the elephant’s trunk and believes it to be a hose, while the third blind man is holding the elephant’s tail and assumes he’s touching a rope.

They’re all wrong, as they’re very limited, non-visual contact with the large beast prevented them from accurately perceiving and describing what it really is.

This is a perfect analogy as to where we are today in terms of understanding what the paranormal really is.

When we observe seemingly random, non-reproducible images that don’t mean anything to us, our brain attempts to make sense of suchunique shapes of unknown images.  Our brain constantly strives to bring order to chaos, such as when we look at clouds and see faces or when trying to interpret any unrecognizable image.

Even when we hear odd or peculiar sounds, our brain searches to apply what we already know to give meaning to that sound, even if there is none.  Like recording a person’s gurgling stomach and trying to interpret such as a real voice communicating real words, when it’s nothing more than amplitude and frequency modulation of sound waves, emanating from your gastrointestinal tract.

When it comes to orbs, I’ll simply make a very direct statement.

In my professional opinion, 99.999999999% of all orbs are nothing more than artifacts of modern digital photography.

These so-called paranormal orbs are nothing more than particulates of dust floating around in virtually every environment that are relatively close to the camera’s lens and are illuminated by the flash or other light source.

They can be easily observed, by shining some very bright, white LEDs into a very dark room and you’ll see the ubiquitous dust particulates directly in front of your light source.  The same can be seen within a laser beam in darkened rooms.

These non-paranormal orbs are very easy to generate or reproduce, just flap you’re arms around in most environments and you’ll record many of them.  About the only place you will not find these dust particles are in clean rooms, such as those where satellites and other sensitive equipment are built.

However, there are real, paranormal luminous anomalies that are somewhat rare and are generally much larger than the artifactual orbs discussed above.  Unfortunately, these types of luminosities are nowhere near as common as what’s being shown in most paranormal unreality shows.  But of course, nothing seen or heard on the paranormal unreality shows is real anyway, so what’s the concern?

Another way of demonstrating the problem we’re facing here is to say that we’re measuring the effect of an unknown cause.

EXAMPLE:  Imagine that you see the wake of a boat in a lake’s water before you, but you’re unable to see or hear the boat itself.  This is a situation where we’re only able to perceive or know the way an unknown variable affects something else we are already aware of, in this case, water.

We know from science that there are four basic forces in the universe; electromagnetism, gravity and strong and weak nuclear forces.  These forces dictate how everything in our physical world works, including our own physical body.

Each of these known forces produce very consistent effects in the physical world, all of which are demonstrable, quantifiable and measurable.  Measuring instruments (sensors) are ONLY designed to measure these four known forces.  One cannot design a machine to measure an energetic source if we do not even know what that source is.

If you watch any of the paranormal unreality shows (if you can stand to), you’re sure to notice how many of the participatory clowns use electromagnetic field detectors of one type or another.

For the most part, these devices are 60 Hz. calibrated and cannot really detect anything below 60 Hz.

In fact, many of these devices are specifically designed to measure leakage from various man-made electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, microwave ovens, like the K-II meter shown here, not to detect electromagnetic fields (EMF) anywhere near the extremely low-frequency (ELF) or ultra low-frequency (ULF) part of the EM spectrum.

K-II EMF Meter

However, measuring 60 Hz. EMFs is relevant, as they can, if of sufficient amplitude, irritate the nervous system of sensitive individuals so as to potentially trigger poltergeist outbreaks.  Measuring EMF spikes in these environments, especially with the wrong type of devices, does NOT indicate the presence of a ghost or spirit.

These sensors can measure numerous environmental parameters, both natural and man-made, and can, if sufficiently sensitive measure bioelectric fields as well.

Measuring biomagnetic fields is another matter altogether, as they are substantially weaker than their electric counterparts.  In order to measure biomagnetic fields, one requires superconducting sensors, which are not yet available in portable, hand-held devices.

There is no evidence whatsoever that ghosts, spirits, etc., generate any electromagnetic fields of their own, although such phenomena may be the product of how we living human beings interact with our environment in the most extraordinary of ways.

What is interesting when speaking of biomagnetic fields, is that we have been able to detect and measure such around what’s referred to as poltergeist agents, as their biomagnetic field amplitude is frequently more than a million times stronger than normal for a human, and is directly related to the fact that a significant number of these individuals tend to be either seizure prone or epileptic.

This type of super-powerful biomagnetic field can and will couple with the proper electromagnetic or geomagnetic environment to trigger and mediate poltergeist activity.

When scientifically investigating paranormal events in the field (not in the lab), it is vitally important to measure both the environment and the individuals living within it, as well as collecting medical data on all those living in said location.

Unfortunately, engineering grade instrumentation to accurately and correctly measure such locations does not come cheap.  Examples of some of the

Geomagnetometer from Less

instruments I’ve been using for years are the following; Geomagnetometer and Zero Gauss Chamber (more than $1,300), a Spectran low-frequency spectrum analyzer (1 Hz.-1 MHz.)  [$800] (featured photo at top)a132 and an air ion counter ($500), a Natural Tri-Field Meter ($200) and an E-Smog Scout LUX, all of which are pictured here.

Obviously, most of these devices are well beyond the budget of most investigators.  However, if you do purchase these expensive devices, it’s vitally important that you read the instructions accompanying them to fully understand what it is your measuring and how the device works.

It would be real waste of your hard-earned money to buy these sensors and then incorrectly use them and/or not comprehend the information they’re providing you.  What good is such detailed information if one does not know what it means and how it relates to the subject being studied?

If you wish to learn more about which specific instruments are relevant here and where to purchase them, visit another of my blogs entitled “One Stop Ghost Shop”.

As far as electronic devices to actually communicate with ghosts, such as “spirit or ghost boxes”, these are generally radio-frequency sweep devices that intercept AM/FM/shortwave and cell signals and randomly grab words from such sources and then strings them together electronically.  The circuitry is designed to form word trains from random signal sweeps and sometimes they actually produce legible sentences. These might also be called Random Event Generators, which are none to be very sensitive to volitional psychokinesis.  If you really want to talk to the dead, talk to an attorney or politician, as they’ve been dead from the neck up since human’s have walked the Earth.

Air Ion Counter from Less

Many gullible people are wasting their money on these worthless devices that are no more relevant to communicating with the dead than talking to your dog would be.

In the end, we are only able to measure various parameters of our physical environment along with those living souls within it, and little else. 

The most we can expect from such environmental monitoring is to look for longitudinal patterns seen over a long period of time and hope that they correlate to the occurrence of paranormal events.  

Thus far, there is a definitive pattern observed in the data, and it strongly indicates that these incredible paranormal encounters are the result of how we living people inductively couple with the local EM environment. 

This is where some people act as biological operational amplifiers, waveguides and focalplanes with respect to paranormal events, while others do not. Bottom line, check out the phrase “Monsters From the Id”, and you’ll better understand what I’m saying here.  It’s all real, it’s all paranormal, but far more complicated and perhaps disturbing than we ever imagined it to be.  

The bottom line with all of this is simple.  If one does not know how the physical world around them works, how can they then understand what may lie beyond it’s boundaries?  Before we assume something is paranormal, we must thoroughly rule out all normal explanations. 

There is a basic principle at work in all science that’s exemplified by Ockham’s Razor.  That is, all things being equal, you always go with the simplest explanation.   When dealing with the paranormal, this principle is more relevant than ever.

Natural TriField Meter from Less


E-Smog Scout LUX from Less


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Autopsy Notes On Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBE): Real Dead Aliens?

Autopsy Notes On Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBE): Real Dead Aliens?



Don’t believe in the reality of UFOs and their occupants?

Think that there’s absolutely no evidence regarding such things?


I strongly suggest that you look into the research of the late Leonard Stringfield, and the various monographs and books he published, you might be shocked by what you learn.

Evidence collected by UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield and published in his monograph, The UFO Crash/Retrieval Syndrome, Status Report II  (MUFON, 1980, if true, is far beyond the compelling, as it boggles the mind.

In this status report, Stringfield offers a collective summary of comments by various anonymous medical examiners, who supposedly examined deceased alien bodies retrieved from crashes between 1947 and 1980. The following tentative morphology refers to an alleged alien humanoid measuring 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 feet tall and weighing 40 pounds.  Forget Fox-TV’s Alien Autopsy, this might be the real thing.

These are some of the notes directly from medical examiners:

Two round eyes without pupils. Under heavy brow ridge, eyes described variously as large, almond shaped, elongated, sunken or deep set, far apart, slightly slanted, appearing “Oriental” or “Mongoloid.”

By human standards, the head is large in relation to the limbs and torso. It has been compared with a 5-month old human fetus

No ear lobes or protrusive flesh extending beyond apertures on each side of the.  Nose is vague. Two snares are indicated with only slight protuberance.

Mouth indicated as a small “slit” without lips opening into a small cavity, and appears not   to function as a means of communication or as an orifice for food ingestion.

Neck is described as being thin and in some instances not visible because of the garment on that section of the body.

Most observers describe the head of the humanoid alien as hairless.  One source said the pate showed a slight fuzz. Bodies are described as hairless.

The torso is generally described as small and thin.   In most instances, the body was observed wearing a flexible, metallic garment.

Arms are described as long, thin and reaching down to the knee section.

One type of hand consists of four fingers and no thumb; two of the fingers appear longer than the others.  Some observers have seen fingernails; others none.  A slight webbing effect between fingers was noted by three authoritative observers. Other reports indicate types of hands with both less and more than four fingers.

Legs are reported as short and thin. Feet of one type are described as toe-less. Most observers describe feet as covered. One said alien foot looked like an orangutan’s.

Skin is not  described as green. Some claim beige, tan, brown or gray with a tanish or pinkish cast. One said it looked “almost bluish-gray under the deep freeze light,”  In two instances, the bodies were charred a dark brown in the wake of an alleged crash.

Skin texture is described as scaly or reptilian, and as stretchable, elastic or mobile over smooth muscle or skeletal tissue. No striated muscle, no perspiration, no body odor.

No teeth

No apparent reproductive organs. No genitalia. An absence of sexual organs suggests that they were perhaps atrophied by evolutionary degeneration, or the possibilities that some aliens, and perhaps all, do not reproduce like human beings, or that cadavers studied may have originated through cloning or other artificial means.

To most observers, the humanoids appear to be “formed out of a mold,” sharing identical facial characteristics rather than individuality displayed by humans.

Brain and its capacity unknown.

Colorless liquid present in body, without red cells; alien circulation not oxygen carrying. No lymphocytes. No food or water intake known; in one known retrieval, witness noted that no food was aboard. Absence of digestive system, gastrointestinal tract, alimentary canal and rectal area.

More than one humanoid type. Life span unknown. Descriptive types of alien anatomy may be nor more diverse than those known among Earth’s Homo Sapiens. Other recovered alien types or other grotesque configurations, or human, are unknown at this time. Origins also unknown.

Stringfield also came in contact with a physician who in the early 1950’s allegedly performed an autopsy on an EBE. The witness described the body as follows:

SIZE: “The specimen observed was 4 feet, three and three-eighths inches tall. I cannot remember the weight. It has been so long, and my files do not indicate the weight.  I recall the length well, because we had a disagreement and everyone took their turn measuring.”

HEAD:   “The head was pear-shaped in appearance and over-sized by human standards for the body.  The eyes were Mongoloid in appearance.  The ends of the eyes furthest from the nasal cavity slated upwards at about a ten-degree angle.  There seemed to be no visible eyelids, only what seemed like a fold. The nose consisted of a small, fold-like protrusion above the nasal orifices. The mouth seemed to be a wrinkle-like fold.  There were no human lips as such—-just a slit that opened into an oral cavity about two inches deep.  A membrane along the rear of the cavity separated it from what would be the digestive tract.

“The tongue seemed to be atrophied into almost a membrane.  No teeth were observed.  X-rays revealed a maxilla and mandible as well as a cranial bone structure.  The outer ‘ear lobes’ didn’t exist.  The auditory orifices present were similar to our middle ear and inner ear canals.  The head contained no hair follicles. The skin seemed grayish in color and seemed mobile when stretched,”

In November 1979, additional word was received from the medical authority concerning the nature of alien skin. Under magnification, the tissue structure appears mesh-like, or like a grid network of horizontal and perpendicular lines.  Clarifying an earlier reference that describes the skin of the entity as “reptilian,” this new information suggests that the texture of the granular-skinned lizards, such as the iguana and the chameleon, may be similar to at least one type of alien humanoid.

I do not believe it is a coincidence that the bulk of reported encounters with EBEs or alien humanoids, such as the ones allegedly ejected from the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico crash and as described in Budd Hopkins’ Intruders, Witnessed and David Jacobs’ Secret Life, share many features in common with the aforementioned anatomical/physiological descriptions.

An interesting hypothesis is the possibility of another star system where the predominant life-form was reptilian, as was our own planet many millions of years ago.  In this hypothesized star system, however, dinosaurs evolved into erect, bi-pedal beings that resemble humans only in the vaguest of terms. Therefore, instead of hominids and eventual homo sapiens, dinosauroid men/women evolved. This hypothesis offers several intriguing perspectives regarding the appearance, behavior and possible motives of EBEs.

For one, if EBE evolution is indeed reptilian, they certainly would look considerably different than we do, although not totally dissimilar, in that they would share common bi-pedal characteristics.  The objective differences might well include scaly skin, webbed hands and/or feet and a totally different brain structure incorporating elaborately divergent functions, especially as their mid-brain, [specifically lacking an amygdala (pleasure center)], and stem would have its origin from reptilian as opposed to hominid roots.  It’s important to remember here, that the limbic system of homo sapiens is believed to be a reptilian vestigial.

These physical differences might result in a species inability to sense color as we do, to feel or express emotions as we do, to eat the same foods as humans and, most important, the tendency not to exhibit a strong sense of territoriality and possessiveness, which in human history, invariably leads to war.

However, they might still harbor the fundamental underlying trait of higher lifeforms—-the need to know and understand the universe in which they live.  But the lack of an adrenal and/or endocrine system and sexual organs, as we understand them, might result in a radically different biological entity, with perceptual processes that disallow or prevent the organism from perceiving reality and its many complex social elements as we do, and as we so often take for granted.

Try to imagine what life would be like without emotions such as love, hate, fear, excitation, etc., and without consumption of the foodstuffs we so enjoy and yet require for survival.

If EBEs do not procreate and biologically age as we do, they would have very little if anything in common with us—-with the exception, of the “need to know.” At the most basic of levels, the decision-making, reasoning and judgment of such entities would not be governed by passion or sentiment, but by cold, hard, rational, pragmatic logic. Their orientation and agenda, whatever it may be, would certainly be self-centered, not human centered, as altruism would very likely not be a word contained in their lexicon.

Such a dramatically different species of life would certainly look at human beings as quite peculiar indeed. We would appear as large, hairy creatures with rather primitive technology (compared to theirs, which may employ paranormal forces the way we commonly use electromagnetism) whose primary occupation is tribal warfare and entering strange metal boxes that spew toxic gases into the atmosphere and emit bright lights after dark (automobiles).

In this regard, perhaps more emphasis should be placed on the work of the late Leonard Stringfield, whose research and publications into Crash/Retrievals may eventually provide that piece of “hard” evidence to convince a disbelieving world that the nightmare has already begun. With the exception of the Roswell case, which can stand on its own merits, Crash/Retrieval investigations, once cleaned of all disinformation possibilities, promises the most rewards in terms of objective data.

Since 1978, Stringfield has published nine pieces of literature specifically dealing with Crash/Retrievals.  At the time this article was originally published in 1992, the most recent document from Stringfield was UFO Crash Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum, Status Report VI.  

 This particular report opens with a most intriguing piece developed from a statement provided Stringfield by Sgt. Maj. Robert Dean (ret.) as concerns an alleged previously classified study entitled “Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat to Allied Forced in Europe,” that was established in early 1961 at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe (SHAPE), which was, and is, the military arm of NATO.

Although dated in terms of the cold war situation, this assessment, in and of itself, appears to be far more than a simple acknowledgment of UFOs, for reference is made to “several” extraterrestrial civilizations and a “process” or “plan,” suggesting that far more elaborate information was collected that we never made available for publication, or even review.

Additionally, there is a direct mention of crash/retrievals supported by photographs, bodies and exotic “plasti-metals” that were beyond our understanding at the time.  With today’s technology base, these so-called plasti-metals sound suspiciously like matrix composites being used in aerospace, or at least a highly evolved generation of such.

Given the early dates on the study’s initiation and publication, one can only wonder what follow-on data has been collected since the mid-1960’s. While not providing hard, objective evidence we can yet examine, this study certainly establishes a fascinating paper trail…one that can definitely be followed.

