Messengers Of Deception: The Scandalous Truth Behind Paranormal Reality Shows



With all due respect, what you’re about to read has absolutely nothing to do with Jacques Vallee’s excellent book by the same name, and is not in any way related to our being socially manipulated by extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings with their own hidden agendas.  The manipulation you are about to uncover is far more insidious in every way than aliens potentially planning to invade and conquer the earth.

Right from the start, it’s important to acknowledge that TV is primarily a medium of entertainment and little else.   Of course there is news, which for the most part these days is all about ratings and follows the simple motto, “If it bleeds it leads”, which is why the first several stories of all daily news shows, whether on a broadcast network or on cable, are about violence and death.  We have truly become the purveyors and voyeurs of daily doses of dystopian morbidity, from music and video games to television and movies, it’s all about gorging on blood and gore.

The media has glorified and normalized violence, death and destruction, where murderous acts are looked upon as little more than another way to increase the ratings of a news show.  Where horrific images are replayed and rerun over and over again to keep us fixated upon the lowest common denominator………our fight or flight response (fear).  And yet we wonder why more and more young people are acquiring assault quality weapons and slaughtering each other and themselves?  What a surprise?  How many coincidences make a fact?

Remember several months ago when some bored teenagers went out and shot a famous baseball player to death?  If this level of murderous insanity prevails, our culture will descend into a the realm of Middle Eastern countries, where no one will ever be safe again.  What a shock, this degree of violence is now a normal part of our society!  We’ve met the enemy and it’s us!

Most people already suspect that our once-trust trusted news shows exaggerate, embellish, distort, manipulate and hype many of their stories strictly for ratings, where they re-run the most violent events over and over again, to make sure that we never forget the level of insanity now controlling our entertainment media.

Some years back, one of the local network affiliate news shows began each broadcast with the following words:  “death, destruction, mayhem, violence and murder” to attract a broader segment of the viewing audience.  They attracted more attention all right.  So much so that they received tens of thousands of complaints and then removed it.

If we can no longer trust the news to convey accurate and non-biased information to us anymore, why should anything on TV try to be any different?  The term reality has taken on a totally new meaning in the early 21st century; death and deception for dollars.

How many of you out there know where the term “news” comes from?   One belief is that it comes from North, East, West and South, a.k.a, the NEWS.

The most obvious and disturbing form of disinformation comes to us in the form of reality shows of every type imaginable.  From dating, to survival, to crazy housewives, to following self-absorbed, pseudo-celebrities all the way to chasing ghosts, spirits, demons and aliens.  If one digs deep enough into even the most seemingly normal, benign, non-paranormal reality shows, they soon discover that most, if not all, of the so-called reality genre is anything but real.  Where every event, every action and almost every line of dialog is well scripted and choreographed. Realty shows cannot just sit back and wait for their desired result to transpire, so they simply fabricate it.

I’ve met many people who’ve worked in production on various non-paranormal reality shows and they’ve all said that same thing.  Nothing on them is real,   If “smack down” wrestling was as real as it appears, the lethality rate would be enormous, where we’d actually be watching people kill each other on live TV.  To even the most skeptical, these manic wrestling shows are very carefully choreographed, or they would have been banned from TV long ago due tot he mortality rate.  And of course there are the occasional accidents and injuries, but even well-crafted stunts occasionally go wrong once in a while.

Bottom line here is that all reality shows are fraudulent, some very near criminal in their nature, in which they’ve forced their participants into signing totally outrageous contracts which prohibit them from ever revealing the truth behind said show.  Many production companies producing reality shows have been frequently sued for libel, slander, defamation of character and misrepresentation.  So these production companies developed the most insane release forms ever conceived.  But as many of the participants are so desperate to see their 15 minutes of fame, they’d sign their life away without giving it second thought.

Descending to the very bottom of the barrel here, let’s focus only on the totally fraudulent domain of paranormal reality, or as my very intelligent and most articulate friend and colleague Loyd Auerbach and I refer to them, paranormal “unreality” shows.

If you’re producing a paranormal reality show where something paranormal must occur during every episode, perhaps even several times per segment, you have a serious logistics problem on your hands, don’t you?  You cannot simply have talking heads on camera for forty- one minutes out of every hour, or your ratings be as remote as your chances of encountering real paranormal phenomena are.

