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The Psi-UFO Connection: What On Earth Is Going On?



If you’ve read enough credible research publications from parapsychology and ufology over the last fifty years, you’re probably already aware of the fact that there is a rather fascinating, yet obscure, interrelationship between paranormal experiences and UFO encounters … Read the rest

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Pure New Age UFO Psychosis


Being a parapsychologist or ufologist is like no other career on earth, literally.  Along with the uniqueness comes a never-ending barrage of emotionally disturbed individuals who are more in need of a psychiatric intervention with medication and therapy than … Read the rest

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A Memory Of Things To Come?


Have you ever seen someone on television, in a movie or even on the street, who is a total stranger to you but you feel like you know the person?  This is not that uncommon of an experience.

What Read the rest

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How To Build A Real Time Machine



Is it possible to actually build a machine that allows one to travel through time faster than we do from moment to moment in our daily lives, sort of like what we see in movies?

YES, but only Read the rest

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