Moving forwards in time brings us to page 50 of Status Report VI and the early 1970’s where a high ranking U.S. Army officer, a source of great integrity, conveys to Stringfield what is perhaps one of the most terrifying events in ufology.  This report contains information, which, if verified, may generate more questions that it answers; in it are the purported claims of Special Forces soldiers in the Vietnam (actually Cambodia) who came upon a landed UFO and aliens collecting and sorting human body parts!

The result of this gruesome discovery was an intense firefight between G.I.’s and the aliens, where the entities were using some type of hand-held, directed energy weapon and we were, of course, left with good old M-16’s. According to testimony, heavy losses were taken on both sides, although it required a direct head-shot to kill the alien beings as their apparent metallic-like garment was bullet-proof. After the protracted firefight, the aliens withdrew, loading their bin full of human body parts into their vehicle and abruptly departing the area.

Following this incident, all surviving soldiers were rounded up and intensely de-briefed, interrogated and sternly warned never to divulge what they had experienced in the jungles of Cambodia.  Can you imagine the public’s response if this information was formally acknowledged to the world?  Can you spell the word panic. ?

The very idea of alien beings landing for this grotesque purpose smacks of the kind of frightening stories coming out of John Lear and others.  Although sounding much like a scene out of the motion picture Predator, is this the only incident of its kind that transpired during the Vietnam war?  Why, one may ask, were the aliens so frantic to collect body parts to begin with?

Another startling story regarding what may be yet another, New Mexico crash/retrieval is revealed by Stringfield on page 41 of Status Report VI from a source, Chuck Oldham, of Landsdowne, Pennsylvania. The alleged witness was a former military officer with a high security clearance. While serving in the military, he had a special clearance that enabled him to access a restricted library (prior to 1970) that held data on nothing other than the government’s investigation and study of UFOs.

If true, it is astonishing that there would an entire library dedicated to UFOs within the military industrial complex. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the information, no data is provided which could be used to identify him or the location of the base.

Although provocative in content, the most tantalizing portion of the interview is the tail-end where the U.S. military/government’s withholding of their knowledge is discussed.  Admittedly, we have all heard, and by now are quite familiar with, our government’s supposed reasons for debunking UFOs. However, particularly interesting about one aspect is that from the very beginning of our military’s investigation and study of UFOs they have always emphatically stated two constants.

One piece of propaganda has been the ardent denial of the existence of UFOs, period.  Secondly, the official line was that these phenomena, whatever they are, do not represent a threat to our national security. These two statements are incompatible and contradictory.  For if there are no UFOs to begin with, why be concerned with a possible threat to national security?  Is this yet another example of a not-so-brilliant oxymoron, like “military intelligence?”

Something beyond strange is going on here. It strongly smells like our government may be concealing something about UFOs and their occupants that far outweighs the simple concept or understanding that our planet is being, and has been for quite some time, visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial vehicles.

Based on the amassed evidence, there is good reason to suspect that even if an ultra-black faction of the U.S. government has indeed developed a formal relationship with one or more extraterrestrial races, this in and of itself would not constitute sufficiently damaging information to withhold from the public.

What if that which has been learned during the course of dealing with alien entities is so potentially devastating, though perhaps not in terms of a possible invader or conqueror, that it could literally rip apart the very fabric of our planet’s social structure?

Another portion of Stringfield’s Status Report VI describes the testimony of a purported Major General in the Air Force, who reveals his knowledge of UFO crashes and aliens dead and alive.  He also told Stringfield’s source, on Cheri Manet, of a “very high level cover-up” extending to “the highest office in the land.”

Exactly what would shake our belief systems? We are already pretty much aware that UFOs exist and represent technology far superior to our own, and that they have been flying around our skies for at least fifty years. So what’s so damned shocking?  Certainly not what we already assume or suspect.

Given the media exposure to the entire concept of alien life and UFOs in general, from Unsolved Mysteries, The UFO Report, Sightings, to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., Communion, Aliens, Predator, Fire in the Sky, Roswell,, Contact  and Intruders,  what could possibly be left to our imaginations that hasn’t already become part of our cultural mind-scape?

As a modern telecommunicating civilization, we have been slowly acclimated, conditioned and even begun accepting the notion of alien life visiting Earth and directly interacting with its population. How would our government’s release of currently classified UFO data result in the breakdown of society’s socio-economic infrastructure as well as that of the military industrial complex?

Certainly, not losing faith in our government’s ability to protect us against supposedly hostile aliens!  No contemporary western nation particularly enjoys knowing that a technologically superior presence can willfully violate its airspace leaving them virtually incapable or responding.

There is absolutely no evidence or reason to suspect that the U.S. population would suddenly lose trust in its government if such were acknowledged for there has never been a direct or implied threat from hostile extraterrestrials.  Unless of course, one is to believe the paranoid mentality allegedly demonstrated by our military in the late Lt. Col. Phillip Corso’s book The Day After Roswell.

We as a nation became painfully aware not too long ago of just of how underhanded, deceitful, corrupt and unscrupulous our government officials, whether elected or not, really are.  Let me count the ways; The Warren Commission Report, Vietnam, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Whitewater, Travelgate, Monica Lewinsky, George W. Bush’s administration disinforming congress on weapons of mass destruction the Iraq supposedly had. Should I continue?  All one must do to understand our governments continuing covert nature is simply keep up with the news.

Judging by the popular response to the more than thirty year informational blitz on UFOs/ETs, most people find the subject amusing, curious and interesting, but their concern about such matters is relegated to occasional lectures, movies, reality-based TV shows and after-hour cocktail party discussions.

Unless UFOs affected individual lives to the point of influencing decision-making processes on such issues of family, job, income, health and religious convictions, such information would not have any significant impact on society in general.

What facet of UFOs could possibly affect people’s lives at these dramatic levels? Certainly not concern over national security matters, nor the worry that every time an inferior culture meets or confronts a superior one, the prior is either assimilated or destroyed by the latter, at least in human history.  Well then, what’s left?

Again, reference must be made to Stringfield, but this time a passage from page 44 of his Status Report III, which tells of a pathologist who allegedly performed an autopsy of an alien body, and who was ultimately silenced. Stringfield writes, “His last message reiterated through his colleague, concerned a hypothesis which postulated that early man, possibly Cro-Magnon or before, had been genetically altered, or hybridized, with an alien of superior intelligence to form homo-sapiens. According to his rationale, atrophied human-like organs such as evidenced in the alien’s genitals, suggest Earth-related evolutionary ties that are beyond coincidence.

In essence, according to the pathologist, primeval Earth had become an experimental test tube for a new race whose development required periodic watching.  Provocatively, the hypothesis, which was presented at a secret high-level medical conference (with Russian attendance), does answer a lot of basic questions about the UFO, i.e., their cyclic visitation, some biblical events, the lack of open communication, the lack of overt hostility, and a plausible explanation for abductions of random subjects for what seems to be physical examinations.

Also, it would explain the prolonged high-level international secrecy. If world governments have medical and other back-up evidence to support the hypothesis, then the posture of silence takes on a new meaning. Perhaps they (world governments) assume that man’s concept of himself in his world would be shattered.


In all probability, this information is the missing link as to why the world’s governments, or the U.S. more specifically, will not divulge virtually any UFO data to the public, that is, total denial.  Stringfield’s evidence, if existing in physical form, could unquestionably be the most devastating blow to the human psyche since the beginning of recorded time on this planet.

Or perhaps, as ufologist Richard M. Dolan has been writing and speaking of so eloquently for some years, it’s about a complex set of circumstances involving money, politics, energy, the military and world power as well as massive culture shock?   I strongly suggest that you purchase all of his books and any DVDs available of his presentations.

In the end, it all seems to revolve around the loss of power, control and manipulation at all levels.

The above was excerpted from my book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown.



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Legacy’s End

Legacy’s End



Many people are curious as to what the real story was regarding UCLA’s former parapsychology lab, not a department, which existed from about 1967 through 1978.

This lab was located on the fifth floor within the former Neuropsychiatric Institute [NPI] (now the Semel Institute) at UCLA’s Center for the Health Sciences.  In many ways it was a clearinghouse for various researchers and scientists to visit and share data, conduct their own research or participate in ours. Each member of the lab sort of did their own “thing” in relationship to the lab’s operations.

The director of UCLA’s parapsychology lab was Dr. Thelma Moss, a clinical psychologist by training.  She initially began conducting studies of extrasensory perception (ESP), hypnosis, healing, alternative medicine, and the investigation of hauntings and poltergeists.. Dr. Moss received great accolades and academic respect for her pioneering research efforts and the contribution such made to the neonatal science of parapsychology.  She was a brilliant, accomplished and dedicated medical psychologist and parapsychologist.

Interestingly, Dr. Moss started her adult life, not in academia, but in the entertainment industry as an actress and screenwriter writer under her maiden name Thelma Schnee.  One of the films she co-wrote was Colossus of New York (1958), which starred Mala Powers, Otto Kruger and Ross Martin.

The story dealt with the transplantation of a human brain (Martin’s) into a large, menacing robot with an extraordinarily massive head.  The robot soon develops a rather evil personality and, somewhat prophetically, supernatural/paranormal powers.  Given the era that this film was produced in, that of low-budget sci-fi/horror films, it was quite well made for it’s time.   After the death of Thelma’s husband, almost immediately following the birth of their daughter, she went back to school to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology.

My involvement with the lab and Dr. Moss began as a research assistant and as a subject.  There was a formal study conducted on me starting in the fall of 1969 that was later published in a medical journal, “A Laboratory Investigation of Telepathy:  The Study of A Psychic” by Thelma Moss, Ph.D., Herbert H. Eveloff, M.D. and Alice Chang, M.A., in Behavioral Neuropsychiatry, Vol. 6, Numbers 1-12, April-December 1974-January-March 1975, pp. 71-80.

It was extremely difficult for Drs. Moss and Eveloff to even find a peer-reviewed journal that would publish this study, as its results were a just a little too good for most to believe, which is why it took so long for it to be put into print.

Moreover, the neurophysiological data collected on me over the course of the study was so “unique” shall we say, that even the aforementioned, publishing journal automatically assumed that the instrumentation used to collect such data must have been malfunctioning and in need of repair, which meant that the results were, at best, artifactual, and as such, they refused to publish that specific portion of the study.

Following the study, I stayed on and eventually became a research associate, which is a more dedicated and integral member of the lab, from which I started conducting more of my own research as described herein and elsewhere on this site.

However, after reading Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain by Ostrander and Schroeder in 1971 and meeting Kendall Johnson shortly thereafter, who brought in his own homemade Kirlian photography apparatus, Dr. Moss totally changed her interest and orientation toward parapsychological research, as she erroneously assumed, as did almost everyone else, that Kirlian photography was indeed the human aura.

Dr. Moss became obsessed with this, then poorly understood corona-discharge photographic method and pretty much lost touch with her former parapsychological interests.   In the end, her compulsive obsession with Kirlian photography cost her her job and career, as she was ignoring her professional responsibilities at the NPI and not publishing the proper types of articles in the proper peer-reviewed journals.  You know the old phrase in academia “publish or perish”?  If one did not follow this tenant, they were toast in academia.

Dr. Moss was a very skilled clinical psychologist, but had no knowledge of photography, electronics, physics, electrophysiology or biophysics, and as such, she was totally out of her element in terms of investigating any paranormal linkage to Kirlian Photography.

Kirlian photography, for those who do not know of, or remember, is (and was), a high-voltage, very high-frequency, extremely low amperage processBioeletrografia-Kirlian that was applied to an electrode covered in a protective/insulating dielectric, in order to take pictures of what many originally thought was the aura.  That invisible, mythical part of ourselves that extends outward and carries within it who and what we are.   Unlike normal  photography, there’s no lens employed with this method.

The visually stunning color photographs generated by this method depicting people’s fingers, hands and plants, while intriguing to the eye, were not what they appeared to be.  These photos were so visually compelling, that many refused to look at the facts underlying them.  This was a situation where one only looks for evidence that support their own theories, which is not science.  Science is where your theory conforms to the data which supports it.

Unlike normal photography where one captures light reflected or emitted by the subject, Kirlian photography was totally dependent upon generating that high-voltage, low-amperage charge to run over the person or object in what’s known as the “skin effect”.  If the frequency was dramatically dropped and the amperage even marginally raised, you’d have been instantly electrocuted.  Basically, all the Kirlian photography was was attaching an old Tesla Coil to a timer and electrode plate.

As hardened scientists began examining and experimenting with this process, they discovered that it is little more than corona discharge, and is primarily mediated by the presence of moisture in or around the object being photographed.  While there appeared to be some potential applications for Kirlian photography as a non-destructive testing and evaluation method, it’s use in parapsychology was/is no more relevant than the old galvanic skin response (GSR) or an EKG.

A considerable amount of misinformation that sprang from Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, might literally have been a form of disinformation generated by our old cold war buddies within the Soviet Union?

Dr. Moss was an assistant professor of clinical psychology and she was finally promoted to an associate professor, but at the same time she was made an adjunct professor.   Essentially, this is equivalent to one step forward, two steps backwards.

She was eventually dismissed from her position at the NPI in late 1978, and she continued her work privately until she suffered a massive cerebral aneurysm in the late 1980’s requiring lengthy surgery and prolonged rehabilitation.  However, the severe physical damage and trauma to her brain left Dr. Moss in a mental state where she frequently confounded past and present, having almost no long-term memory and a severely impaired short-term memory.   Dr. Thelma Moss passed away on February 1st of 1997, at the age of 79.

On the other side of the coin, I was doing research on two fronts.  One aspect was in the lab, wherein I conducted psi training research groups from 1971 through 1980 (this matter is discussed in some detail in “Learned Psi:  Training to Be Psychic” on this site), and the field work of investigating ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists (The Entity and the Holly Mont cases, the stories of which are both found elsewhere on this site).  Both of these endeavors yielded considerable evidence in terms of our better understanding the nature of psi at many levels.

Many things led to the demise of our lab, chief among these were the following events which apparently attracted way too much media attention for UCLA in general and the NPI in particular.

It began with a rather lengthy, tongue-in-cheek article, “Ghost Watch In Hollywood”, on the front page of the Los Angeles Times View section on June 2nd 1976, dealing with the Hollymont haunting case (see chapter one “A Haunting Thought” of my book, Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown and The Hollymont Haunting: As Good As It Gets, elsewhere on this site).

This lead article mentioned the lab, Dr. Thelma Moss, Dr. Gerald Shure from psychology department on campus, myself and my colleague at the time. The reporting could have been far better in terms of its attitude, but also could have been much, much worse in painting all of us as nut jobs and lunatics.  This article attracted a great deal of attention at all levels, and was strike one against us.

Strike two occurred when our lab was visited by Eye on L.A. from KABC-TV, where they did a lengthy piece on both Gaynor and myself related to our field research.  That show was entitled “Ghost Hunters” and was the first time that holography was used in such an illustrative way in terms of its seemingly obvious relationship to ghosts and apparitions.  The show was nominated for an Emmy for its unique visual presentation.   This show generated even more publicity for the lab, which was not a good thing.

A few months later, yours truly was featured in another KABC-TV News show, “Psychic Wonders with Christine Lund”.  In this seven-part series, which ran daily for one week, I was using my medical intuitive ability to diagnose various members of the KABC-TV news staff on camera.  Apparently, I was very accurate in my diagnosis of the various news staff members.

Strike three, we were out!

In what seemed rather odd, I received absolutely no reaction or feedback regarding this final KABC appearance, at least no reaction I was aware of.

Behind the scenes however, there was a very strong reaction, where a bubbling cauldron of embarrassment, humiliation, anger, worry, concern and literal paranoia on the part of the powers that be at UCLA and the NPI specifically was brewing.

Adding considerable fuel and fool to this simmering pot, was the fact we (the lab) were actually teaching a ten week parapsychology course at UCLA Extension division from 1974 through 1976, for three quarters out of four, for each of those years.

These classes were held in Moore Hall 100, the largest lecture facility on campus back in those days (aside from Royce Hall).  The attendance was absolutely massive for each class, with standing room only in the 700-seat auditorium.  Needless to say, this level of response from the community and media was shooting even more holes in both our port and starboard sides.  We were sinking rapidly and weren’t even aware of it.

This proverbial shit was about to hit the fan, and the primary processed, precise manner of such was manifested in a most extraordinary way.

In early 1978 I had a very vivid dream about the lab.  In this dream, we’re all at the lab, Dr. Moss, Kerry, John and Francis as well as this author.

Suddenly, the head of the NPI, Dr. West, walked in and began talking about his dislike of the work we were doing.  In the midst of his ranting, the entire room began to violently shake, as though we were suffering a major earthquake.

As the shaking continued, the room felt as though it was falling and the entire building was collapsing beneath us.  We all attempted to grab onto something in response.  Then, the shaking and falling sensations abruptly ceased.  These motions were now replaced by others, that of moving horizontally.