Therefore, if one wants their reality show to get ratings worthy of renewal, one must do one of four things;  a) fake paranormal events.  b) populate the show with such colorful or outlandish individuals that they’re weekly rantings serve the same purpose as observing real phenomena would, c) dramatically exaggerate and embellish whatever really does occur to make it appear more important than it really is, or d) all the above.

Long before the air was littered with such unreal shows, I was approached by the creator of one of the first (whose name will remain absent as I do not wish to promote this clown in any way).  Years ago, when we first met, I made it very clear to him what the true reality was regarding investigating such paranormal events was like.  His reply was simple and straightforward.

Each episode of his show would fake such occurrences, and on the very rare occasion when they actually encountered demonstrable paranormal events, they would make it appear as if it were a hoax.  Compelling reverse logic indeed, but not for me.

I made it clear to this producer (who already had a well established track record by the way), that his thinking was certainly novel and provocative, but his show idea was nothing I could ever be associated with as it would be a blatant fraud.  I shook has hand and walked out.  About six weeks later, I once again met with this producer along with one of my colleagues at the time, and he again made his pitch.  But now, to the both of us.  We both shook our heads in unison to the negative as we were not even vaguely interested in his offer.

The most disturbing aspect of all these shows are that they’re doing a tremendous disservice and injustice to academic, scientific researchers within parapsychology by misinforming the public as to the real nature of these types of events, which in reality are not as frequent or intense as erroneously depicted in these juvenile, ludicrous entertainment shows.

If paranormal events were as consistently reliable as seen in these “unreality” shows, they wouldn’t be referred to as paranormal, as we’d already understand what they are, how they operate and why they occur.

Trust me on this, no one on earth really knows what’s going on with such otherworldly events, which is why they’re referred to as phenomena.  The primary reason that these shows follow the same intrinsic formula is that they are feeding a population that is totally ignorant as to what’s real in the paranormal world, let alone within science in general.

It’s very easy to fool and manipulate large audiences if they are unaware of the facts regarding a specific subject.  And when it comes to the paranormal, this applies to probably 99.99% of the population.

In the end, one must remember that all these shows are nothing more than Entertainment For the Ignorant Masses, or what I now refer to as “EFIM”. Now try and pronounce this acronym as if it was a real word with a soft “E”, and you’ll fully grasp what I’m getting at here.  It sounds like profanity, doesn’t it.  Yep, that’s what I think of them.

All too frequently, amateur paranormal investigators venture forth on their own attempting to emulate what they’ve seen on these shows.   The results of such copycat investigators is often nothing more than sheer fantasy and misinterpreting very normal, everyday events as something paranormal.

An interesting note here is that several of us (parapsychologists) have been officially banned from ever appearing on one particular cable network for consistently refusing to lie to the public on their behalf.   If you read enough of my blogs, you’ll immediately recognize what the network I speak of here.

With the exception of myself, the names of the three other gentlemen forbidden from appearing on this network will not be disclosed in order to protect their innocence and privacy.

My relationship with the SyFy Network who I now refer to as the Psi Lie Network as they cannot tell the truth about anything paranormal, has now degenerated to the point where one of their production companies, RAW TV (in the UK) actually offered to overtly defame, misrepresent, publicly discredit, humiliate, embarrass, libel and slander me for the paltry sum of $750 if I appeared on their show, Paranormal Witness in 2012.

When I first read their contract I was totally stunned by what it said, as was my agent.  We asked them to remove the threatening clauses related to such and they refused.

In fact, they were adamant about that if  I signed their agreement, I would not be allowed to show their contract to anyone or even discuss it with associates, attorneys, agents or even friends.  Can’t imagine why?  They were even very upset that I showed to my agent.  But as I had not yet signed it, I wasn’t legally bound by their demand.

Adding more fool to the fire was a provision in the contract clearly stating that even after their scandalous misrepresentation of me was complete, I would not be allowed to even mention their misinformative deception and criminal nature to the media or they could sue me, but I could not sue them for defamation of character, liable and slander.  Are these people insane or just criminals preying on gullible and naive people desperate to be on TV for all the wrong reasons?

The perfect contract, can’t imagine why I didn’t sign it?  It would have literally been a deal with the devil!

Actually, I should have asked them to add four to fives zero to the amount they offered me, write it up as damages, and then I could change my name and move?  Yeah, right?

Wow, and I thought that I’d previously heard the most absurd offer ever?  Guess I was wrong?  And all this to continue their disinformational campaign, specifically intended to increase the network’s ratings by consistently lying to the public by creating scandal and controversy.

