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Come Fly With Me: The Last Plane Standing?



Ever traveled across the country by plane?  Remember how long the entire flight took?  Four to five hours, right?  What if you could travel from Los Angeles to New York in less than thirty minutes with a superior Read the rest

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Living Mammoths?


Alex Mistretta

A 10-second video has surfaced recently of a supposed woolly mammoth crossing a stream in Siberia. In this day of cell phone cameras and computer generated images, cryptozoological videos of various cryptids are a weekly phenomenon. Most … Read the rest

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Lost City of The Grand Canyon



On April 5 1909, the Phoenix Gazette ran a front page story involving the discovery of what was called an Egyptian cavern city in the Grand Canyon. According to the article, the man responsible for the initial … Read the rest

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Modern Living Dinosaurs: A Possibility




Evolution is a response;  a response to outside forces that exerts pressure upon an organism.  But what happens when for million of years there is very little environmental pressure?  How much of a need … Read the rest

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