All of our attention was immediately drawn to the lab’s windows facing west.  We were indeed moving horizontally.  However, there was an odd wooden plank of sorts upon which sat the rotted corpse of a woman.  To her right, was the rotted and mangled corpse of a large German Shepard.

Upon seeing these bizarre “corpses”, Dr. West let out a loud scream.  He told us that the woman sitting upon the plank was his dead sister and that the dog was her old German Shepard that was also dead.

Then the room’s motion entirely ceased.  I opened the only door the lab had and stepped out into what should have been the hallway.  Surprise!  No hallway, no building.

The image we were presented with was right out a horror movie.  We were now outdoors.  Under a brilliant full moon, the ground appeared as moist, dark, freshly turned earth, with a subtle shrouding of fog hanging over it.  Immediately before me were crude wooden steps that led down towards the ground.

Once upon the ground, I turned back and was shocked to discover that our lab’s room had turned into a early-to-mid 19th century funeral coach with glass walls and candled lights at each corner.  Sitting atop the driver’s bench was the rotted corpse-like woman with the mangled German Shepard.

I asked our “corpse driver” what all this was.  She or it, immediately answered, “I’ve brought you here to bury you because you’re dead.”   How nice of her to inform me of such.

I immediately awoke covered in sweat with a feeling that my heart was about to explode out of chest.  Can you say high anxiety night terror?

Words cannot convey my emotional reaction to this dream. It goes without saying that my first thought was that perhaps there would be a major earthquake and the entire NPI would collapse causing all of our deaths.  Not a pleasant thought.

After I had some time to logically and rationally think about the dream, there was a far more likely possibility that what I perceived was a horror-laden, melodramatic metaphor of our lab dying.

Of course, I had no way of knowing which of these interpretations was correct, although the second one seemed more likely.  I discussed my dream with Thelma, and she too thought it was little more than my insecurities about the lab’s future producing a fearful dream.

While this may have been partially correct, all of us in the lab were well aware of how Dr. West, the NPI’s officials and UCLA’ administrators in general, felt about our work.

Even in those early years, there was the formal, academic concern over political correctness.  Therefore, we all knew that we, and the lab, were living on borrowed time so to speak, as we had access to all the facilities and services of a conventional lab without any funding whatsoever.

I did formally look into filing research grant requests with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).  As it turned out, both of these governmental agencies were somewhat interested in the laboratory work I was doing in learned psi, as were various other intelligence and military agencies referenced in my blog entitled “Learned Psi: Training to Be Psychic”.

However, UCLA and the NPI in particular, wanted nothing whatsoever to do with being formally and publicly associated with parapsychological research, as such would have surely been political suicide, even back in those halcyon times.  UCLA and the NPI made it very clear to me and the rest of us, that they would not allow or condone such efforts.

On the other hand, Dr. Moss had no interest in even filling a grant applications as she knew all the inherent problems associated with such procedures and the inevitable fallout related to it.  This scenario was the essence of a “Catch-22” situation, where no matter what we did, we would lose.  Thus, our fate was sealed.

Anyway, back to the story.

I did not totally subscribe to Thelma’s belief that my dream was nothing more than my subconscious fears regarding the lab’s inevitable demise, as it was common knowledge to all concerned that the lab’s days were numbered.  The possibility of our lab’s imminent death was no more on my mind at that moment in time that at any other.

After the passage of several days and then weeks, I pretty much forgot about this bizarre dream, and perhaps for good reason. Several weeks’ later Dr. West made an unexpected visit to the lab.  I’ll bet you can guess what happened next?

Dr. West proceeded to tell us that our lab would be shut down and its space given to others who had funding available that would pay for the requisite facilities and services we were getting free of charge.  Well, I guess nothing lasts forever, does it?

As Dr. West was leaving the lab I asked him if I could speak with him for a moment and he agreed.  I do not know what gave me the courage to ask Dr. West if he has a sister, but I did.  His reply was very enlightening.

Apparently, he did have a sister.  Naturally, given the content of my dream, I had to ask, “What do you mean, did?  He said that she died some time ago.  My immediate follow up to his reply was, “May I inquire as to what caused her death?”  “She suffered a protracted death from cancer which wasted most of her body”, the doctor said.  My immediate reply to Dr. West was to give my condolences. He thanked me, but then asked why I asked about his sister and I told him that someone had mentioned it to me some time ago and I was curious.

As I might never again have an opportunity to speak with Dr. West in such a casual manner, I quickly asked him one last question.  “Did your sister have a dog?”  West looked at me very strangely, cocking his head to one side, probably trying to figure out why I was asking such obscure questions of him.

He thought for a moment, finally answering.  “Why yes, she used to have a dog.”  I immediately followed up with, “What breed of dog?”,  “A German Shepard, he responded.  “What happened to that dog?” I asked.  Again, Dr. West looked at me as though I was a police detective conducting an intense interrogation of a suspect.

However, the good doctor answered my final question in saying that his sister’s German Shepard was killed in a violent auto accident many years before she herself passed.

I thanked Dr. West for his time and he walked away, never suspecting the real reason I asked such bizarre questions of a literal stranger.  Had I told him of my dream, he very likely would have thought that I belonged in the NPI as an inpatient, as he was extremely skeptical about such matters.

Having learned what I just did, it was obvious that my dream had a very common form of distortion called “primary process”.  In layman’s terms, this is a method by which our subconscious mind colors or modifies information going to our conscious mind that might otherwise be too painful or difficult to deal with.   Primary process distortion could be looked at as the noise as related to the signal.

Obviously, the thought of our lab closing was one that was far too painful for my conscious mind to deal with, so my unconscious cleverly cloaked it with the melodrama of a low-budget, Roger Corman, horror movie. This is certainly preferable to dying during an earthquake while in the lab, isn’t it?

This type of distortion is extremely common when dealing with paranormal perception.  In fact, it’s very rare when such does not occur.

Given the fact that some thirty-five years have passed, if you now call UCLA or the Semel Institute and question anyone there about our old lab, the reply is simple and direct, “There was never such a lab anywhere on campus”.

And as the Extension division does not have records going back that far, there’s no proof that we even taught parapsychology anywhere on campus at any time.

And even though stories about our lab appeared once in the UCLA Monthly and three times in The Daily Bruin, the school’s newspaper (although there was a piece on the lab published there in 2010, but they conveniently avoided mentioning the fact that the two of us [Taff & Gaynor] were also students on campus during that same period), numerous times, they too have not kept files or records regarding such stories going back that far in time.  At least that’s what they claim.

Thus officially, we never existed as far as UCLA is concerned, but that really doesn’t surprise me given their utter embarrassment of our presence and the passage of such an amount of time, as literally everyone we knew way back when is either no longer there, or has passed away.   I’m sure that this is the way the university would like it to remain, and I do not really blame them given all the junk-science paranormal unreality shows currently on television and online.

It’s odd how sensitive universities were to this matter some four decades ago and lengths they went to hinder and stifle research in this field.  However, even after the end of what was a real legacy, some of us continue our own research but now in the public sector, although some were discouraged at the loss of such a great facility in the midst of an incredible university and teaching hospital.

In the final analysis, all things must end, in order for other things to begin anew.  There may never be another facility like this on earth in my lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that it’s memory and the shining hope of faith it generated in all us will not live on long beyond our years.

I truly do not know what I would have done with my life and where I’d be today had it not been for the lab and the foundation it offered all of us in terms of organization, learning, evolving and growing.

There is no “what if” when it comes to this lab.  There was only what was and is.

Thank you for being there to help nurture and guide us along into this most intriguing and fascinating adventure of life in all its mysteries.


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Learned Psi: Training To Be Psychic

Learned Psi: Training To Be Psychic



Is it possible to take normal, healthy, emotionally stable people who do not think they’re psychic, and haven’t really had any prior experiences to their knowledge, and train them to become functionally, reliable psychics?

YES and NO.

That is, it appears that everyone may have some latent psychic potential that can be developed and honed with the right type of positive feedback and reinforcement.

However, it’s crucial that such feedback occur very close in time to when the person makes a correct or incorrect statement, otherwise it will have little, if any, effect.  In order for this learning paradigm to function properly, a person must slowly come to recognize what internal feelings and sensations are associated with accurate paranormal information (signal) access as opposed to inaccurate information, a.k.a. primary process distortion and fantasy (noise).

I suspect that only a very small percentage of the population, maybe between five and ten percent, possess such inherent faculties that are consistently demonstrable.

This is somewhat comparable to sports in that most people can occasionally participate in some kind of sport when young, but few have the strength, stamina, endurance, reflexes and coordination necessary to become a professional athlete in any given sport.

As I’m really into motorsports like Formula 1 and American Le Mans road racing, let’s just look at that particular event for a direct analog.

While everyone can essentially drive a car, few could tolerate the extremely high g-loading forces on the neck and arms, where your body would suddenly feel like it weighs four to five times it’s weight.  Even fewer would have the stamina, endurance, depth perception, reflexes and hand, eye, foot coordination to be competitive in such a grueling physical sport.  But this doesn’t mean that one cannot learn things to improve their driving skills on the road.

Our psi training groups were held at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI) [now the Semel Institute] on Wednesday nights from 1971 through 1980.  These training groups, applied positive feedback and reinforcement incorporating a free-verbal response (FVR) as opposed to forced-choice method, as a learning paradigm to enhance and train paranormal perception.

Put more simply, we were attempting to teach people how to differentiate and distinguish between normal fantasy and/or cognitively processed thoughts and informational input from sources that are non-localized from them in space and time, e.g. ESP.

In those halcyon times, these perceptions were referred to as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and retrocognition, as opposed to the all-encompassing “remote viewing” nomenclature of today.  A rose by any other name.

Over the first few years, we had numerous recurring visitors from the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), the National Security Agency (NSA), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Defense Language Institute (DLI) and the Defense Advanced Research Project’s Agency (DARPA) as they became very interested in what we were doing and had already achieved.

Initially, we had no knowledge whatsoever of who these recurring visitors were or where they were from until the sessions were completed (a single blind condition).

On one particular early visit, our group was simply given the first name of a man.  We suddenly began describing very specific details of a new nuclear ballistic missile submarine and it’s new, highly accurate, long-range missiles.

When the feedback part of this session was reached and the room lights we turned back on, we were witness to several men sitting there with their collective mouths hanging open with ashen white faces.  What in the hell was going on?

Of what they could reveal, our comments very accurately described many of the details for the new Trident ballistic missile submarine (a boomer) and its ten-MIRV’D, D-5 missile.   This was all highly classified, sensitive data that we could not have known or had access to.

I guess these visitors were impressed by what we did, as these military intelligence officers immediately demanded the surrender of the audio tape from that session and that we all sign national security oaths.  Needless to say, we complied.

Representatives of the various intelligence groups made repeated visits to our group over time to assure themselves that our success on that first night was not a coincidence or a trick.

After we demonstrated that what we were doing was real, demonstrable and reproducible, the various intelligence groups asked that we work with and for them in several capacities.

Sounded like an interesting and compelling proposition?

However, there was one unanticipated and insurmountable obstacle regarding this; UCLA.

Apparently, both UCLA and the NPI itself, were horrified at the thought of being formally, publicly and professionally linked to parapsychology, which was thought of at the time as pseudo-science and quackery by mainstream science, but especially by behavioral science.  Such an alliance could have been political suicide for a university dependent on public perception and regular endowments?

Isn’t it interesting that more than four decades later, and nothing’s really changed, has it?  Perhaps the fact that the NPI was already associated with psycho-surgery and orbital undercutting, was all the negative press it could tolerate?

Due to our unavailability dictated by university politics and damage control, the government’s focus shifted northward to Menlo Park, California.

After having conducted these groups for seven years, even the continued positive results we were achieving were now boring. You know, that been there, done that, sort of feeling.

More specifically, the ability of reaching into anothers mind or observing things at a distance, we now perceived as somewhat commonplace and ordinary.  Hard to believe, I know.

However, when there is high degree of success and continuity with such extraordinary research efforts, one tends to become jaded.  I guess that this attitude is just part of being human in that we begin taking things for granted.

In an effort to make things more interesting, we decided to attempt our first precognitive effort with this group.

We turned off the lights in the NPI’s C-floor observation/conference room and went through our normal progressive muscular relaxation procedure.  Once we had attained this hypo-metabolic state, we mentally focused on the “target” person of the next week’s first session.

In a way, the verbal reinforcements given during this part of this session were similar to what Christopher Reeve as Richard Collier in Somewhere In Time (Universal, 1980) verbalized when attempting to physically transport himself back through time.  Except of course, we didn’t expect to physically travel in time, and obviously we weren’t producing a fantasy film at the time either.

We began describing the “target” person as a tall, beautifully statuesque, blue-eyed blond girl dressed in a tan business suit.  We continued our verbalizations into the centrally placed, amplified, microphone within the otherwise sensory-deprived room as we clearly saw the specific number on the chair in which she was sitting (there were twenty-four chairs in this conference room, each of which was numbered).

As the session continued, we “saw” a very large mansion-like home, within which was a large baby-grand piano. Numerous bits of varying types of personal information continued to flow from our mouths for quite some time.  And then, silence.

Vocally piercing the darkened conference room, we all abruptly began describing a tall man wearing all black, with a black hat, black mask, a flowing black cape and an imposing sword.  I remember thinking, what kind of crap are we uttering?  The session ended and we didn’t give much thought to what we had just said because it wasn’t relevant yet.

It was now one week later and another group was about to begin.  However, on this particular evening, no guest member from the prior week was allowed to bring a visitor.  Any new participants on this night could only arrive through third parties who had not been in attendance for the last several weeks, i.e., through independent means.

When each new person arrived they were handed a sealed envelope with a number from one through twelve written on a piece of paper within it.  Once in the conference room, we rolled the dice and then asked all new visitors to open their sealed envelopes.  Whichever person’s number fit the dice roll was the randomly chosen target person for the first session.

We had all pretty much forgotten what we had said a week earlier, so when a statuesque blue-eyed, blond girl’s number matched the dice roll, we didn’t give it second thought.

I asked this stunning 19-yr old woman, named Toni, to replay the audiotape from the week before and if she heard any statements that directly related to her, stop the tape and comment on them. If the statements were incorrect, let the tape run without interruption.  Toni didn’t immediately understand what I just said, forcing me clarify this protocol again.

Toni listens, as voices clearly describe her appearance and clothing in detail as well as the exact number of the chair she is seated in.  Her look is one of astonishment, although the best was yet to come.  When she hears the specific description of the mansion in the hills with the baby grand piano, her eyes open even wider, as those data points were also correct.  But those could have been coincidence, couldn’t they?

However, then came what I believe to be one of the most fascinating pieces of precognized information that has ever been documented?  Let’s see if you agree.

When we finished our discourse on the black costumed man with the mask and sword, Toni let out a somewhat muffled scream.  There was hesitation in her voice and for good reason.

Toni looked at me and said: “How do you know who I am?”  My immediate response was to look at her while shrugging my shoulders, “What do you mean, who you are?”  Toni tells our group that her full name is “Toni Williams”.  We all looked at Toni with blank, expressionless faces, as we did not understand what she was referring to.  Who was Toni Williams?

Realizing that our group really didn’t know who “Toni Williams” was, she connected the dots for us.  Apparently, Toni knew all too well exactly who the masked, darkly dressed, swordsman was.  In fact, she knew him for her entire life.

The ornately costumed man turned out to be her father, Guy Williams, the actor who played Zorro in the Disney television series from the late fifties and early sixties. You might better remember Guy Williams from another TV series in the mid-sixties, where he played Professor John Robinson in CBS’s Lost In Space.

Guy Williams as "Zorro"

Guy Williams as “Zorro”


Toni was speechless and just a little frightened.  She looked at all of us as though we were beings from another reality.  She sheepishly asked when this tape was made and we told her exactly one week earlier.  However, Toni did not even know of, or that she was even coming to our group until several hours earlier that very day!


Toni’s question was a simple one. How could we have so accurately described her and her surroundings seven days earlier when she wasn’t even aware of us, or of our group?

Indeed, how could we have perceived such an event unless the information pertaining to it already existed?  What are the odds of us accurately describing such state specific information about an event one hundred and sixty eight hours before it occurred?

What’s the probability of our precisely describing the Zorro character as related to his daughter one week prior to her random appearance and selection as a target in our group?  A million-to-one? A billion-to-one?  A trillion-to-one?  Okay, let’s just say astronomical and leave it at that!  Does this event sound like we were randomly guessing as to the shape of things to come?

Guy Williams

Guy Williams

Believe it or not, there have been those individuals over the decades that actually believed that we somehow deduced or logically inferred the

information described herein.  Give me a break?