Needless to say, I did not sign any contract or any form of release with these miscreants, and warned them that if they used my name, voice, image or likeness, or even if I was referred to for any purpose whatsoever on that show, that they would end up in court.

Since that event, I have come to learn that many production companies now use very similar release forms to avoid being sued, and there are always people who just don’t give a damn as to what it takes to appear on television.

When that episode aired in 2012, neither Jeff Wheatcraft or I appeared in the show, and for good reason.   And as usual, they grossly misrepresented the case in question.  Embellishing, exaggerating, distorting and simply lying, just to make the case appear to be much more than it really was.  The end result was a mishmash of stupidity, ignorance and lack of creativity.  Given the amount of video evidence on the case available to them, it was amazing how they went out of their way to turn gold into lead.  But I guess that uncreative, stupid, malicious and evil people make great alchemists?

After that, I foolishly assumed that my problems with Paranormal Witness and SyFy had ended.  I could not have been more in error.

In April of 2013, an episode of Paranormal Witness aired entitled, “The Manson Curse” (Season 3, Episode 7), which dealt with a case on Cielo Drive in northern Beverly Hills within Benedict Canyon that I investigated from July 2005 through June of 2006.  You can read the details of this case, which were almost totally fabricated and misrepresented in another blog on this website entitled, “Cielo Drive Convergence: The Ultimate Filed Laboratory”.  I didn’t watch the show when it first aired as it’s very difficult to stomach such disgustingly deceptive shows, but I did manage to record it off TV when it was rerun in late summer of 2013 as I was interested to see how much truth, if any, was present in 41 minutes.   What I saw literally floored me for the first time in my life.

Towards the end of that episode, a video was playing of a séance conducted at the Cielo Drive location in late winter of 2006.   I vividly recall that event because I was in attendance for it.  But what utterly shocked me was that I suddenly saw my face and body on-screen during this event, which was being videotaped by a new casual acquaintance I made the prior year.

Wait a minute, there’s something really wrong here. I never signed a release with, or for, the man who shot that video.  Nor did I sign a release with Paranormal Witness and/or SyFy.  Why then was footage of me allowed to air on Paranormal Witness?

Over the last 44 years I’ve appeared on hundreds, if not thousands, of TV shows regarding my research.  From network news shows to talks shows.  From documentaries airing on cable networks, to interviews appearing on various local network news affiliates, and of course occasional paranormal reality shows, (most of those turned out quite poorly in the end by the way).  Other than news shows that do not pay you, every other type of show did compensate me for my time and contribution to the show.

However, the one thing that every single show had in common was that I was required to sign a release in order for that show to air footage of me, even news broadcasts.  In fact, the very first thing a production company usually does when you show up for a shoot, is to have you sign a release form.  That is standard operating procedure in the industry.  Or at least it used to be.

Apparently, SyFy’s Paranormal Witness has now decided to arbitrarily change the law or the standard, in that they never even approached me regarding their intent to air footage of me on their April, 2013 “Manson Curse” episode.   However, given my pre-existing dysfunctional relationship with Paranormal Witness and SyFy, they wouldn’t have dared approach me for they knew what my response would have been.  NO!

But what did surprise me, was the reaction my attorney and I experienced when we recently contacted their attorney, Russell Smith, to inform him of what his clients did.

As opposed to offering me some type of financial settlement for their illegal use of my image in their show, Mr. Smith basically told me to go to hell and that if I bothered him or Paranormal Witness again on this matter that they would sue me for harassment.  What?  They’re the perpetrators of a crime against me and they’re now telling me that they’ll sue me if I pursue this matter?  Isn’t this an instance of the pot calling the kettle black?

Smith’s attitude was very condescending, for he knew that most attorneys would not dare touch a case like this, as it might require a great investment of time and money to legally pursue the matter, and whatever monetary compensation was recovered would be negligible and not worth the time and money put into it. 

This is the reason why these types of shows resort to this illegal mechanism, for they know, in the end, that most people do not have the financial resources to legally pursue them and no one will come to their legal assistance on such matters.  And if one takes them to small claims court, they frequently do not even show up, where a default judgment against them is imposed.  But then you must hire an attorney or any investigator to locate their financial resources and you’re right back to square one again.  And as RAW TV is in the UK as opposed to the USA, such legal efforts would be very costly indeed.