Needless to say, Toni never again returned to participate in one of our research groups, as her one experience with us was more than enough. I can certainly understand how unsettling such an unusual experience can be.  But then, as I think about it, maybe I can’t.

As we were all very impressed with our first foray into the future, we attempted to replicate our results several months later, little knowing what the full emotional impact of such accurately precognized information would have on some of us.

During this second attempt things went very differently though.  All any of us could “sense” was fire, and more fire.  We didn’t know why this was, but it certainly wasn’t worth getting all that upset over.  Well, at least, not until the next day.

On that following Thursday, while up in the lab on 2-South of the NPI, I heard the arrival of many fire engines.  Racing down to the C-Floor, I discovered that our conference room had apparently caught fire due to a shorting socket that sparked the drapes covering the room’s west-facing wall.  What a coincidence and shock (oops, there’s another pun).  And no, I did not start the fire myself to produce a self-fulfilling prophecy.

After these two successful treks into the future, several of our regular group members became depressed and starting having anxiety attacks about the possibility that the future is as immutable as the past, and that free will may be little more than an illusion.

My response to these reactions was simple, “Who cares!  We’re still going to live out our lives making daily judgments and choices without knowing the shape of things to come whether the future is random and open to change or predestined.”  For some reason, my attitude regarding such matters doesn’t seem to be shared by many others.  Why is that?

For some reason, I cannot as yet fathom the belief that reality is random and chaotic.  To me personally, my experiences and research strongly suggest that reality is finitely ordered and predetermined, and this belief gives me a sense of inner peace.

Maybe I just can’t accept the notion that anything as vast and extraordinarily intricate and complex as the universe could be the result of random, chaotic energy.  No way!  Or perhaps, I’ve had way too many precognitive experiences growing up, both in and out of the lab environment to believe otherwise.

Another fascinating incident occurred several years earlier when a semi-regular to our group, Janet, decided to act as a target for the first time, something she had always refused to do.   The room lights were extinguished, the microphones were turned on and target was given as a man’s first name, and the rest followed in short order.

Many of us started describing a large, expensive home in a very rustic and seemingly lush, forested area.  The home had very large, walls made of glass looking out into what seemed like trees and shrubs.  The kitchen was lined, quite oddly, with empty jars of Bac-O -Bits.   We then began trying to phonetically articulate this man’s last name.   While I am unable to provide his name due to privacy concerns as he was and still is quite famous,  our vocalizations were within about 98% of accuracy even though it’s a rather peculiar last name.

But that was nothing compared to what was about to come forth from our collective mouths.  We began vividly describing this man being brutally mugged by several people, it was quite horrible in its ferocity.   As we were quite sickened by what we just saw in our mind’s eye, we decided to stop the session at that point.  Turning the lights back on, we handed Janet the recorder controls and told her to play back the tape and respond accordingly.

This man was someone that Janet had been dating at the time, and he lived in a house almost identical to what we had just described, even down to the point of the empty jars of Bac-O-Bits lining the lower, exposed shelves in the kitchen.   When we learned of this man’s last name, it was truly astounding as to how close our pronunciations of it were.   But when Janet hit the part of her friend being mugged and she was emphatic that such an event had never occurred to either him or her.  At least that what she believed.

Several days later I received a rather frantic call from Janet while in the lab.  She informed me that on the very night she was participating in our group, her friend was up in the San Francisco Bay area, and was being viciously mugged at the exact time her session was transpiring in our lab.

But wait, if Janet did not know what was happening to her friend hundreds of miles away, then what was the source of our accurate psychic perceptions?

Several years later, one of our regulars, a director by the name of Steve (and no, not Spielberg), who bore a striking resemblance to an older, thicker featured Christopher Reeve, brought a female friend to our group by the name of Roberta.  She also volunteered to be a target.  Other than her first name we had no idea who she was or what type of unsettling event was about to occur.

Roberta simply gave us the name Al, and that was it.  We had no way to knowing who Al was or who he was related to Roberta.

In our sensory deprived room, we began describing him as being around 6’2″, rather stocky, with reddish-brown hair and blue eyes.  We went on to discuss that he had a very unusual voice and was extremely volatile and violent, where we saw him repeatedly beating Roberta and his eventually killing her.  As our comments were getting more and more disturbing in nature, we thought that it was best that we stop the session at that point.

With the lights on, Roberta took the recorder control and started playing the tape back.  She was visibly upset, and for good reason.

Roberta told us that Al was her husband, the actor named Albert Salmi, who was always cast as the heavy or villain.  If you’ve watched TV during the

Albert Salmi

last sixty years, you’ve certainly seen him in everything from Cheyenne, Bonanza, Alfred Hitchcock to three appearances on the original Twilight Zone series, two of the half-hour shows and one hour-long episode.

Remember the show entitled “Execution” (1960), where a man named Joe Caswell, is about to be hanged for murder in the wild west when he suddenly disappears from the hangman’s noose and appears within a time machine at the laboratory of Russel Johnson (the professor from Gilligans Island) in 1960?  Johnson utters one of the all-time great one liners “I know this isn’t very scientific, but I don’t like his looks”.

Caswell eventually kills Johnson’s character and ends up being strangled with a window-shade cord by a contemporary burglar.  The burglar then ends up wandering into the time machine which he accidentally activates, sending him back to the past where he end’s up materializing in the same hangman’s noose that Caswell began the show in.

Our physical description of Salmi was perfect, as were many other details of his life and living conditions.  Finally, Roberta gets to the end where we commented on Salmi’s volatile/violent nature.

Very reluctantly, she admitted that Al’s been chronically beating her for years and she fears that one day he will kill her.  As if this happened yesterday, we told here to leave Albert ASAP.  She looked at us as if to say “What, leave Al?”

More than twelve years later, on April of 1990, Albert Salmi, then 62, first shot his wife Roberta, then 55,  and then himself.

Back at our groups in the late ’70’s, Steve brings yet another guest to our group.   This time, it’s well known character actor who’s worked in both movies and television for decades.  You’d recognize his face and voice in a heartbeat.  Due to privacy concerns, his name will not be mentioned here, but let’s call him Robert.

Robert volunteers to be the target.  The protocols are followed and we begin uttering some very strange things in the pitch black room.  While we were clearly given the name of a woman, several of us simultaneously start commenting on the fact that this woman, was actually a man, a transsexual.

When we finished with the session, Robert began his commentary on our words as if nothing we said was at all relevant.  As Robert began verifying one thing after another, the tape finally came to the part where we discussed the altered sexuality of Robert’s friend, whom he lived with.

Once Robert heard what we had said, he turned red in the face, rapidly stood up from his chair and abruptly left the room, never to return.

Steve later informed us about Robert’s transsexual girlfriend, which then explained his rapid departure from our room.  This was probably the last thing that Robert ever expected us to pick up, which is why it occurred.

In what was now well known to us, the more deeply buried something was within the target person’s mind, the more likely it was to show up in our comments.  And, as part of the introduction to new group participants was to not censor yourself when verbalizing your thoughts, we freely spoke whatever thoughts entered our heads, and it was all too often quite accurate.

Perhaps the most unexpected and astonishing moments of this psi training program was when a girl by the name of Paula visited our group in late 1979.  Paula was a rather intense poltergeist agent who is discussed in my book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown.  While her session was unremarkable in terms of its informational content, it’s visual component was most memorable.

While seated in our pitch-black room, a very large, bright red, luminous anomaly was emitted by her petite form.

This amazing visual display was about the size of an average human head and almost perfectly spherical in shape.  It rapidly shot out across the rather larger room and then just disappeared as if someone had turned off a light bulb.

Our entire group jumped in almost perfect unison upon witnessing this incredible fireworks-like manifestation, and several of us responded with a loud vocal reaction.

We immediately turned the lights on to find Paula crouched down and cowering in her chair, like a terrified 8-year old child.   She immediately got up and ran out of the room and the NPI, immediately driving herself home.  She never returned to the group, and I do not blame her.

Our psi training groups ran from 1971 through 1980 at the NPI.  Once the lab closed, we moved the groups to various off-campus office complexes in the Westwood area for several years and then into the home of one of our regular members.

The program finally ended in 1987, with over 3,200 separate sessions being conducted.   The qualitative and quantitative data collected was truly extraordinary and the evidence was overwhelming in terms of demonstrating a highly reproducible paranormal event on demand.

That’s why all the various government agencies were so damn interested in what we were doing.  We witnessed meteorological effects, tidal effects, as well as the far more subtle, yet pronounced, emotional ones.

I seriously doubt if I’ll ever again experience such a consistent level of controlled paranormal experimental results.

Those were the days.

What was learned and accomplished from this program was truly amazing.   That psi is both space-like and time-like, which in layman’s terms means that it is not affected by distance or time, in that it is indeed possible to access information regarding people and events that are not local to you in both time and space.

That there’s really no fundamental difference between telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition or retrocognition.   What we call such remotely accessed information entirely depends on where we are at the time we perceive it and where it appears to come from.  That is, if it comes from our past, we call such information retrocognition. If it comes from our future, we describe such perception as precognition.  If the information stems from a human mind at any distance, it’s classified as telepathic, and if such remotely accessed information is spatially displaced from us without the mediation of another mind, we call that clairvoyance.  In the end, it’s all little more than than remote accessing of information from our bodies without working through our normal sensory systems.

But most importantly, was that it is indeed possible to “train” some people to become psychic.  However, there is a major qualifier here.

Just as it is possible to improve anyone’s golfing score or auto racing skills, few will become professionals athletes in either sport.  Everyone comes to the party with an inherent or latent psychic potential.

On one side side of the bell curve are those people who with some training will become psychic superstars in the purist sense of the word.

On the other side of the curve are those people who are totally immune to any type of learning methods as their psychic potential is extremely low or non-existent.

In the middle of the curve, are those people who have occasional encounters with paranormal perception, but it’s almost random and mostly totally dependent on the specific situation, where emotionally stressful events are the trigger and mediator.

Additionally, each person who does positively respond to these methods seems to develop along different lines.  That is, our psychic perception is attracted to and repelled from information just as our conscious mind is.  This is a very subjective, need-relevant based mechanism, where we pay attention to those things that are very important to us and we’re attracted to, or repulsed from.  You could almost refer to this process as being related to the approach-avoidance mechanism spoken of in psychology.

One final word of caution here though.

We did have those situations wherein once someone’s consciousness was opened up to this data acquisition method, they began having problems mediating the process and turning it off.  And all too often, information was perceived that was very upsetting, unnerving and anxiety producing, especially if it dealt with matters that were out of the control of the recipient.

When this occurred, individuals would have severe anxiety or panic attacks, that occasionally resulted in serious emotional scarring.  I could write another entire book, based purely on the fallout experienced due to the lack of any proper coping mechanism such people had to this alteration of their perceptual abilities.  From developing a messianic complex, to religious zealotry, delusions of grandeur, paranoid schizophrenia, dissociative thinking and borderline personalities.   It’s was all there, and they were not that uncommon of a reaction to this process.





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Hazardous Hauntings: The Enemy Within

Hazardous Hauntings: The Enemy Within


It’s difficult trying to understand why certain types of paranormal activity occurs around some individuals, and yet not others.   It’s even harder trying to make sense of the numerous types of psychokinetic displays put on during poltergeist outbreaks.   At least it used to be.

It is my current belief that if one is willing to take the time and dig deep enough into such cases, looking into environmental variables,  medical backgrounds of the individuals involved, psychological backgrounds, as well as the psychodynamics of the people affected, definitive patterns emerged which are absolutely fascinating.

Patterns which explain why specific types of psychokinetic events occur to certain people, while different ones happen to others.  Patterns which strongly suggest that these supposedly random psychokinetic acts are nothing of the kind.   In reality, evidence indicates they are carefully orchestrated deep within the consciousness of their generators or agents, a.k.a. poltergeist agents.  While these events are not consciously mediated, they are deliberate acts of the subconscious or unconscious acting out upon the immediate environment.

After forty-four years of work, a fascinating longitudinal pattern has emerged strongly suggesting what’s underlying the nature of most, if not all, poltergeists cases.

To put it very simply, WE ARE.

Unfortunately for reality television, there are no demons, entities or monsters, just the externalization of consciousness of  everyday living people.  Well, not everyday living people?

These special people are uniquely, neurologically wired so that their body is highly reactive to forces most of us simply ignore.  The majority of the human population is highly insensitive to these energies, which is why certain types of paranormal activity is so rarely experienced.  Of course, if you watch any of the fraudulent paranormal “un-reality” shows, you might think otherwise?

Out of the more than four thousand cases from my own files, there are many that clearly exemplify this theory, but I’ll focus on only three here.  Two of the three cases are also the best known of my case files as they’ve received the greatest media attention.  They are:  The Entity case and the San Pedro case, while the third case is chapter seven “An Irreplaceable Loss: The Life and Death of a Poltergeist Agent” of my book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown.

As most are somewhat familiar with The Entity and San Pedro cases, let me begin with the case that has received absolutely no publicity whatsoever, and that’s the one that affected the lives of Lisa McIntosh, Barry Conrad and myself from 2001 through July of 2006.   This was the last chapter I added to my book before it was published, but not the final chapter.

Lisa McIntosh and Barry Conrad

What began as Lisa informing Conrad upon meeting him online that she moved from one haunted house to another while growing up, turned into the Mount Everest of poltergeist cases, that was very well chronicled due to the logging of events by Conrad and myself.   What was thought to be just another fascinating RSPK outbreak, resulted in a very steep learning curve in terms of our understanding of the nature of this incredible phenomenon.

Lisa moved into Barry’s house from her home in North Carolina in early summer of 2001 and she accompanied us out on her first case in mid-October of that same year.

The case was a very minor one as well as being quite old and dormant.  While our instruments detected rather high geomagnetic and electromagnetic fields, we did not encounter any phenomena at all.  This is quite the norm in such investigations.

However, the very next day, poltergeist activity began transpiring around Lisa and Barry, and before it all ended some five years later,  they had experienced many occurrences.  Between mid-October 2001 and July of 2006, there were probably several thousand separate RSPK events, many were redundant, but nevertheless intense.

One of the more violent events occurred when Barry was away on a late shoot and Lisa was preparing for bed.  As she was beginning to settle under the covers, Barry’s dog Beau, a gift from one of his many girlfriends, began to leap towards the bed to ensure her place next to Lisa.   This dog was very territorial and possessive of her space that Lisa’s presence had now invaded.

Although Lisa had a great love of animals, this large, pesky canine was nothing more than a constant reminder of Barry’s last squeeze.  Put simply, she absolutely despised that dog for that one simple reason.  No great surprise?

In keeping with Beau’s territoriality, she leaped towards the bed not knowing that she was about to get a rude awakening as to just how potent some human minds really are.

Suddenly, something invisible to the eye, abruptly grabbed Beau in mid jump, momentarily suspending the animal in the air.  This was immediately followed by Beau being violently flung backwards away from the bed, into the wall just below the windows in the bedroom.  Had the dog’s trajectory been slightly just slightly higher, she would have flown out the second story bedroom window to her death below.

Lisa let out a very loud scream and was way too frightened to even move, as there had already been numerous poltergeist incidents in the house preceding this event.  She tried calling Barry, but as he was working, his cell phone was turned off and could not be reached.

Beau was stunned into semi-consciousness from hitting the wall and laid there quietly for about ten seconds.  Upon coming it her senses, Beau hunkered down and crawled very rapidly out of the room, never again to enter Barry’s main bedroom.

As shocking as this event was, it really made a great sense in that what we see here is a direct intervention on the part of Lisa’s subconscious mind, via psychokinesis, acting out within her new home (Conrad’s house), to protect her own territory.   But wait, there’s much more to this fascinating young lady named Lisa.

Lisa’s health became somewhat problematic in that her whole body seemed to ache most of the time even though she was not even forty years old.  But as she did not have any health insurance, she simply began consuming vast quantities of over-the-counter pain pills like Aleve, Tylenol, etc.    Initially, this appeared to help, but she seemed to have a chronic, low grade fever and as she had an intense dislike of physicians, she initially did not even desire to be properly diagnosed.

Some months later, after numerous poltergeist events like doors violently opening and closing, disembodied voices, the sounds of large explosions, telephones incessantly ringing with no caller at the other end, fierce growling voices heard over the phone lines, and even luminous anomalies, the escalating events took a rather odd and ominous turn.

While Lisa and Barry were watching TV early one evening in his living room, they heard a disturbance in the kitchen.  Both they and the dog got up to investigate unusual noise.

As they entered the dinning room on the way to the kitchen area they observed a really bizarre apparition before them.  In fact, this apparition was so distinct and extraordinary that I wouldn’t have even believed it had it come from someone other than Barry and Lisa.

There before them was a gigantic, twisting, convoluted 3-D image of the letter “M”, in a dirty, dark brown/black shade of color.  What the hell?

As Lisa and Barry stood there in utter amazement, this mind-boggling apparition continued its twisting motions, with no apparent sound, aside form that of the dog that was growling at it as it hunched down into an attack posture.  Suddenly, the dog lets out a yelp, and runs away with it’s tail between it’s legs.

Then, just as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone.  Barry and Lisa looked at each other wondering what they’ve just witnessed.  They immediately called me to discuss it.

I must say, that this is perhaps the most peculiar apparition I’ve ever heard about, period.   What in the world does “M” mean, other than Lisa’s last name, McIntosh.  But that’s way too obvious to be relevant.

Twenty three months later though, the letter “M” became very relevant to both Lisa and Barry, in a way no one could have ever predicted.

Lisa finally consented to see a physician regarding her chronic aches and pains.  After an exhaustive battery of tests, the answer to Lisa’s malaise was finally known.   She’s diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (MM), and insidious and untreatable form of bone cancer (cancer of plasma cells) that usually only afflicts the elderly.

As depressing as her diagnosis was, what’s even more astounding is the “M” relevance here to the apparition her and Barry witnessed some two years earlier.

Was it only a coincidence that the apparition they saw was in the form of the letter “M, or was Lisa’s subconscious mind acting out within her immediate environment trying to communicate what was really going on within her body at the time?   As neither Lisa or Barry had ever heard of this illness, which was normal as they weren’t physicians, there was no direct way that such information could have been conveyed to either of them.   In my professional opinion, this is matter is so far beyond the point of it being a coincidence, that it’s truly astounding.

Unfortunately, Lisa lost her battle to cancer on July of 2006, and shortly thereafter, all the psychokinetic episodes within Barry’s house ceased.  Of course they did, the biological generator or agent was now gone.

For a far more detailed account of this case, read chapter seven of my book.

The next case that displayed the same type of overtly obvious psychokinetic link was the San Pedro case (1989-1993) with Jackie Hernandez.

The most blatant and direct events in this fascinating case are the numerous occasions where the RSPK directly attacked Jeff Wheatcraft.

On the very first night of our visit in August of 1989, Jeff’s camera was violently pulled from his hands as attempted to shoot some photos in the attic of Jackie’s little bungalow on 11th Street in San Pedro.   Jeff’s reaction is pure fear and some disbelief, as he was somewhat of a skeptic when it came too paranormal matters.  But the worse was ahead.

On September 4th, while Jeff was exploring the attic once again, this time with Gary Beihm (a friend of Conrad’s), something suddenly wrapped a clothesline cord around Jeff’s neck and tried to hang him, by lifting his body over a bolt in one of the many rafters.  Jeff let out a loud yell as this event transpired.

Had Gary not been in the attic with Jeff at that moment, there’s a real good chanced that Jeff would have died of strangulation by that clothesline.

Jeff Wheatcraft being hung in San Pedro case, 9/4/89

Can you imagine the legal complications facing Barry Conrad, Gary Beihm and Jackie Hernandez if Jeff would have died then and there?  How could you possibly defend someone in a case like this?

Jeff was left with a serious rope burn in his neck that’s clearly visible as he descends from the attic after the attack.  Needless to say, Jeff is shocked and for good reason, and backs away from helping us on this case, but not totally.  He’s about to learn what a bad judgment call that was.

Months later, Jackie finally left San Pedro and moved up to a trailer park in Weldon, CA near Bakersfield.  Barry and Jeff, traveled three hundred miles north to visit Jackie as she was still having poltergeist events around her.

Yours truly was sidelined for a while as my father had suffered a heart attack and my mother required my assistance at many levels.  While at Jackie’s new home, they encountered numerous RSPK events that culminated in yet another, almost lethal attack on Jeff Wheatcraft.

Jeff Wheatcraft being hanged in San Pedro, 1989.

Jeff Wheatcraft being hanged in San Pedro, 1989.

While playing with a Ouija Board in Jackie’s home, Barry, Jeff, Jackie and several others experiencing table shaking, inexplicable cold winds from nowhere and some rather obscure messages from the board.  However, they all paled compared to what was about to occur.

Suddenly, Jeff and his chair were levitated up into the air, with the chair falling away while he continued in his upward arc of movement until he was violently slammed into the meeting of the ceiling and wall.   Jeff’s limp, unconscious body soon hit the floor.  Everyone assumed he was dead.  Fortunately, they were wrong.

Jeff described a sensation of his diaphragm being compressed and sensing a vertical lifting motion which was soon followed by his back and head being slammed into the wall and ceiling.   He woke up on the floor, not really knowing what had just happened to him.

What makes these recurring attacks on Jeff relevant in this discussion is how they are linked directly backed to Jackie Hernandez’s state-of-mind at the time.

Jackie grew very found of Barry Conrad, and why not.  He’s affable, tall, handsome with blue eyes and has come to Jackie’s aid in her time of need. Jackie became very attached to Barry emotionally as he was sort of her rescuer and savior, although she misinterpreted his help as a romantic overture to a single mother, as he very flirtatious .  But there was one real problem with Barry as far as Jackie was concerned and it had little to do with Barry himself.

The problem for Jackie was that every time Barry was at her home, Jeff was with him, acting as a wedge or impedance to her growing closer to Barry, at least a far as Jackie was concerned.  Jackie attempted to correct this “problem” the only way she could….to unleash her RSPK onto Jeff.

Thus, it’s no coincidence that Jeff was repeatedly attacked while in Jackie’s presence by invisible forces as Jackie was doing everything within her “power” to assure that Jeff no longer returned to her home with Barry again, and it came pretty damn close to succeeding.

At one point during an interview with the magazine show Hard Copy in 1993, I asked Jackie on camera about my suspicions regarding her feelings about Jeff.  Jackie readily acknowledged and admitted that my thinking on this matter was entirely correct.

However, the producer of this particular story didn’t quite understand what I was referring to here with Jackie, which prompted her to ask me a question:  “So you mean that Jackie tells the ghost what to do and the ghost does it, right?”  WRONG.

No matter how hard I tried to get this producer to understand my theory here, she couldn’t grasp what I was saying.   And needless to say, they edited out this entire aspect of the show as it didn’t support their contention that it was all due to a ghost and was far too complex for most viewers to comprehend.

There were other major indicators and evidence of Jackie being a blatant poltergeist agent and they are discussed in detail within chapter three of my book and how the localized environment played into the entire case and beyond.

To learn more about how and why Jackie suddenly developed this psychokinetic proclivity, read my book or another blog here “Looking A Gift Ghost in the Mouth:  The Science of Poltergeists”.  It no coincidence that as new tenants eventually moved into, and soon out of, Jackie’s 11th street San Pedro home, many also had run ins with poltergeist activity.

Saving the best known of my cases for the last, we’re now talking about the The Entity case from the middle 1970’s.

In a nutshell, Doris Bither claimed to have been repeatedly raped by ghosts, where two small one would hold her down while the large, third one assaulted her.  As you’ll read in my book, Doris was subjected to frequently recurring episodes of belligerent poltergeist activity, the zenith of which were the alleged rapes and the appearance of the apparition all twenty-five of us collectively observed.

Doris Bither framed by arc of light in The Entity case, Summer 1974

Why alleged you might ask?  Because we could not prove or disprove that such events ever really occurred as they happened long before we met her in August of 1974.  One cannot prove a negative, only a positive.

What’s particularly fascinating about The Entity case is that Doris had a family consisting of three sons and one daughter.  There was one older, larger, teenage son, while the other sons were somewhat younger and smaller.  I think you can figure out where I’m going with this, can’t you?

It’s not very difficult to see the Oedipal correlations here, as Doris was a very sexually driven woman, who very likely possessed strong subliminal, libidinous fantasies about her three boys, especially when binge drinking, which, for her, was quite common.

These were strong, subconscious projections from Doris who some might say was sexually insatiable, and it’s more likely than not that she deeply desired her three young, strong, vibrant sons to please her in ways she could only dream about.  Such an intense incestuous relationship would prove to Doris troubled mind that she’s indeed wanted and needed by the men closest to her, her three sons.

Given the background Doris grew up in, where she was intensely rejected and eventually disinherited by her family at a very young age, she was in desperate need of attention and physical love from men at every level.

The relationship between Doris and her children was extremely chaotic and dysfunctional to say the least.  Such feelings are not that uncommon in society, while the psychokinetic acting out of Doris’s sexual fantasies is VERY UNCOMMON.

If you know anything about clinical psychology and/or psychoanalysis, you’ll understand and appreciate what I’m speaking about here.

In science there’s something called Ockham’s Razor, which basically means that all things being equal, you always go with the simplest explanation.  And in these extraordinary cases, the evidence strongly suggests the causal agent was anything other than a discarnate personality.

In a peculiar sort of way, these scenarios are somewhat reminiscent of “Monsters From The Id” as depicted in the 1956 motion picture Forbidden Planet, a loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, wherein the indigenous alien residents (the Krell) of a planet within a distant star system developed technology that could translate their thoughts and whims into energy and matter that they then could project anywhere on the planet.  Only later, did the Krell discover that their unconscious whims, wants, needs and fears were guiding the process, which eventually led to their own destruction.  Does this science fiction plot seem strangely familiar?

What’s being theoretically postulated here regarding humanly mediated psychokinesis is pretty much the same as in Forbidden Planet with one glaring exception; we don’t have the technology to create such incredible effects.  Although in the real world, it appears as if the interrelationship between certain individuals and their physical environment may serve as a poor man’s substitute. Then again, maybe it’s a good thing that we do not possess such advanced psychotronic technology given our predilection for violence?

Remember, real science is where your theory conforms to your data, not the reverse, where you only seek data that supports your theory, that’s quackery.

What do you think?









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Looking A Gift Ghost In The Mouth: The Science of Poltergeists

Looking A Gift Ghost In The Mouth:  The Science of Poltergeists


When you watch or here about stories on television dealing with extraordinary, real experiences of violent poltergeist activity, where heavy, massive objects are being tossed around like feathers, what is your first reaction?

You probably think it’s the result of an angry spirits or demons, right?


The real question here is:  Why are you not thinking about HOW these incredible events occurred, i.e., what type of energy, power, force was actually causing this reaction within the environment?

When such events are witnessed, something incredible and extraordinary is being demonstrated to us.

We are being shown one of nature’s greatest unsolved mysteries.  A mystery that has the power to dramatically change who and what we are as human beings for the rest of our existence.

Why are we ignoring what’s right in front of our face and burying our heads in the sand?

Why are we not asking HOW, as opposed to who?

The reason is that arrogant and uneducated media and entertainment sources are dominated by a show business ethic and a profit motive and are subtly manipulating our understanding about such occurrences through ridicule, misinformation and disinformation.

The reasons the media so frequently ridicule the paranormal in general deal with some very basic facts.  To begin with, all news programs are distorted, embellished and exaggerated to attract our attention so we’ll watch and the network’s ratings go up.

Remember, they also live or die by ratings just like sitcoms and dramas do on television.  When it comes to the entertainment industry, whether movies or television, is primarily about money and little else.

If the journalists who report the news know that what their reporting is essentially little more than a form of propaganda in order to make more money, why should they trust or believe in what anyone else has to say?

Ever heard the phrase “If it bleeds it leads”?  That’s the essence of news programming, and why the first several stories we see on the news deal with violence, death, destruction and war.  How many of you reading this blog know where the term news actually comes from?  It’s essentially North, East, West and South, NEWS.

Basically, it boils down to this.   If we’re the news and we’re nothing more than a pack of lies to make money off of gullible audiences who cannot think for themselves, then everyone else must be lying as well?   A double negative for sure.   But this is only the primary reason.

The secondary reason is that the majority of people who regularly appear on television discussing paranormal phenomena are those people who are simply trying to take advantage of our gullibility in order to empty our bank accounts.  These people know as much about what’s really going on in the real paranormal world as they do about nuclear physics.  But these are the people appearing on the glut of paranormal “un-reality” shows.

This is the real power behind why serious parapsychological research is being totally ignored by television.  And speaking of power….therein lies the story behind the headlines.

Every known type of energy on Earth;  electromagnetism, strong & weak nuclear and gravitation, have one thing in common.  When they do “work” in the classical sense such as with F=MA (Force equals Mass times Acceleration), heat is produced as a byproduct due to the second law of thermodynamics, i.e., an exothermic reaction.

However, there is another force out there, one that is not officially acknowledged by mainstream science, that clearly does work but does not generate heat in the process, i.e. it’s endothermic.

This result of this utterly unique force is currently known as psychokinesis (PK), now referred to in the parapsychological community as mind-matter interaction (they’re trying to make it sound much more scientific as we still do not yet understand it) by some parapsychologists.

There appears to be two primary types of PK.  At one end is the microscopic -PK that is somewhat volitional for certain gifted individuals.  The results of this micro-PK have been observed from experiments with random event generators such as the old Schmidt Box or with new computer systems.

Not surprisingly, there appears to be a fatigue factor observed with the manifestation of micro-PK, and the effects are limited to small, extremely low mass objects.

At the other end of the spectrum is the macroscopic-PK, more often referred to as Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK), poltergeist activity, wherein massive objects, weighing hundreds of pounds are moved about as if their mass and inertia were suddenly neutralized.

As discussed throughout the first section of my book, Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown, macroscopic PK is not volitional, does not appear to result in fatigue of the individual at its locus, and is more than capable of tossing massive objects around in a maelstrom without the detriment of thermodynamics.

When you encounter 200+ lb. objects, like Jeff Wheatcraft in the San Pedro case, (chapter three,  “A Hazardous Haunting”) and Doris Bither

Jeff Wheatcraft, almost hung in San Pedro, 9/4/1989

[although well under two hundred pounds] from The Entity Case (chapter two, “The Real Life Entity Case”) in my book, the amount of heat generated by such mechanical “work” should set the people’s clothing as well as everything else in the room on fire long before they start flying around the room.

Look carefully at the second photo here and just try to imagine the energy required to cause this level of visible illumination.  By everything we know, the energy required to produce this level of luminosity, should have set the carpet beneath it on fire immediately.  But that never occurred.  Why?  Cold plasma?

Not only does the room not get hot, it frequently gets cold!  That runs contrary to everything we think we know about energy in the physical universe in which we live.

What on earth is going on here?

I sincerely hope that you have a fondness for things that go bump in the night as well as enigmatic things that fly far overhead, as there is, almost certainly, a most peculiar interrelationship between the two.

In fact, unlocking the mysteries of the paranormal may provide the human race with a method

Visible luminous anomalies, Jackie Hernandez, San Pedro case. Fall, 1989

for superluminal, interstellar travel.  Have you ever heard of Star Trek’s warp drive?  Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last forty fives years, of course you have.   Trust me, this is not science fiction or fantasy.   This is the stuff of hard, cutting-edge physics.

We could be on the verge of building the starship Enterprise if the powers that be were interested in pursuing this line of research.  And by the powers that be, I’m referring to those folks who supply the human race with power, as in energy;  coal, oil, gas, geothermal, nuclear and hydroelectric.

Don’t count on it though, as it would dramatically change the way we all live our lives on a daily basis.  Fundamental paradigm shifts don’t come easy, if at all.

In what may be one of the most bizarre, synchronistic relationship in paranormal history, the term “poltergeist”, which in German means, noisy spirit, appears to be functionally related to World War II Nazi research headed by SS General Hans Kammler.

They (the Nazis) may have inadvertently stumbled across the scientific secret underlying much of the paranormal; a way to manipulate time and space itself!

Thank god the war ended when it did and the Nazis really didn’t understand what they had discovered as it would have dwarfed nuclear weaponry. For more detailed information on this research read Nick Cook’s book The Hunt For Zero Point and Joseph P. Farrell’s, The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: The Nazis’ Incredible Secret Technology.

Psychical research, morphed into parapsychological research with all it’s concomitant nomenclature,  and finally, paranormal research, which has been around in one form or another, for one hundred and thirty years.

Isn’t there a phrase that goes something like” “All good things come in time?”  After more than one and-a-quarter century, this phrase certainly does not apply to this field of research, as there have been absolutely no breakthroughs.  At least that’s what we’re made to understand and believe.

The proliferation of alleged paranormal reality shows (actually paranormal un-reality shows), combined with the success of numerous books by pseudo-scientific professionals (quacks, to be more precise) in this field, has negatively conditioned the minds of uneducated individuals that there’s nothing more to poltergeists than that of noisy ghosts or angry demons.

Right, and I can fly without a plane!  That’s odd, I seem to have misplaced my boots and cape?  Now exactly where did I put it after I flew home yesterday?

However, the truth of the matter is that there have been considerable advances or borderline discoveries in the scientific understanding of poltergeists, and it unfortunately has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with discarnate intelligence, i.e. spirits or ghosts.