This is but the tip of a very large iceberg, where more and more production companies will produce such deceptively, misinformative trash and continue using such nefarious methods to break the law, for they know that they can act with impunity here and suffer no losses because of it.  We must all take a stand and draw a line in the sand now, or all of our rights in such matter will forever be lost. 

If you want to ensure that these types of events do not continue to occur, please contact Russell Smith, Paranormal Witness, SyFy and their parent company NBC, to let all of them know that such illegal practices will no longer be tolerated by anyone for any reason.  The law, justice and the truth is on our side here, and if we do not stand up for our rights, they will forever disappear and pass into history.  Perhaps it’s time to boycott Paranormal Witness and SyFy, if not the entire paranormal reality genre?  Let such begin here and now.

Mr. Russell Smith, of Smith Dehn, LLP:  Tel. 917-239-5047, E-mail:






By Dr. Barry Taff

Dr. Barry Taff, who holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering, worked as a research associate at UCLAs former parapsychology laboratory from 1969 through 1978. During his 41-year career, Dr. Taff has investigated more than 4,000 cases of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and he has conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition which led to the development of the original protocols and methodologies for what was later coined remote-viewing. He is the author of Aliens Above, Ghosts Below.

19 replies on “Messengers Of Deception: The Scandalous Truth Behind Paranormal Reality Shows”

I think the intentional deception of the public (for which I believe is happening here) is tantamount to criminal fraud, for the sole purpose of gains in entertainment profit margins. It defrauds the legitimate science of parapsychology, and it makes a mockery of the accomplished works and contributions of the real scientists/pioneers of the field.

You are 100% correct Gerald in your statement. But speaking of criminal, what Paranormal Witness did to me is the illegal use of my image to help sell and promote their idiotic, fraudulent show. I will obtain justice in this matter, no matter how long it takes me. The last several people I was forced to sue for misappropriating and plagiarizing my IP, suffered far greater losses than simple financial damages. Perhaps the same thing will occur here as well? But what most people are not aware of is that these fraudulent shows have set the field of parapsychology back by more than 75 years in my opinion, if not more. It’s time for all of us to drive a virtual stake through the heart of these miscreants and put and end to it all.

These type of shows dumb down those already ignorant in the paranormal. I’ve always taken Sy Fy shows as entertainment, nothing more. It pretty much started with Ghost Hunters, and the shows that followed were pretty much junk.

IMO Bio is doing even more damage to paranormal research with My Ghost Story. Dust orbs and wild imaginations for the most part. And everyone is told what to say, which is always “this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that a spirit/demon/Uncle Bob is here.

Superbly stated John, and I agree with every word. Thank You. I suspect that these ever-growing paranormal unreality shows have set the field of parapsychology back by at least 75 years if not more. Once these shows run their course and finally disappear from TV, the media will always view the subject matter as junk. Like I’ve now said numerous times, it’s time to drive a stake through the heart of all these shows and especially Paranormal Witness and the SyFy network.

Consider this article cited!

Awesome points and of course, perspective that most intelligent people have been aware of for a long time but sadly, keep their mouths closed rather than actually demanding better. . . but then “we” are a minority in this nation, aren’t we? The game played by cable companies, insuring that persons living on a poverty wage budget can only view idiots R Us programming adds to the wounds society now suffers and it is a deliberate course of action. . . immoral and unethical as it is but then, it is a thing that reflects well on the bottom line. . . the only thing corporations are concerned with and no, corporations ARE NOT “People”.

Pardon my ramble but thanks! I’m a new fan.

Thanks Craig, I sincerely appreciate your thoughts and comments. Perhaps this will be the beginning of a new chapter is TV’s depiction of the paranormal? But I think it’s best that everyone out there who’s read my blog contact Russel Smith, Paranormal Witness and the SyFy network to let them that the trust is out and such criminally fraudulent behavior will no longer be tolerated. It’s time to drive a stake through the dark hearts of these miscreants once and for all. Again, thank you Craig.

In support of Dr. Taff’s content here, let me add that if you find it at all hard to believe that many TV production companies are using release forms including not only restrictive clauses (non-disclosures that prevent any discussion of the show) but statements that the person signing “understands” that he/she might be misrepresented, slandered/libeled, humiliated, etc. — even on purpose, this is absolutely accurate.

I’ve received several such releases over the last few years. I did not sign them unless they were significantly altered. I did, however, share them with my attorney, my uncle (who has been a TV director and on the Board of the Directors’ Guild), and others connected to the industry who were appalled by the wording.