In a nutshell, living human agents (poltergeist agents, to be precise) appear to be at the root of this disturbing manifestation of the paranormal.  However, these agents are very unique and uncommon, and share absolutely nothing in common with agents who represent actors, directors, athletes, or the intelligence community.   Nor do these agents make any money for their fascinating proclivities.

If anything, their lives are turned upside down and inside out to be point where they are shunned by friends and families.  Often, the isolation of such individuals has had devastating consequences on their emotional growth and stability.

Through the broad collection of data over the last forty-four years, numerous parapsychologists, including myself, have stumbled across a most extraordinary correlation between the nervous systems of poltergeists agents and the outbreak of such intense psychokinetic displays.

It was believed by parapsychologists that poltergeists were the by-product of excessive hormonal production during puberty and adolescence.

While there is a body of evidence somewhat supporting this contention, it appears to be only part of the equation.  The evidence suggests that living people are at the core of all these types of paranormal experiences, so much so that the question of discarnate intelligence in this regard may be superfluous for the most part.

While this theory is discussed in detail within my book, it should be emphasized here that we (living human agents) appear to be acting as “biological” operational amplifiers, focal planes and wave guides for this unique type of energy, let’s call it zero point energy (ZPE).

Moreover, individuals with such uniquely dysfunctional nervous systems, that is, seizure prone or epileptic, appear to be hypersensitive to environmental electromagnetic or geomagnetic anomalies. This acute energetic sensitivity causes these special people to more readily absorb, amplify, mediate, re-emit and direct the eventual manifestation of macroscopic RSPK, a.k.a. poltergeist phenomena.

Equally compelling, is the fact that these poltergeist agents seem to be emitting well over one million times the amplitude of their own magnetic field as compared to the average person.

While it’s relatively easy to measure our bioelectric field, the biomagnetic field is much more difficult, requiring the use of superconducting coils or sensors, which are not, as yet, available as hand-held portable devices.

The instruments we take out on field investigations (low-frequency spectrum analyzers), geomagnetometers, magnetometers, air ion counters, etc., are more than capable of measuring environmental forces, both electric and magnetic.  But they are way too insensitive to detect biomagnetic fields for the reason just stated.

While the specific numbers may not seem all that important to most, the normal biomagnetic field is measured in microgausss, that’s millionth’s of a gauss.  Shockingly (excuse the pun), many poltergeist agents’ we’ve measured are emitting will over 5,000 milligauss, that’s five gauss. Do the math.

While the science of neurology already knows that the brainwave activity of epileptics tend to “spike” and “spindle” in ways that normal brains do not, what we’re measuring here is so far beyond the pale that there is no historic precedent to properly evaluate the meaning of this.   Although I suspect that such high amplitude biomagnetic fields is what allows these individual’s nervous systems to inductively couple with their immediate surrounding environment therein triggering and mediating RSPK activity.

However, while most poltergeist agents appear to be seizure prone or epileptic, most seizure prone or people suffering from epilepsy have never experienced any form of psychokinetic activity whatsoever, indicating this is a unilateral equation for the moment.

This strongly indicates that there is a missing or unknown variable here.  Perhaps it is as simple as an individual who has a very low stress threshold or that has as a chemically imbalanced brain that has violent electrical surges resulting in erratic behavior with poor coping mechanism?  Obviously, this matter is yet to be resolved.

What we’re left with here is an example of confluence, wherein there must be several variables working in concert for a given result to occur.  This may help explain why many people visit famous haunted locations throughout the world, but only small fraction of such people actually experience any paranormal phenomena.  Those small percentages most likely represent the statistical amount of people who have these extraordinarily different nervous systems that inductively couple with such environmental energies.

So where does this leave the concept of survival and discarnate intelligence?

Well, it might be that information is simply that.  Meaning that we, and everything around us, is information, which is energy, which is then matter.

Perhaps in the end we’ll discover that there is not only a conservation of energy, but there may also be a conservation of information.

My book, delves into this question at great length, trying to lend some reason and method to the need for unraveling mysteries of the paranormal.

If you wish to learn more about the interrelationships between matter, energy and mind, read my book to start.

You may learn about how parapsychology can one day free us from our earthly confines and allow us to trek to distant star systems.  Who knows, maybe such breakthroughs will forever free us from all forms of conventional power?

One last thought here as we’re dealing with new types of forms of energy.  There is no such thing as “free energy”, that is an extreme misnomer.

Even when we have the breakthrough of discovering how to electro-mechanically tap into/access this endothermic, zero point energy field, someone must build and construct these new power sources or reactors.  While others must distribute and sell them.

Each part of this equation must be paid for by someone.  So even when we have limitless power without heat and pollution, we’re going to pay for it, just as we do with everything else in our world.

While not free in the literal sense, the freedom the human race may achieve through the discovery of this new source of energy, will in essence free us from our dependence on non-renewable energy sources that are slowly destroying the life we presume to be free.

Only time with the necessary dedicated research and development will tell.

If we fail at this task of technologically evolving through such new knowledge, we then have no one to blame but ourselves and the future of all humanity for not making us pay more attention to these matters NOW.






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A Demon’s Lair Part II: From The Frying Pan Into the Blast Furnace

A Demon’s Lair Part II: From The Frying Pan Into the Blast Furnace



When we last left our intrepid man-child, he was at the mercy of The Creature, a middle-aged, opportunistic, sycophantic, psychopathic crook.  This poor excuse for human female slowly and systematically drained his money as fast as he made it.  Her constant meddling cost this man a fortune.

He lost at least two film deals where he would have netted huge money and was also cheated out of the co-creator credit and the extraordinary financial rewards of a highly successful. new cable series, perhaps as much as $17 million.

Due to the distraction of the creature, our friend in need was also deprived of his producing salary which was in excess of $300,000.  You’d assume that things could not get any worst, wouldn’t you?  You’d be wrong, dead wrong.

Over the past six months there have been some changes, but they apparently served to do little more than rapidly increase this man’s downward spiral of depression, insecurity, self-loathing and co-dependence on abusive, leeching and dysfunctional women.

The situation has degenerated to the point where this man has now separated himself from all those in his life who know what’s really going on.   His extreme sense of guilt, embarrassment, humiliation and shame have left him far too emotionally distraught to maintain any form of friendship with those from his past.  Almost everyone we know in common he now refuses to communicate with, some 82 people.

Late last year, our troubled friend met what initially appeared to be a normal, grounded woman while working out of state.  She was about the same age as the Creature, but seemingly more attractive, or so it seemed.  But all things that come in gift box are not what they appear to be.

When our anti-hero brought this new woman home, the Creature went ballistic and all hell broke loose.  After much fighting and discourse, the Creature finally agreed to leave, but only after she was paid the tidy sum of $50,000 in cash.

All then seemed normal for the first time in more than five years.  But the worst was yet to come and our disturbed friend was about to learn what a seriously disturbed psychopath was really capable of doing once her inner demon was totally unleashed.

The protagonist flies out of state once again to drive the new girl back to his home in her own car.  When they reach his home, what they discover is utterly terrifying.

Someone had conveniently entered (not broke into) this man’s house while he was on the road and stole most of his high-end, professional work gear he used to earn a living.   If that weren’t bad enough, his dog had been kidnapped which was being held for ransom.  But wait, there’s more.

Not long thereafter, this mouse-of-a-man discovered that all his bank accounts had been emptied during his absence.  Naturally, the police were called, but what they said left our adolescent-minded man really dazed and confused.

The police asked him if he gave the creature access to his bank accounts, and of course, he said yes.   They asked him why he gave her total control over his finances to run and ruin his life.  His non-verbal reply was far more frightening and disturbing than the crime itself:   “Because that’s what I deserve, to be relentlessly abused by women just like dear, dead mom”.

The officers told him that this was not a criminal matter but a civil one, where he’d have to take the creature to court to recover his money.

Okay, that’s obvious to almost anyone with even half a brain, but what about the theft of his work gear?

They then asked if he had any insurance on his gear, and our friend said “no, they’d never pay anyway as the insurance company would probably have it in for me” (uh oh, his insecurity and self-loathing are at work once again here).

Okay, they then asked if the man knew the serial numbers of the gear written down and documented.  Our friend didn’t even know what the police were referring to.  Once explained, the man just said no, he didn’t even know what serial numbers were or where they’d even be located on any item anyway.

The police simply shook their heads in astonishment, realizing that this man is nothing more than an overgrown, emotionally arrested child.  But now comes the really disturbing part of this ongoing horror story.

Not surprisingly, this man’s new female interest turns out to be far more clinically disturbed than even the Creature was (as hard as that is to believe).  According to the comments and pontifications of his new romantic partner, she is little more than a raving, paranoid schizophrenic.  Now let’s see, where to begin?

Long before this woman ever contacted me I looked her up online to learn who she was and what she was all about.  What I discovered was absolutely horrifying, vile and disgusting.  This new heartthrob possesses an almost textbook-like, borderline personality that is just as fragmented, if not worst, than that of Val or Linda’s I discussed in another blog “Pure New Age UFO Psychosis”.   My first thought was “oh no, not another crackpot?” That description would be a kind definition of this lune.

Hmm.  She claims to be an MK-Ultra mind control victim, a Montauk experiment victim and that most, if not all, of the rock groups from the 1960’s and 1970’s were actually working with the CIA to help control the minds of everyone on earth, especially hers.

She goes so far as to claim that whenever certain groups play their music, it automatically and immediately sends electronic energy out to torture and rape her remotely (perhaps this quack identifies a little too closely with the late Doris Bither from The Entity case or Val as referenced just above?).

This dingbat refers to such energetic attacks as “psychotronic harassment”, or as one trained in behavioral science would say “clinically defined paranoid schizophrenia by any other name”.  Her entire existence is dictated and controlled by this form of delusional thinking, which indicates that she also suffers from severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Her many obsessions have resulted in at least one person filing a restraining order against her.  If the group in question was/is the Doors, and the song was/is “Light My Fire”, does this wacko run for the nearest fire extinguisher every time that song plays?  Does this sound like an emotionally grounded and stable person to you?

Several decades ago, when there was money and facilities available to treat such severely disturbed people, she’d surely would have been institutionalized.  These days, unless one poses an imminent threat to themselves and/or people around them, no one seems to give a damn one way or the other, as such a large portion of our culture appears to have emotional problems at some level.

In the case of this particular woman however, I suspect that her problems are at every level, wherein her reasoning and judgment are severely impaired.   But then again, so is it of her new benefactor.  I guess it’s always nice to share company with another who thinks just as you do, or doesn’t think at all?

While working at the now, long defunct, parapsychology lab within UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute at the campus medical center, we were located just down the hall from 2-South, one of several, in-patient psychiatric wards at this facility.

It housed many patients who suffered from such extreme levels of psychosis, and it was not at all uncommon to hear and view severe dementia cases exactly like those of this woman.  These individuals posed a threat to everyone around them, especially themselves.

Wow, this is someone I cannot wait to meet?  How does this man find and attract these fractured souls and psyches?  When you’re as sick and vulnerable as this man is, they’re attracted to you!

In her own words, she’s an “ascending, celestial goddess”, who frequently takes trips into deep, interstellar space, where she watches the ongoing battle between the alien light beings and the dark, demonic ones.  She also claims to be one of the original members of the military’s remote viewing program, even though women were never part of it.  But let’s not allow reality to cloud the thinking of this deviant’s mind?

This lunatic claims to be a real witch of many different covens and the world’s most gifted psychic, when in reality she’s nothing more than a delusional, hallucinating, dissociative psychotic.

Doesn’t all this nonsense sound really familiar?   With the exception of the aliens and mind control nonsense, this new woman sounds almost identical to the Creature, or a witch by any other name.   I guess once you’ve entered the deep caverns of delusional/dissociative paranormal/ufological thinking, it all sounds like the same broken record. doesn’t it?

So are two witches better than one?  And which witch are we actually speaking of here?  Do they all still have and ride brooms, or do the new age ones now utilize flying saucers?   Then what about witch hazel, or is that something altogether different?  Wasn’t that a TV sitcom in the mid 1960’s?  No, that was just Hazel, whose voice just happened to crackle like that of a witch.

Not surprisingly, this deranged woman is now engaged in constant fights with her new benefactor as he attempts to turn her into a “domestic” goddess that cooks, cleans, shops and screws while helping to run and ruin his business affairs.

Simultaneously, she is manipulating him so as to use his what little money he has left to produce documentaries to spread the knowledge of her paranoid schizophrenia throughout the world, in order for her to get the attention she so desperately seeks.  I guess that this is a small price to pay in order to have a live-in, nursemaid?  But which, or is it witch, nursemaid is it in the end?

Perhaps the saddest aspect of all this is that this man is so blinded by his own emotional problems, that he cannot recognize how utterly insane she is, and that his attempts to promote her will make himself look just as crazy as her.  But as his reasoning and judgment are severely clouded and impaired by his own depression, he cannot think with the clarity of an adult, if at all.

This brain abducted woman first contacted me several months ago to inform me as to what was going on with my deranged friend, and to get the low-down on the creature.  This was all for her to better manipulate and control the man who owns the house she’s now living in.

It appeared that she desired to use my name and reputation to help promote herself (shades of the Creature once again, this is getting very redundant).

I did not tell this woman that I already knew who she was and that I thought she was in need of in-patient psychiatric care with high doses of anti-psychotic medication.

The first thing she said to me was that she had no agenda for the man she now lives with.  Why were those the first words out of her mouth, unless that’s exactly what she had in mind?

Most of what she spoke of I already knew, or suspected.  What was overly obvious to me, was her intent on collecting info on the man she’s living with and the Creature to better serve her own opportunistic needs.  I never told her that I knew who she was, so she was not on the defensive.

However, several months later, once she learned that I knew who and what she was and what my attitude and belief about her was, everything abruptly changed.

In a recent conversation with this nut job, she starts off saying that I should not play any games with or try any tricks on her, as my intellect is no match for hers and that I do not know her and never will.  What in the hell was she talking about?

How insightful?  It appears that she is correct, in that my intellect, thankfully, is no match for someone who is so blatantly dissociative, delusional, paranoid and psychotic.

Why would I even want to know someone or be in the presence of one who is this mentally ill?

I know, I could have asked her who were the people that were really responsible for assassinating JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King?   I’m sure that SHE knows the answer to those questions?   Ask a paranoid schizophrenic that type of question, and you’re bound to get a answer.  Such a crippled psyche would more than likely believe that the people who are persecuting her are the same ones who murdered our promising leaders back in the 1960’s?

As I now know how chemically imbalanced and emotionally disturbed this woman really is, she now views me as one of those people persecuting and torturing her from a distance.  I’m guessing that it won’t be long before she claims that I was part of the MK-Ultra or Montauk mind control experiments.

If you’ve ever wondered why mainstream science and media tends to ignore and ridicule parapsychology and ufology, just listen to the nonsensical, vergiberative, psycho-babble of this woman and you’ll understand why?

Unfortunately, there are way too many people out there just like this brain damaged female.  For every credible and grounded individual who’s involved with this field, there are thousands just like our little, paranoid mistake of nature here, to counter them.

It often almost seems like a losing battle, attempting to fend off these types of emotionally disturbed people, as they’re everywhere.

How much lower can this man sink in terms of his life and relationships?  Could the next one be a two-time murder he meets when she’s paroled from prison?  How about one who has him sign a life insurance policy making her the beneficiary and then kills him to get his house?  Where and when will it end?  As there’s now evidence that this man is resorting to drugs in his futile efforts to cope with his atrophied life and ever growing depression, almost anything is possible, including suicide, which he’s spoken of often.

If you know who the man I speak of here is, please reach out and try to help him overcome his severe depression, self-loathing and low self esteem in every way you can, otherwise he’s sure to self-destruct in the near future, which would be a loss to everyone but himself.

As the psycho-drama, soap opera continues…..



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The Psi-UFO Connection: What On Earth Is Going On?

The Psi-UFO Connection:  What On Earth Is Going On?



If you’ve read enough credible research publications from parapsychology and ufology over the last fifty years, you’re probably already aware of the fact that there is a rather fascinating, yet obscure, interrelationship between paranormal experiences and UFO encounters (check out the various books by Jacques Vallee).  Why is it that many CE-III’s & IV’s have paranormal fallout following the event?   Why is it that certain people who have frequent paranormal experiences, are more likely to experience a UFO encounter?

While it is scientifically invalid even attempting to explain one phenomenon with another, we can look for longitudinal continuity regarding such events in the hope of finding patterns that lead to an eventual explanation of either area of study.   In my own case files as recounted in my book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown,  there are some real high strangeness cases, and most of them are somewhat disturbing in nature.

The first case stems from the mid-1970’s where a local television network executive called complaining about poltergeist activity in his home.  The case was a rather minor one, where we encountered nothing of interest upon our investigation.  Both Alan and his family seemed quite grounded, normal, stable and well adjusted.   From time to time Alan would call and report more activity, but a low magnitude and frequency.  They reported occasional luminous anomalies, disembodied voices, banging noises and problems with electrical items in the house.  Nothing about their family seemed indicative of such phenomena, nor did their environment, although we did not yet possess the sensitive instrumentation we do today for it did not yet exist.  Many months went by and the calls from Alan eventually ceased.

Shortly after that, Alan and his wife were taking a road trip up north in California.  While driving at night, they spotted what looked like a small, burning plane about to crash into  the hills to their right.  They drove up to where they assumed the plane had crashed, and after rounding a bend they ran into a very unexpected sight.  A shocking and terrifying visage to say the least.

Sitting on the ground in front of them was a classic flying saucer, maybe 30-50 feet in diameter.  And if that weren’t difficult enough to absorb, there were several diminutive humanoids in tight-fitting flight suits moving around the area around the saucer, as if looking for something.  The beings were about four feet tall with greyish-brown skin, large, black almond-shaped eyes with no apparent nose or outer years.  Classic greys in every respect.

Suddenly, several of the humanoids became aware of Alan and his wife sitting in their car observing them.  One of the creatures immediately pointed a tubular-shaped object at them that emitted a bright pulse of light.  The next thing Alan and his wife remembered was being back on the highway many miles away, several hours later.  The classic abduction scenario.

Over the next couple of months they started having very disturbing dreams about their missing time, most of which they were very reluctant to discuss with anyone, although Alan told me some of what he claimed to have remembered.   His wife, wouldn’t even talk to me at all about this.  They tried seeking psychiatric counseling, only to discover that mental health workers simply assumed they both had psychotic breaks and wanted to medicate them into passivity.   Given that such experiences were not widely known of or as frequently reported as today, this result was not surprising.Needless to say, they walked away from such help for good reason.

However, what they weren’t hesitant to share with me was that their marriage was in serious trouble due their dramatically altered personalities.  Alan and his wife starting experiencing strong emotional mood swings, from manic to depression, which for them was anything but normal as they were both pretty laid back and calm.  Alan’s behavior became so volatile and erratic that he started having trouble at work in terms of interacting with people he had known for many years.  We knew where it was headed.

In the end, Alan and his wife divorced and he left his seemingly enjoyable and certainly lucrative job, which the network preferred given his new found anxiety, anger and bitterness.

Moving on to 1977, another incident clearly indicated the somewhat blatant cross-over between paranormal and UFO events.  However, this one struck real close to home for me, for if this particular event never occurred I probably would be married today.  This one and only women I truly felt was my soulmate, and never could I have foreseen what was about to occur,

As discussed in another blog entitled “A Life Changing Paranormal Event” and in chapter ten of my book, I met a beautiful girl on Valentine’s Day while investigating a case in the mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles.  This girl was so physically stunning to me that it was impossible to stop staring at her.  Picture a young Natalie Wood, from Bob and Carol, Ted and Alice (1969) mixed with Sherry Jackson from the original Star Trek episode “What are Little Girls Made Of” and throw in a little bit of young Brenda Benet. Joan Collins and Liz Taylor, and you’ve go it.

The actress that most resembled Judy was Mari Blanchard, pictured here.  This, and much more, was Judy.  Not surprisingly, Judy was an aspiring actress and face model, but her career never really took off for many reasons.

Mari Blanchard/actress

The case was a very weak one and there was no follow-up in terms of research required.  However, there was follow-up with Judy and we ended up in a very intense relationship.  During this relationship, there were recurring episodes of RSPK activity, culminating in a large glowing sphere of light emerging from the lumber region of her back while giving her a massage.  More often than not, most of the clocks in her condo would all desynchronize and run at different speeds, some faster, some slower.  All of this paranormal activity was kind of an added bonus to being in a relationship with her.  At least I thought it was.  Boy, was I wrong.

For the both of us, it was a perfect relationship in every respect and perhaps even more than normal, as she turned out to be a very gifted psychic and worked with our psi training groups at our UCLA parapsychology lab as well as on missing person cases.  The way things were evolving between us, I really expected us to be engaged within less than six months,  But fate had something else in mind, and the omens then came through my subconscious in the form of dreams.

They were all the same.  The dreams were simple and straightforward.  Our relationship was to end on July 22, 1977, the reasons for which were never provided in my dreams.

Was I insecure about us?  Was I frightened that she’d might leave me for someone else?  What was going on?

Mari Blanchard/actress

The dreams continued unabated and all I could do was to write down what I remembered from them, although I never told Judy as she might misinterpret them as my desire to leave her.  Then, as suddenly as they began, the dreams ceased and I could not have been happier.

Upon awakening in the mid-morning of July 22nd, I had almost forgotten about the dreams, that is, until I discovered Judy sobbing and shivering under the covers next to me in bed.   Not willing to emerge from between the sheets, she asked why I didn’t help her last night?  What?  Help her with what?

Judy recounted her being awakened and finding the room brilliantly lit, but the lights were not on.  She was levitated up out of the bed, eventually finding herself in a round, metallic-walled room where she was strapped to a metallic table around her wrists, neck, ankles and abdomen.  There were tiny men who had skin like a snake or reptile and a face without ears or noses, with large black eyes were poking, prodding her everywhere, but especially in every bodily orifice; eyes, nose, ears, mouth, rectum and vagina.

She could her them speaking, yet their lipless mouths were not moving.  They kept saying that they weren’t going to her her, even though that’s exactly what they were doing. The next thing that she remembered was waking up in bed with me soundly sleeping next to her.

I asked her if she knew anything about UFO abductions and her reply was “What are UFO abductions?”  While she was very interested in the paranormal, UFOs held absolutely no interest for her at all.   I finally coaxed her out from under the covers to be shocked by what I saw.

To make a long story very short, she had bruises at her neck, waist, wrists, abdomen and ankles, like she had been restrained very tightly for some time.  She was bleeding from her nose, ear, eye, rectum and vagina (not her period).   We were both startled by all of this.

Judy basically had a complete breakdown after this event, becoming almost totally delusional with overt signs of dissociation.  She never sought any help from anyone and she never, even marginally, recovered.  She became a religious zealot, but of a very unusual type.  Needless to say, our relationship ended on that very day, just as my dream had predicted.  From occasional contact with her over the subsequent years, she claims to have been re-abducted many times.  It’s one thing to lose a potential mate, but not to something like this.

Was there any physical proof of this alleged abduction?  Yes and no.

It turns out that the power in her condo had been turned off for about two hours that night/morning and in talking to several of the neighbors who knew nothing of Judy’s experience, many reported a strange, large, glowing mass that silently hovered over that part of the Hollywood Hills that night.

Is this proof? Of course not?  But it is incredibly compelling at many levels.

The next case to discuss here is from the early 1980’s in the Sunland area of Southern California.

A middle-aged woman named Maria called and spoke about seeing luminous anomalies and apparitions accompanied by strange lights and sounds in her home.  After visiting her home and interviewing her, her case sounded like a haunting, that is, until she told me what started all of it.

Maria was taking a walk in the canyon near her home early one evening after dinner and ran across something that scared the daylights out of her.   There in the canyon was a glowing UFO hovering maybe twenty to thirty feet over the canyon floor.   She said it was about as wide as a very large bus or train cab and emitted a soft reddish light and a slight humming sound.   Maria ran away as fast as her legs could carry her.

It was after this event that the phenomena at her house began, the worst of which were large balls of fire that would roll down off the hills impacting her house with a thunderous clap that violently shook the entire house, but there were no concomitant burns as a result.  Her son became so terrified and unnerved by these events that he moved out to live with friends.

Then all contact with Maria ceased.

When family members came to investigate what happened to Maria, they discovered that she had completely disappeared.  Her car, her money, her purse and clothing were still in the home and in perfect condition.  No evidence of a break-in or struggle was found.  She was never found, nor was any sign her ever located.   Thirty years have passed, and still no evidence or sign or Maria was ever found.  Where’s Maria?  Perhaps we should look up instead of down?

The last case here, also from my book, stems from the mid-1980’s and is from the Bel-Air Estates area of Los Angeles.  Very expensive homes of very wealthy people.

All I can say here is that it involved a female UCLA student and an incident that began as a classic poltergeist case and evolved into one of CE-III, wherein the girl and both her skeptical parents witnessed the presence of seeming extraterrestrial humanoids in their home on more than one occasion.

Rather than tell you the entire lengthy story here, you’re going to have be read my book to discover all the incredible details.  All that I’m willing to say here is that the girl became so terrified by what was going on, that she packed up all of her belongings and left home long ago.  More than that I cannot tell you.

These stories represent only the tip of a very large iceberg in terms of such cases as chronicled in my book as well as many others.   But they do point to one particularly interesting hypothesis in which there is a fifth force operating both here and out there.  A force that is not electromagnetic, nuclear or gravitational.  A force that does it’s work without heat (endothermic).  A force that could be at the root of both paranormal as well as UFO related events.  A force many of us refer to as Zero Point Energy (ZPE).

I have this sneaking suspicion that UFO’s use this ZPE force the same way we interpret paranormal events and use electromagnetism (to a point), wherein one can be linked to the other in as yet unknown ways to produce seemingly impossible events.

The cumulative data from many decades of UFO research strongly suggests that whatever these things and their occupants are, they can affect matter, energy and mind (consciousness), with the ease with which we affect water.   This is a fundamental tenant of my book and research.












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Pure New Age UFO Psychosis

Pure New Age UFO Psychosis


Being a parapsychologist or ufologist is like no other career on earth, literally.  Along with the uniqueness comes a never-ending barrage of emotionally disturbed individuals who are more in need of a psychiatric intervention with medication and therapy than any assistance dealing with the paranormal.

Some of these troubled individuals are so out-of-touch with reality that they can be defined as dissociative, that is, paying more attention to what’s going on inside their head than what’s really transpiring in the real world around them.   This is one of the primary reasons that science tends to ignore parapsychology and ufology, and I do not blame them.

The following stories are all contained in my book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown, but due to their severity and intense nature, are recounted here.

During the summer of 1987 the MUFON Los Angeles set up several support groups dealing with the fallout from Whitley Streiber’s new book Communion.  Apparently, Communion touched some nerves in some people, all of whom were seeking help and answers trying to emotionally cope with their alleged UFO abduction experiences.

While there were those individual who might have had actual abduction experiences, a high percentage of them were either delusional or experiencing some form of psychotic break where they could no longer distinguish between reality and fantasy. This is where this particular story begins.

While attending one of these MUFON support groups, I met with a young lady by the name of Val.  She began relating her account of being repeatedly abducted  over the years,  I listened intently, but the feeling I was left with was that this woman was psychotic and required professional psychiatric assistance as opposed to input from any of us with MUFON.  I told her that her experience was interesting, but it fell outside the purview of our groups work due to its extreme nature.  Fortunately, I never heard of her again, or at least that’s what I thought.

In the late 1990’s, I was online and found a blog she posted regarding our meeting at the MUFON group.  She stated that she instantly knew upon meeting me that I was sneaky and underhanded and could not be trusted.  That I instantly hypnotized her and gained control of her mind.  According to her I went home and used psychotronic weapons in my basement to direct demonic entities to attack and rape her as she walked around during the course of her daily life.   But wait, there’s much, much more.

She continues on to say that I used her case as the basis for The Entity novel and movie,  What?  There’s something really wrong with this woman’s thinking at many different levels.

Let’s see just how utterly insane this woman really was/is.  The real Entity case occurred in 1974-5.  The novel was published in 1978, and the movie was released by Fox in 1983.   That’s odd, I didn’t have the displeasure of meeting Val until the summer of 1987!  See a little problem here with temporal discontinuity?  Apparently, this inverted temporal reality must have really resonated with Val, as she was never phased by the absurdity and impossibility of what she was saying?

Where is Val now?   I don’t know and I really don’t care or want to know, as long as she stays far away from me.

Let’s now jump ahead eleven years to 1998.  I was giving a lecture for a group in Anaheim.  To my surprise, an old girlfriend named Linda, from the mid-1970’s showed up.  She looked great, no fat, lines or wrinkles, at least on the surface.  But what lay beneath was anything by great as I was about to discover.

Linda comes up to me after my talk and I introduced her to one of my colleagues who was attending the event with me.  Out of the blue, Linda starts talking about how she needs my help to assist her and Jesus Christ to defend themselves against demonic aliens who have joined forces with the CIA and FBI to destroy the world, but first they must destroy her because she knows too much about what’s really going on.  Haven’t I heard this one before somewhere?

We just stood there not knowing what to say or how to respond.  My colleague and I looked at each other with confused looks on our faces.  When I originally knew Linda, she never made such insane comments, nor was their any hint of religious zealotry from her.  What happened to her in the last twenty years to induce such a state of paranoid delusions from supernatural persecutors?

On the way back home I told my colleague that if she had behaved like this when I first met her I never would have even asked her out.  She was always a little different, but that kind of goes with the territory when one meets people through their efforts in parapsychological research.

Several weeks later Linda showed up at my door and continued her ranting on the same subject.  I would not let her in and talked to her outside.  She sounded very unstable and suicidal.  I sternly suggested that she seek out psychiatric counseling as it appeared that she was unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy, one of the earmarks of psychosis.  She finally left.

Several weeks went by and she called to inform me that something compelled to walk into the path of any oncoming car.  Fortunately, she was only mildly injured, but she was sure what caused her to do what she did was the demonic aliens and the CIA.  Of course they did?  She was kept in a psychiatric facility for several days and then they released her, thinking she was of sound mind and body. They were wrong.

Several weeks after this event Linda once again attempted suicide by again stepping out in front of another oncoming car,  Once again, fate was on her side and she was spared any real physical injury, although her brain was certainly fried by her psychosis at this point.  She was again on a 72-hour hold and then released.

Linda kept calling me every couple of months asking for my help, and I simply told her that she was delusional and needed help I could not give her. Then I did not hear from her for quite a while and I mistakenly thought that perhaps things had calmed down.  I was wrong.

In February of 2008 she again called asking for my help.  However, this time she claimed that the earth was about to explode, of course due to the work of those pesky demonic aliens.  I couldn’t pass up the  opportunity here to throw a zinger at her.

Earth exploding?

I immediately commented, “Excuse me Lara, I’ve got to send baby Kal-El off to his new world before Krypton explodes!” and then I hung up.  I’m very sure that Linda did not understand what I was referring to here.  Do you?

Fortunately, Linda has not called back since this particular event in 2008, and that’s fine with me.

These two incidents are but the tip of a very large iceberg when it comes to dealing with the absolute new age psychosis that exists out there.  My book is filled with many more accounts of such incredible encounters with the outer limits of emotional sanity.

Will it ever end?  I wouldn’t bet on it.  The faces and places may change, but the psychosis is always lurking in the darkness to once again raise up it’s ugly head.





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A Memory Of Things To Come?

A Memory Of Things To Come?


Have you ever seen someone on television, in a movie or even on the street, who is a total stranger to you but you feel like you know the person?  This is not that uncommon of an experience.

What is uncommon though, is when you actually get to directly experience what this intense feeling appears to represent.

Ever since I was a very young child watching television, and I watched a lot of it, there was one particular actor who looked and sounded so familiar that every time I saw him on the little screen, a very strong sense of familiarity engulfed me.

The actor in question was Edward Andrews.  A very tall, blue-eyed, distinguished looking character actor possessing a very unique and distinctive voice, who always appeared as a sinister, villainous character, multiple times in almost every major every major TV series from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s: Cheyenne, Rawhide, Bonanza, The Lawman, Gunsmoke, Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Thriller, Suspense Theater, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Hawaii 50, The FBI, etc.

Edward Andrews, actor

The feeling that I knew Andrews never grew weaker or distant over time.

What did it all mean?

It took several decades for this feeling to be manifested into a tangible form that offered some degree of closure.  That tangible form did not make itself viable until the early 1980’s when I received a call from Mrs. Edward Andrews.

Can you imagine my reaction when I received the call?  It was more shocking than if I’d won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse multi-million dollar Sweepstakes!

Apparently the Andrews were experiencing some rather common poltergeist phenomena and they wanted me to come out to their house in Pacific Palisades to investigate it.

Upon arriving at their beautiful home on a bright sunny day I was about to be utterly amazed at what I was soon to encounter.  While the case was not one worthy of further pursuit due to the very low frequency and magnitude of events, the face-to-face encounter with Edward Andrews certainly was.

Upon entering their home I was first greeted by Edward’s wife.  As I walked into the spacious living room to meet Edward, I immediately noticed  a puzzled look on his face at the top of his very tall frame.  As I reached out to shake his hand, he looked at me asking “Do we know each other, you look really familiar?”