In one situation, I was interviewed (via Skype) for an early episode of GHOST LAB. They had forgotten to send me the release form (!), and when I read it, I had LOTS of back and forth communication with a production person by email. While they made some minor changes at my direction, there were some major changes I was told their attorney directed them not to change.

So, I did not sign it. And I did not appear in the show (which is, given what happened to Barry, to their credit).

Years ago, when dealing with a show on the old Fox Family Channel (which got bought out by ABC Family), the non-disclosure was too limiting for me (though not as bad as the ones in the new release forms). The end result of my pushback was a conference call with the producer and a Fox network attorney.

I proposed that I not disclose/talk about the show until after the episode aired, but that after that all bets were off. He refused. I asked “So why should I do the show?” (especially considering I was doing the interview as a favor to my contact at the USS Hornet, and it was for no money).

The attorney said (believe it or not!) “So you’ll be on TV!”

I pretty much laughed out loud. “Tell this guy who I am” to the producer on the phone. She proceeded to tell him my background, some of my TV appearances, and why she wanted to interview me.

“Again,” I said, “why should I do the show?”

He asked the producer if she really wanted me on the show. She said yes. He agreed to the changes. 🙂

There are more such situations, but the bottom line is that while we all know there will be changes, edits, and more that cause a “reality” show to portray phenomena, cases, and individuals incorrectly and sometimes even with changes to the actual story and context, why try to hit us in the face with it? Why be surprised when we challenge the language or refuse to sign?

The answer seems to be a near total lack of respect for individuals and the phenomena we’re studying.

My family has been in television since around 1950. It’s a real shame what TV news and especially “reality” TV has become.

You might also read my older blog

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

As an aspiring filmmaker, I was extremely disheartened to read this. I assumed paranormal reality shows traversed in some forms of deception. The sheer amount of “activity” displayed is enough to know that. That being said, I was disgusted to hear about this level of deception.

I began seriously considering the level of deception a few months back. I was on a paranormal forum sometime back and a poster claimed that his sister had “played a ghost” on the show “Ghost Adventures”. He also alleged that they did not spend the whole night in their locations, as they so often proclaim.

I was shocked by some of the things you discussed about releases in this post. I wish you much luck in your future endeavors in regards to pursuing legal action.

Thanks again for posting this invaluable information.

The world of reality television is far more deceptive, misinformative and unscrupulous than most people could even imagine. And unfortunately, we have the best legal system money can buy, where what’s right almost never prevails. I could speak of historical accounts I’m familiar with dealing with misappropriation, plagiarism and grand theft within the industry that would not simply curl your hair, but possibly make it totally fall out. Bottom line with all this, is that some of the people working in the industry are nothing more than criminals, where lying and theft are the name of the game. Hell, many of these miscreants even steal from their friends and colleagues. The prey even on their own. What’s that great line from the “The Squire of Gothos” episode of the original Star Trek series? Something like “Humans are the only predatory species that prey even upon themselves”. But the most common problem is one of greed and total disdain for the rights of others and the law in general. Some of these very successful hacks in the industry actually develop messianic complexes as they operate with a sense of total impunity, where they look down upon everyone. In fact, one of these nut jobs is so incredibly infamous for his unscrupulous misappropriations and plagiarism, that many now pronounce his last name to be more fitting of what he really is. To avoid any legal fallout I will refrain from mentioning his name here. But everyone who knows me know exactly whom I’m speaking of here.

Legal or lawful Constitutional Rights? Okay, so some coffee please! We have no rights… the Constitution is for “them”…to use when it suites them… not us. Look up maritime law or admiralty law. The moment you step into a court room in America you have just transported beyond 200 miles off shore and you have no constitutional rights… unless you are fortunate enough to have had a pretrial hearing and receive the blessings of retaining those alleged rights (of course if you do get a pretrial and it goes your way… there will probably not be a trial). And “they” know this…This is why they are able to do the crap they do without the least concern… they know the “law” is on their side and could give a ‘^&*’ about you. Do a little research on the Uniform commercial code or the UCC… there is no Constitution in the UCC.. The UCC is for that corporation we call the US government…. which as I stated earlier uses the Constitution only when it serves them, not us. It is like having dual citizenship and getting to choose which one you want to us at any given time regardless of any preconceived law or any preconceived law or rights.
What is required is acquiring a judge who understands this and is willing to accept you… then how does one get that judge?… The lawyer… the lawyer is a officer of the court and must do what ever the judge says… not necessarily what you want.
What to do… well, that is the problem we are all facing.. Should we get into this kind of situation.. I choose to not do this movie.