Back in those years I had occasionally been on TV discussing my work, but not at the level that would occur over the following decades. Therefore it was very unlikely that he would have seen me on some show talking about my work.

For the first and perhaps only time in my life I was utterly speechless, as I did not know how to respond to Edward’s question.

What was I supposed to say?

That I had a lifelong feeling that I knew him?

Had I done so I might have been shown the door immediately as both he and his wife would have assumed I was insane.

My response to Edward was that I just probably had a very common-looking face.

Then came the next shocker.

Their teenage daughter walked into the living room and was introduced to me.  I do not recall her first name, but I do recall her nickname, TAFFY.

All right, this has gone on far enough, what in the hell’s going on here?  Oddly, Edward and his wife didn’t seem even mildly perplexed by any of this.  But why should they have, as I was the one who spent most of his life with this bizarre memory of things to come?

The sensation I had at that point was that I was literally in a Twilight Zone episode expecting to hear Rod Serling’s voice boom forth at any second.

I do not even know how to classify this experience, paranormally speaking.   Would it be precognition?  Synchronicity?

There seems to be a qualitative uniqueness here that defies reason and logic.  While I’ve experienced many instances of precognition throughout my life, not one of them even approached the level of high strangeness I assign to this event.

Another similar, but not identical, experience occurred in 1976.

I was having a recurring dream about a particular actress whom I found absolutely beautiful, Joan Collins.  Her image was my exact physical stereotype of what I perceive as absolute feminine beauty.

Joan Collins, circa 1960’s

In my dream I was always talking to Joan, except that she was my age.  During the dream, this very young Joan kept calling out the name of Barry but she’s wasn’t referring to me.  Very odd indeed.  This dream continued on for several months, but not every night.  It got to the point where I told many of my friends and colleagues about it.  Needless to say, they were all pretty tired hearing about Joan over and over again.  But that was all about to end very soon.

During that same period we were called out to investigate a poltergeist case in Encino within the San Fernando Valley.  When the front door was opened to greet us, my colleague and I were stunned by what we gazed upon before us.

Standing there was a very young clone of Joan Collins.  I was amazed, as the resemblance was truly uncanny.  But the best was yet to come.

When this lady, whose name is of no consequence, took us in to meet her husband in the living room, the next fascinating piece of the puzzle was revealed to us.  This woman’s husband’s name was Barry.  What are the odds?

My colleague never again questioned the validity of my precognitive dreams after this event.

Another unexpected event in the midst of all this was when the young lady in question here wanted to have an affair with me.  As tempting as this offer was given her beauty, I will never do to another what I would not want done to me, so I refused her advances.  My rebuking her had almost no effect whatsoever, so I threatened to tell her husband about her behavior and she finally left me alone.

Most of my friends of and colleagues thought that I was nuts for turning this woman down, given her beauty.  Had I been foolish enough to get romantically involved with her, it would have been like cheating on myself in a weird way.

In the end, why would I want to hurt her husband and family?

Okay, this is getting just a little ridiculous, wouldn’t you say?  What sense are we to make out of such experiences?

What if memory works in both directions?  Not only for events you’ve already experienced, but for events you will eventually encounter?  There is evidence strongly suggesting that such is true.

The theoretical explanations for the events described herein as well as many others are discussed in detail within my book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown.



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How To Build A Real Time Machine

How To Build A Real Time Machine



Is it possible to actually build a machine that allows one to travel through time faster than we do from moment to moment in our daily lives, sort of like what we see in movies?

YES, but only to a point, and no, this is NOT science fiction.

Rod Taylor & The Time Machine, MGM, 1960

Is it easy, and could one do this at home or in their backyard?


Has such dramatic technology actually been developed, and did it work?


Where and when you might ask?

It began in Nazi Germany during the last several years of World War II in their pursuit of wonder weapons.  Start by reading two superb books: 1) The Hunt For Zero Point by Nick Cook, and 2) The SS Brotherhood of the Bell by Joseph P. Farrell.  Also check out the The Alien History of Planet Earth hosted by Nick Cook as well as The Nazi UFO Conspiracy, both on The History Channel.  All are excellent primers on this material.

Has any further work been done on such radical, cutting-edge, physics?



The answer is somewhat convoluted, but here goes. During the mid-1970’s during our descent to the conference room at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute which we used for our psi training groups, a visitor, a relatively young Asian woman, started talking to me about a U.S. government funded time machine project that was being conducted.  She said that such a machine was indeed under development and there had been some success in terms of it’s operation.  I asked her why her, a total stranger, had even brought this matter up to me.  Her answer was that after reading several articles I had published on time, she automatically assumed that I knew of, or was even part of the project.  I told her that I was not and that I had never heard of such an R&D program.

Needless to say, I asked many questions like:  the machine’s power source, actual principles of operation, etc.  The young lady was quite mum from that point on and refused to talk further on the subject.  I asked for her phone number and she refused to give it to me so I have her my card with the lab’s number and my home number on the back.  Strangely, she never returned to our group again, nor did I ever hear from her again either.

However, there’s some compelling evidence that the military is already using what’s referred to as a magneto-plasma toroidal propulsion system in a highly classified, delta-shaped stealth aircraft known as the TR3-B  from Lockheed Martin.  This propulsion system reduces the TR-3B’s mass and inertia to a very small fraction of what it would be otherwise, thereby allowing small amounts of thrust to achieve very high rates of acceleration without g-loading the airframe or pilots.  You may ask what anti-gravity (electro-gravitic) propulsion has to do with time travel?  The answer is EVERYTHING!

Lockheed-Martin’s nuclear powered TR3-B magneto-plasma propulsion system?

Why haven’t we people heard of this?

This type of technology is more probably a deeply classified, black program without any congressional oversight whatsoever, along with most of the related Zero Point Energy and UFO technology.

It offers the most dramatic change in the way we’ve been living since the dawn of the industrial revolution in that it would immediately obsolete all form of energy production: coal, oil, nuclear and hydroelectric.

In fact, this Zero Point Energy technology even dwarfs any potential thermonuclear (fusion) reactor technology.

Is it free energy, NO.  And while there’s no heat associated with Zero Point Energy, as it’s most likely endothermic in nature, it still must be accessed or coupled with via an electro-mechanical device that is exothermic (heat producing) and as such must be built, distributed and sold, just like everything else on earth.

The difference here is that there would not be the ever-present need for a power grid, for each building, home, car, bus, truck and plane would have a small Zero Point Energy (ZPE) reactor within it, without the hazardous radiation normally associated with nuclear power.

Does this process and mechanism related to such real time travel involve technology that is also directly applicable to superluminal, interstellar propulsion systems like warp drive?


It must be made very clear that this technology does not require one to reach speeds near that of light in order for it work.  In fact, this approach has never even been openly discussed in technical literature over the years for many reasons, chief of which is the control of power and its weaponization potential, which is not focus of this discussion.

Time Machine from Time After Time, 1979

The ingredients you’ll require to build a working time machine are the following:

1. A shielded, controlled laboratory facility located far from prying eyes and the power grid.

2. Access to electronic components only used in building directed energy weapons, and fusion reactor research for the most part.  If you try ordering ultra-diodes or ultra-capacitors and are not employed by a defense contractor or one of the national labs like Sandia, Los Alamos, or Lawrence Livermore, etc., you’re going to be visited by the FBI and Homeland Security within minutes with their guns drawn and safety’s off.  THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

3.  A mercury superfluid, that is, a superconducting (super-cooled to -450 degrees Fahrenheit/5.3722 degrees Kelvin) mercury based plasma with embedded and suspended niobium particulates, i.e., Einstein-Bose Condensate, a superfluid for lack of a better term.

Time Machine console, Time After Time, 1979.

4. A toroidal confinement mechanism that can electromagnetically contain, suspend and drive this mercury superfluid plasma to a minimum of 70,000 rpm and at 250k atmospheres of pressure (3,675,000 pounds per square inch) is essential.  There must be counter-rotating mercury superfluid plasmas, one clockwise, the other counter-clockwise in order to move only through temporal space as opposed to simply attaining faster-than-light (FTL) velocities required for interstellar flight.

5. A quadruple-hulled, spherical shell that encloses or encapsulates these counter-rotating plasmas, say 30-50-feet

Time Machine from The Time Machine, 2002

in diameter.  The human occupants and cargo are contained within the insulated and centrally located cockpit where controls are located.  From the outside working inward, the space between the first and second hull contains the mercury superfluid rotating clockwise.  The space between the second and third hull contains the counterclockwise-rotating mercury plasma, and the third hull acts as an insulator between the plasmas and the cockpit cabin for the traveler.   Unfortunately, there’s no resemblance whatsoever to the time machine so beautifully depicted in George Pal’s 1960 movie The Time Machine.

6. This mechanism taps into the Zero Point field and thereby generates what’s known as a torsion field which initiates frame dragging effects.  Essentially, you’re created a very precisely manipulated worm hole that initially decouples you from gravity and then uses such forces to make time and space around this vessel move at a dramatically accelerated rate compared to outside the machine.  Basically, you’re not moving, but space and time are, very rapidly.

There was a very relevant line of dialogue in the 2009’s new Star Trekmovie where the aged Spock shows the very young Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott how to successfully achieve transporter function when moving at warp speed.  When young Scott sees Spock’s equation, he utters the comment “Imagine that, who would think that space was the thing that was actually moving?”  This line was quite prescient in my opinion.

Star Trek’s USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (Star Trek-ST 6 UDC)

However, what’s really important to understand at this point is that this machine does in fact generate the power required to travel in time, the field’s purpose is to accesses or tap into the ubiquitous zero point field.  And although the generated Zero Point Energy power field from the counter-rotating mercury plasmas is endothermic in nature, it could possibly be viewed as equivalent to a very high petawatt EMF output.

By biasing the counter-rotating plasma configuration in terms of right/left symmetry, one can move forward or backward in time at varying speed. In fact, there might even be a way to even relocate this time machine in space as well.  However, even though this type of device will allow time travel, it may not be identical to the way it’s always been portrayed in the movies.  In fact, it may only be a one-way trip and leave one somewhat stranded a long way

Rod Taylor in The Time Machine, MGM, 1960

(temporally speaking, that is) from home.

Let’s say that you decided to jump forward one entire year into the future.  You punch in the temporal coordinates and you travel that distance in less than a second.  You step out and start walking around.  Everyone asks where you were for the last year, but you cannot tell them.  You were deemed to be a missing person.  And in reality, you were.   But, now comes the real-world problem with time travel.

You cannot then get back into the time machine and travel back to the point you started a year earlier and live out the time you’ve missed, because you were never there for that 365-day period.  You could continue moving forward in the machine and watch the future unfold as it will, but you cannot go back and be physically present here in 3-D reality when you were not.   Another example illustrates this problem with even greater clarity.

Several weeks ago there was a $640 million Mega-Millions Lottery around the country, the numbers of which were to be picked at 8 p.m. on Friday night.  So on the receding Wednesday, you get into your time machine and jump ahead to 9 p.m. on Friday to learn the correct numbers.  You then return to Wednesday evening and bet the winning numbers, right.  WRONG.

This would be a major causality problem in that once you’ve gone past the point in time where the winning numbers were chosen you’ve forever passed that temporal location and you had not purchased any lottery tickets whatsoever, let alone the winning one, as someone else did.  You cannot then return to the point in time you started at with the winning lottery numbers because you never purchased them to begin with at that time.  Moreover, you cannot have it both ways.  Either you accurately picked the winning numbers before you jumped into the future with the machine, or you did not.  This is one instance where you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Conversely, you cannot go back in time and have any form of physical interaction between yourself and the past for the same reasons just cited.  What if you tried to go back thousands of years ago, long before you or the time machine even existed?

I suspect that you’d either destroy yourself in the attempt or you’d end up in some odd temporal space wherein you could observe the past as if watching a 3-D movie that you could never have any form of physical interaction with.  This is the equivalent to going back in time and killing your grandparents or parents long before you were born.

How could such be achieved as you’re alive now?  If you went back in time and successfully murdered your family ancestors, you would not be alive now to even attempt such. Kind of crazy, paradoxical stuff to say the least.

Well, after all that, you might ask yourself what good is a time machine?  Well, it may allow us to better understand more about reality at many levels and might just tell of that we cannot ever play god. However. such technology might lead the way to the development of incredible new types of endothermic (non-heat generating) energy to power the world free of pollution as well as new methods for advanced medical healing methods.   It may also provide us with the blueprint to build and apply real warp drive field propulsion for interstellar travel.

7.  Almost forgot, the very last item you will need is MANY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, as such technology does not come cheap.

8. Does any of this incredible physics have any interrelationship with paranormal events such as precognition, RSPK and apports?


For much more detail on what’s discussed here, check out my book Aliens Above, Ghosts Below: Explorations of the Unknown at, Barnes & and at



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Be Careful What You Ask For?

Be Careful What You Ask For?

Imagine that the next time you go to purchase a house, car, furniture, major appliance or even rent an apartment, they automatically look into your entire online presence?

Many people may be denied loans or credit based on any information that is even slightly askew of the mainstream.

What if your taste in food, music, reading material and entertainment is not consistent with your potential employers, major corporations we deal with on a daily basis, monetary lenders or credit providers?

What if your interests deal with subjects that many people think is a couple fries short of a happy meal, like the paranormal or UFOs?

Your current employer, future employer, health and life insurance companies, banks/financial lenders or credit agencies, might automatically label you as untrustworthy for having impaired judgment and reasoning, and therefore an inherent risk.  Then what?

What if you professionally race cars in your spare time and speak of it with your friends online and the powers that be learn of this?

Too big of a risk taker and not someone a company may want as an employee.

Remember, if you are deemed non-insurable, you are also unemployable.

We’re already getting a glimpse of where this matter might be heading, for once we’re all electronically connected, we lose our right to privacy in a world where many different aspects of discrimination are still well-practiced.  Like we do not already have enough problems at this level at the moment?

Being really different in a world of commonality might turn into a virtual as well as literal hell.

Please think about this, for once this genie has completely left the bottle, there will be no putting it back, just like the nuclear weapons genie of decades ago.

In the end, the only thing that truly protects us from ourselves is our conscience, and if you truly value your individuality and freedom of choice, this matter must be addressed NOW.

What’s the ultimate price you’re willing to pay to stay linked to the world at the stroke of a key on a board?  Is being instantly connected to anyone on earth worth the cost of having a real-world Big Brother looking over your shoulder and breathing down your neck at every turn?

But remember, we’re the ones who unintentionally created this Frankenstein, and we still have the power to prevent this future monster from consuming us.

Given that this was posted slightly more than one year ago, how meaningful is this today when speaking about the NSA/CIA PRISM data mining through electronic intelligence (ELINT) surveillance?

It’s important for everyone to realize and understand that the NSA, CIA and NRO established a system called ECHELON in the late 1980’s, where they began real-time, clandestine monitoring of all electronic communications throughout the world.  We’re talking land-line phones, cell phones, emails, text messages, faxes, etc. in total.   No one was immune, or at least that’s what we thought at the time.

ECHELON searches for certain word, sentence and paragraph clusters that have potential national security implications and then automatically begins tracking that electronic source more precisely.

However, if ECHELON and PRISM are as effective and necessary as we’re lead to believe, why is it that the US keeps getting caught with its pants down time and time again on national security matters?  I will not waste this space and your eyes on reciting all OUR failed intelligence matters over the last twenty-five years.

It’s almost like we know what’s about to occur and yet we fail to intervene or act in order to get the public all fired up to support a more vigorous military/intelligence apparatus with greater funding.   This is the essence of disinformational obfuscation and manipulation.


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Cattle Mutilations

By ALEX MISTRETTA   THE FIRST MODERN MUTILATION It all started in 1967 with a mare named...
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By Alex Mistretta  I am more of a werewolf movie guy myself, but Zombies are very in...
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Psi and Psychosis: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

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Implicate Order By Design

Have you ever given any thought as to how extrasensory perception/remote viewing (ESP,...
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Ghost In The Machine?

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Autopsy Notes On Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBE): Real Dead Aliens?

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Legacy’s End

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Learned Psi: Training To Be Psychic

    Is it possible to take normal, healthy, emotionally stable people who do...
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Hazardous Hauntings: The Enemy Within

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Looking A Gift Ghost In The Mouth: The Science of Poltergeists

  When you watch or here about stories on television dealing with extraordinary,...
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A Demon’s Lair Part II: From The Frying Pan Into the Blast Furnace

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The Psi-UFO Connection: What On Earth Is Going On?

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Pure New Age UFO Psychosis

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A Memory Of Things To Come?

  Have you ever seen someone on television, in a movie or even on the street, who is...
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How To Build A Real Time Machine

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Be Careful What You Ask For?

Imagine that the next time you go to purchase a house, car, furniture, major appliance or...
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