I find it pretty sad that shows must fake to entertain and present as the truth. It’s dollars that motivates and for not very good reasons. Just like the tobacco, drug and oil industries they want the doe to keep rolling in no matter who has to be hurt in the process even when there are better solutions. The question is who the hell can you trust? I much prefer documentary type shows that are less about the personalities involved.
As one who has experienced much paranormal phenomena personally alone and with others including having to leave our home as a teen because the activity got so bad I am glad that it occurred decades back when there were others who got into it for helping others and actually trying to understand what was going on rather than being a star only.

Thank you for this wonderful expose Dr. Taff. I am sure it takes some courage to come out with the unreality behind the reality. To me it appears that the entertainment industry is a byproduct of a combination of current social norms that has turned our culture into an anti-intellectualist society focused on instant gratification.

I do not have any insider knowledge of the TV industry but anyone with some common sense would treat anything they hear, see and watch on TV with a healthy dose of skepticism. Sadly common sense is not a large part of the U.S’s economy. I interact with what would be called “the masses” on a daily basis with my profession and have learned a few things about the common person in America (sample size very skewed to my local area but what I can only imagine is a problem at large)

1) Most people are lazy- People do not want to take the time to question the information they receive. They do not want to take the time to get to the actual truth or cross check sources. Heck I know college kids who copy and paste Wiki articles for college papers!

2) If they are not lazy they are focused on surviving- A majority of the population is living paycheck to paycheck and TV fantasy is one of the only few escapes people have from the drudgery of life.

3) Most people are brought up in middle class households and are taught to not question authority so there is no critical thinking that is applied to what they are told

4) Anti-intellectualism is sexy- It is cool in our society to not know things. I am sure you see this everyday as a scientist. Getting into the data and primary sources of paranormal phenomena, lab results, viewing meta-analysis of Ganzfield studies, etc all that is hard work. It takes time, critical thinking and a will to alter one’s opinions to match the data. People would rather view a cat in a pink dress jumping through a hollahoop on YouTube.

I am building up to my main point and it is the same problem we have in politics. The elite know most people are walking zombies and they exploit that for huge profits. As long as we have this symbiotic relationship of mindless consumption and exploitation for profit I do not think anything will change. We will decay as Rome did and for all the same reasons (that is an essay in itself).

I don’t know what the solution is because these issues stem from development years. There is a serious lack of basic scientific understanding in this country and at the very least ALL colleges and universities need to require students to take basic science courses to least get an understanding of the scientific method and equip themselves to think critically when presented with dubious information.

The misinformation on the paranormal to me is just an excellent case study of the problem at large. I wish I did have a solution, the only thing I can do is forward articles like this and talk to people about some of actual science that is behind the paranormal. I thank professionals like you, Dean Radin and Loyd Auerbach that I can forward these types of articles to people that would otherwise not know about you because you aren’t a ghost hunter in a t-shirt that is too tight for your chiseled body putting on a performance that you are possessed by an entity (no names mentioned).

An excellent commentary Ray, very much appreciated. Actually, it didn’t take any courage at all on my part, just motivation and incentive. After what Paranormal Witness/SyFy pulled on me this year and last year, I felt it was time to inform the public as to the true nature of these criminals. I had been planning to write this type of article for some time, but it never went beyond that point. Watching Paranormal Witness’s “The Manson Curse” earlier this year was what led my fingers to the keypads of my computer.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to write me on this matter.

I remember watching that with a friend back in April/May and saying “Wait.. that’s Barry Taff! What the heck is he doing in this cheesy crap? I’m really surprised he signed off on this.”

Now I know. What a bunch of criminals.

Thanks for your response Cory. Please be so kind as to email Syfy, NBC, Paranormal Witness, RAW TV and Russell Smith to lodge your complaint regarding their criminal practices. Also, please share this matter with all your friends and have them do what you do in contact all the above. Thanks.

[…] With all due respect, what you're about to read has absolutely nothing to do with Jacques Vallee’s excellent book by the same name, and is not in any way related to our being socially manipulated by extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings with their own hidden agendas. The manipulation you are about to uncover is far more insidious in every way than aliens potentially planning to invade and conquer the earth.  […]

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